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Al ending baby names and what they mean, with 54 results. -al names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names reached the height of their popularity 35 years ago (adoption of 1.5%) and have become significantly less common since (adoption 0.1%, 94.9%), with names like Opal going out of style. Leal (top 1%) and Bal (13%) are common -al surnames. Here is the list of -al names for boys.

-al names

Abageal - Crystal | Gal - Michal | Michal - Val

Abageal - Crystal

Abageal, Abigal1, Gal
Forms of Abigail. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Father of exaltation." Abbigal is a moderately popular birth name.

Form of Avichayil. Based on Hebrew. "Exalted father." Unconventional, but Abigal is similar to popular last names Amdal (top 86%), Awal (85%), with the -al suffix. See also Abigael.

Abital, var. Abeetal, Avital
Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Father of dew." Abital, Abeetal and Avital are not in the Top 2000.

Adal, Addal
Var. of Adalia. Origin fr. Hebrew, Old German languages. "God is my refuge; noble one." Compare surnames Adar (top 78%), Aday (12%).

Var. of Angela. Origin fr. Greek. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Angeal and Engeal are creative variations.

Form of Alberta. Stems fr. Old English element. "Noble, bright." Al is an uncommonly used female name, appearing frequently (top 28%) as a last name. Unisex name.

Form of Amala. Origin fr. Arabic element. "Hope." Amal is a recognizable (upper 93%) female name. Gender-neutral name.

Var. of Annabel. Possibly elaborated form of Anna, or .. Outside Top 2000.

Form of Ethel. Root fr. Old English word. "Noble." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Aurelia. Derivative of Latin language. "Golden." Not in popularity charts. See also Aura.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -al names: Amal, Chantal, Christal, Chrystal, Coral

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -al names: Cristal, Crystal, Kristal, Krystal, Shantal

Var. of Cecilia. Based on Latin, Old Welsh words. "Blind; sixth." A peculiar girls' name.

Form of Calantha. Root fr. Greek. "Beautiful flower." Cross-gender use. Cal is irregularly used as a female name, occurring commonly (upper 28%) as a last name.

Form of Calandra. Root fr. Greek. "Lovely one." Cal was not a Top birth name in 2015. Cross-gender use.

Form of Celeste. Based on Latin language. "Heavenly." A rare girls' name, Celestial is used more commonly as a surname.

Chantal and variantsChantal, var. Chandal, Chantaal, Shantal
Stems fr. Old French element. "Stone." Somewhat popular as children's names, Chantal, Chandal, etc. are comparable to the popular Chanda.

Origin fr. Greek. "Ice." Adoption of Chrystal was well-received during 1980-1989, but now, Chrystal has become less trendy. See also Christall.

Christina and variantsChrystal2, Cristal1, Crystal1, Krystal1
Forms of Christina. Root fr. Latin language. "Follower of Christ." Usage of Krystal and variants was up 35 years ago and has become reduced, with Chrystal becoming somewhat outmoded.

Form of Cindy. Based on English, Greek. "From Mount Kynthos." Unique. Cindal is not found in the US Demographics.

Coral and variantsCoral, var. Koral
Root fr. Latin word. "Coral." Coral and Koral became less popular in 2015, falling on average -22 positions as baby names with Coral leading the decline.

Crystal and variantsCrystal2, var. Christal, Chrystal3, Cristal2, Kristal, Krystal2
Derivative of Greek word. "Ice." Usage of Crystal, Krystal, etc. as children's names in 2015 was down 75% compared to 2005.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -al names for girls.

1. Abageal - Crystal
Abigail [Gal, Abigal, Abageal], Avichayil [Abigal], Abital [Avital, Abeetal], Adalia [Adal, Addal], Angela [Aingeal], Alberta [Al], Amala [Amal], Annabel [Annabal], Ethel [Atal], Aurelia [Aural], Cecilia [C'Ceal], Calantha [Cal], Calandra [Cal], Celeste [Celestial], Chantal [Shantal, Chandal, Chantaal], Chrystal, Christina [Cristal, Crystal, Krystal, Chrystal], Cindy [Cindal], Coral [Koral], Crystal [Krystal, Cristal, Kristal, Christal, Chrystal]

Galia [Gal], Gail [Gal], Margaret [Gretal], Greta [Gretal], Hazel [Hazal], Hilal, Ja- [Jaral], Kendall [Kendal, Kyndal], Kora [Koral], Krystal [Krystal, Kristal, Khristal, Khrystal], Eulalia [Lal], Laurel [Laural], Mary [Mal, Murial], Malvina [Mal], Mariel [Marial], Meryl [Meral], Meriel [Merial], Muriel [Merial, Murial], Michelle [Michal], Michal [Mical, Mychal]

Michaela [Michal], Opal, Rachel [Racheal], Ricarda [Richmal], Rosa [Rosal], Sarah [Sal], Sally [Sal], Shantelle [Shantal, Shontal], Cheryl [Shiral], Talicia [Tal], Teal, Valerie [Val], Valentina [Val], Val

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