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Page 1 of 3. 57 Fa- names beginning or starting with Fa- for boys, listing Fa- baby names 1-20. Fabian is a popular name. Fabrice, Fabron, Fachtna, Factor, Fadi, Fadile, Fagan, Fahd, Fahim, Faine, Fairbairn, Fairbanks, Fairchild, Fairfax, Faisal, Faivish, Faiz, Fajr and Fakhri are uncommon names. View Fa- baby names below for name meanings or search Fa- names for girls by prefix.

Fabian [Fabe, Fabek, Faber, Fabert, Fabianno, Fabiano, Fabianus, Fabien, Fabio, Fabion, Fabius, Fabiyus, Fabyan, Fabyen, Faebian, Faebien, Favian, Favio, Faybian, Faybien, Faybion, Faybionn]

Fabrice [Fabriano, Fabricius, Fabritius, Fabrizio, Fabrizius]

Fabron [Fabre, Fabroni]




Fadile [Fadil, Fadl, Fadle, Fazil]

Fagan [Fagin]

Fahd [Fahad, Fahed]

Fahim [Faheem, Fahmi]

Faine [Fain, Fane]





Faisal [Faical, Faizal, Faycal, Faysal]

Faivish [Fayvel]

Faiz [Faaiz, Faizah]

Fajr [Fajar, Fajer]


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