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Page 1 of 3. 45 Ge- names beginning with Ge- for boys, listing Ge- baby names 1-15. Eugene, Garrett and Gene are popular names. Gahan, Gair, Gamal, Garrad, Garrard, Garron, Geary, Gedaliah, Geddes, Gefen, Genesis and Gennaro are uncommon names. View Ge- baby names below for name meanings or search Ge- names for girls by prefix.

Eugene [Gene]

Gahan [Gehan]

Gair [Geir]

Gamal [Gemal, Gemali, Gemul]

Garrad [Gerred]

Garrard [Gerhard, Gerhardt, Gerard]

Garrett [Gerrit, Gerritt, Gerrity]

Garron [Geron]

Geary [Gearey, Gery]

Gedaliah [Gedalia, Gedaliahu, Gedalio, Gedalya]

Geddes [Geddis]

Gefen [Gefania, Gefaniah, Gefanya, Gefanyah, Gefanyahu, Geffen, Gephania, Gephaniah]

Gene [Genio, Geno]

Genesis [Gennesis]

Gennaro [Gennarius, Gennaros]

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Popularity of Ge- names: Gene, Gerhard, Gerard, Geary, Gennaro