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Page 1. 88 De- names beginning with De- for girls, listing De- baby names 1-15. Adelaide, Adeline, Adena, Alida, Amanda, Amelia, Brandy, Cordelia, Daisy, Damaris, Danae and Daryl are popular names. Bedelia, Dacey and Dangelis are uncommon names. View De- baby names below for name meanings or search De- names for boys by prefix.

Adelaide [Del, Dell, Della, Delle, Delli, Delly]

Adeline [Delina, Deline, Dellina, Delly, Delyne]

Adena [Deena, Denah]

Alida [Dela, Della]

Amanda [Demanda]

Amelia [Delia]

Bedelia [Delia]

Brandy [DeBranda]

Cordelia [Delia, Delie, Della]

Dacey [Deyci]

Daisy [Deyse, Deysi]

Damaris [Demaras, Demaris, Demarys]

Danae [Dee, Denae, Denay, Dene]

Dangelis [Deangellis, Deangelis]

Daryl [Derrill]

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Popularity of De- names: Dell, Della, Deena, Delia, Dee