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55 Le- names beginning with Le- for boys, listing Le- baby names 1-20. Alexander, Ashley, Bradley, Lamar, Lamont, Laverne, Lawrence and Lee are popular names. Aloysius, Bentley, Farley, Finlay, Hadley, Le-, Leander, Leary, Lebrun, Lech, Leggett and Lehman are uncommon names. View Le- baby names below for name meanings or search Le- names for girls by prefix.

Alexander [Lex, Lexo]

Aloysius [Lewis]

Ashley [Lee]

Bentley [Lee]

Bradley [Lee]

Farley [Lee, Leigh]

Finlay [Lee, Leigh]

Hadley [Leigh]

Lamar [Lemar, Lemarr]

Lamont [Lemond]

Laverne [Levern, Leverne]

Lawrence [Lenci]

Le- [Lemar, Leondre, Leron, Lerone, Lesean, Leshawn, Levell, Levelle, Levon, Lewayne]

Leander [Leandre, Leandrew, Leandro, Leandros, Leanther, Lee, Leiandros, Leo]


Lebrun [Lebron]


Lee [Lea, Leigh]

Leggett [Legate, Leggitt]

Lehman [Lehmann]

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