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18 Kh- names beginning with Kh- for girls, listing Kh- baby names 1-15. Candice, Candy, Carissa, Chloe, Christa, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christine, Christy, Crystal and Krista are popular names. Chloris, Khadija and Khristina are uncommon names. View Kh- baby names below for name meanings or search Kh- names for boys by prefix.

Candice [Khandace, Khandice]

Candy [Khandi]

Carissa [Kharissa]

Chloe [Khloe, Khloey]

Chloris [Khloris]

Christa [Khrista, Khrysta]

Christian [Khristian]

Christiana [Khristanna, Khrystianne]

Christina [Khristeen, Khristena, Khristina, Khristine, Khristya, Khrystyna]

Christine [Khristine]

Christy [Khristie, Khristy]

Crystal [Khristalle, Khrystle]

Khadija [Khadijah, Khadiya, Khadyja]

Khristina [Khristeen, Khristen, Khristin, Khristine, Khristyana, Khristyna, Khrystina, Khrystyn, Khrystyna, Khrystyne]

Krista [Khris, Khristie, Khristy, Khrysta]

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