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49 Ro- names beginning with Ro- for girls, listing Ro- baby names 1-15. Aurora, Caroline, Ramona, Raquel, Rhoda, Rhona, Rhonda, Roberta, Robin, Rochelle and Rocio are popular names. Rachana, Roanna, Roderica and Rohana are uncommon names. View Ro- baby names below for name meanings or search Ro- names for boys by prefix.

Aurora [Rora, Rory]

Caroline [Roline]

Rachana [Roshan]

Ramona [Romona, Romonda, Romonde, Romonia]

Raquel [Roquel]

Rhoda [Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina]

Rhona [Roana]

Rhonda [Ronda, Rondel, Rondelle, Rondi, Ronnda]

Roanna [Roanne, Ronni, Ronnie, Ronny]

Roberta [Roba, Robbee, Robbey, Robbi, Robbie, Robby, Robeena, Robella, Robelle, Robena, Robenia, Roberda, Robernetta, Robertena, Robertene, Robertha, Robertina, Robertine, Roberto, Robetta, Robette, Robettina, Robi, Robin, Robina, Robinett, Robinette, Robinia, Robyn, Robyna, Robynna]

Robin [Robee, Robbey, Robbi, Robbie, Robbin, Robby, Robena, Robene, Robenia, Robi, Robina, Robine, Robinet, Robinett, Robinette, Robinia, Robyn, Robyna, Robynette, Robynn, Robynne]

Rochelle [Roch, Rochele, Rochell, Rochella, Rochette, Roschella, Roschelle, Roshelle]


Roderica [Roddie, Rodericka, Roderiga, Roderika, Roderqua, Roderique, Roderiga]

Rohana [Rohanna]

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Popularity of Ro- names: Rory, Romona, Ronda, Ronnie, Roberta, Robbie, Robin, Robyn, Robbin, RochellePopularity of Ro- names: RocioComparison of popularity of Ro- names on this page.