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34 Fi- names beginning with Fi- for girls, listing Fi- baby names 16-30. Fiona, Flora, Florence, Josephine, Ophelia and Philomena are popular names. Finola, Fionnula, Fiora, Phila, Philana, Philantha, Philiberta, Philippa and Phillida are uncommon names. View Fi- baby names below for name meanings.


Fiona [Fione, Fionna]

Fionnula [Finella, Finola, Finuala, Fionnuala, Fionnualagh, Fionola]


Flora [Fiora, Fiordenni, Fiore, Fiorella, Fiori]

Florence [Fiorentina, Fiorenza, Firenze]

Josephine [Fifi, Fifine, Fina, Finetta, Finette]

Ophelia [Filia]

Phila [Fila]

Philana [Filania, Filanna]

Philantha [Filanthia]

Philiberta [Filberta, Filiberta]

Philippa [Filipa, Filipina, Filippa]

Phillida [Fillida]

Philomena [Filimena, Filomena, Filomene, Filumena]

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