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77 Je- names beginning with Je- for boys, listing Je- baby names 1-20. Gene, Geoffrey, George, Gerald, Gerard, Gino, Jamal, Jamar and James are popular names. Gamal, Genesis, Gentian, Geraint, Germain, Geronimo, Gervase, Jahan, Jaladhi, Jalal and Janson are uncommon names. View Je- baby names below for name meanings or search Je- names for girls by prefix.

Gamal [Jemaal, Jemal]

Gene [Jeno]

Genesis [Jenesis, Jennesis]

Gentian [Jenshian, Jentian]

Geoffrey [Jefery, Jeff, Jefferey, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jeffree, Jeffrey, Jeffry, Jeffrie, Jeffries, Jefry, Jeoffrol, Jephers, Jepherson, Jephrey, Jephry]

George [Jerzy]

Geraint [Jerant, Jeraint]

Gerald [Jerald, Jerold, Jerri, Jerrold, Jerry]

Gerard [Jerard, Jerardo, Jerarrd, Jerrott]

Germain [Jermain, Jermaine, Jermane, Jernayn, Jermayne]

Geronimo [Jeronimo, Jeronimus]

Gervase [Jervis]

Gino [Jeno]

Jahan [Jehan]

Jaladhi [Jeladhi, Jeladi]

Jalal [Jelal, Jellal]

Jamal [Jemaal, Jemahl, Jemall]

Jamar [Jemar, Jemarr]

James [Jem, Jemmy]

Janson [Jensen, Jenson]

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