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16 Mu- names beginning with Mu- for boys, listing Mu- baby names 1-15. Marvin, Mervin, Monroe and Murray are popular names. Merton, Muhammad, Muir, Muller, Munchin, Mungo, Munir, Murdock, Muriel, Murphy and Murrow are uncommon names. View Mu- baby names below for name meanings or search Mu- names for girls by prefix.

Marvin [Murvin, Murvynn]

Merton [Murton]

Mervin [Murvin, Murvyn]

Monroe [Munro, Munroe]

Muhammad [Muhamet, Muhammed]


Muller [Mueller]



Munir [Muneer, Muneir]

Murdock [Murdo, Murdoch, Murtagh, Murtaugh]


Murphy [Murfee, Murfey, Murfie, Murphee, Murphey, Murphie]

Murray [Muiredach, Murrey, Murry]

Murrow [Murough, Murrough]

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