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So Names

20 So- names beginning or starting with So- for boys, listing So- baby names 1-20. Saul, Solomon and Sonny are popular names. Orson, Shalom, Socorro, Socrates, Sofus, Sohan, Somerby, Somerley, Somers, Somerset, Somerton, Sophocles, Soren, Sorrell, Sothern, Southwell and Sutherland are uncommon names. View So- baby names below for name meanings or search So- names for girls by prefix.

Orson [Sonny]

Saul [Sol, Sollie]

Shalom [Solomon]


Socrates [Sokrates]

Sofus [Sophus]

Sohan [Sohil]

Solomon [Sol, Solaman, Sollie, Soloman]

Somerby [Somerbie, Somersby, Sommersby]

Somerley [Somerled, Sorley]

Somers [Sommer, Sommers]

Somerset [Sommerset]

Somerton [Somervil, Somervile, Somerville]

Sonny [Sonnie]



Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel]

Sothern [Southern]


Sutherland [Southerland]

Top 1000 ranking of So- names: Sonny, Sol, Solomon, Soloman, Soren


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