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Page 1. 18 Ph- names beginning with Ph- for boys, listing Ph- baby names 1-15. Alphonse and Philip are popular names. Faolan, Faramond, Felim, Filbert, Finnian, Fulbright, Fyfe, Phelan, Phelps, Philander, Philemon, Philo and Phineas are uncommon names. View Ph- baby names below for name meanings or search Ph- names for girls by prefix.

Alphonse [Phauns, Phons, Phonz]

Faolan [Phelan]

Faramond [Pharamond, Pharamund]

Felim [Phelim]

Filbert [Philbert, Philibert, Phillbert]

Finnian [Phinean, Phinian]

Fulbright [Philbert, Philibert, Phillbert]

Fyfe [Phyfe]

Phelan [Phelim]




Philip [Phil, Philipp, Philippe, Philippos, Philippus, Philips, Phillip, Phillips, Philly, Phyllip]


Phineas [Phinehas]

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Popularity of Ph- names: Philip, Phil, Phillip