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Lu Names

Page 1 of 2. 28 Lu- names beginning or starting with Lu- for girls, listing Lu- baby names 1-20. Elizabeth, Lavinia, Lorelei, Louise, Lourdes, Luana, Luba, Lucia, Luciana, Lucille, Lucinda, Lucretia, Lucy and Luella are popular names. Eluned, Lubomira, Lucerne, Lucetta, Lucita and Ludmilla are uncommon names. View Lu- baby names below for name meanings or search Lu- names for boys by prefix.

Elizabeth [Lusa]

Eluned [Luned, Lunet, Lunette]

Lavinia [Luvena, Luvenia, Luvina, Luvinia]

Lorelei [Lura, Lurette, Lurleen, Lurlene, Lurline]

Louise [Lu, Ludovica, Ludovika, Ludwiga, Luella, Luisa, Luise, Lujza, Lujzika, Lula, Lulita, Lulu]

Lourdes [Lurdes]

Luana [Luanda, Luane, Luann, Luanna, Luannah, Luanne, Luannie, Luwana]

Luba [Lubah]

Lubomira [Luba]

Lucerne [Lucerna]

Lucetta [Lucette]



Lucille [Luciela, Lucienne, Lucila, Lucile, Lucilia, Lucilla, Lucyle, Luseele, Lusile]

Lucinda [Lucena, Lucina, Lucinda, Lucinna, Lusine]

Lucita [Lusita, Luzita]

Lucretia [Lucrece, Lucrecia, Lucreecia, Lucreesha, Lucreisha, Lucresha, Lucrezia]

Lucy [Lu, Luce, Lucetta, Lucette, Luci, Lucia, Luciana, Lucianna, Lucida, Lucie, Lucienne, Lucile, Lucilia, Lucilla, Lucille, Lucina, Lucinda, Lucine, Lucita, Lucyna, Lucyja, Lucza, Lusita, Luz, Luzija]

Ludmilla [Ludmila]

Luella [Lu, Luelle, Lula, Lulu]

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Top 1000 ranking of Lu- names: Luvenia, Lura, Lurline, Luella, Luisa, Lula, Lulu, Luana, Luann, LuanneTop 1000 ranking of Lu- names: Lucia, Luciana, Lucille, Lucienne, Lucila, Lucile, Lucinda, Lucretia, Lucy, LucieTop 1000 ranking of Lu- names: Luz


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