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Ilia ending baby names and what they mean, with 38 results. -ilia names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in 2015 (adoption of 0.3%). Emilia (#145), Cecilia (#181) and Lilia (#958) are three of the more contemporarily stylish baby names in this list, while Milia (top 42%) and Demilia (54%) are conventional -ilia last names.

-ilia names

Aemilia - Hersilia | Jamilia - Vigilia

Aemilia - Hersilia

Emily and variantsAemilia, Emilia1
Var. of Emily. Origin fr. Latin. "Rival; laborious; eager." Emilya is also a marginally prominent baby name.

Amelia and variantsAmilia1, Emilia2
Forms of Amelia. Stems fr. Latin, Old German languages. "Rival, eager work." Common, and Amilia, Emilia are similar to popular -lia last names Agoglia (upper 46%), Arlia (46%).

Stems fr. Latin. "Amiable." Amilia became more popular in 2015, gaining +181 rankings as a children's name to reach #1564. See also Amil.

Spanish combined form of Ana and .. Not Top 2000 name. See also Analisia.

Root fr. Latin word. Italian feminine form of an ancient .. Artilia and Atlia are creative variations.

Availia, Filia1, Ofilia, Ophilia
Var. of Ophelia. Source fr. Greek element. "Help." Not in popularity charts.

Derivative of Greek. "Royal, regal." Basilia is unusual as a baby name. See also Sasilia.

Stems fr. Italian. "Good daughter." Bonfilia is uncommon as a baby name.

Cecilia and variantsCecilia, var. Ceceilia, Ceilia, Cicilia, Cilia1, Kekilia, Sacilia, Sasilia, Sesilia
Origin fr. Latin, Old Welsh languages. "Blind; sixth." Cecilia (top 48%) and Cilia (33%) occur often as surnames.

Cilia2, var. Silia
.. tiny hairs that project from some .. Outside Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ilia names: Amilia, Cecilia, Emilia

Source fr. Latin language. "God's daughter." Deifilia is seldom used as a children's name.

Var. of Domitilla. Based on Latin language. .. the second century saint Flavia Domitilla .. Domitilia was not a Top birth name in 2015.

Var. of Donata. Source fr. Latin element. "Given." Rare, with the -ia ending for Donatilia, like Doralicia, Doralia.

Origin fr. Latin word. "Rival; laborious; eager." Somewhat common as a birth name, Emilia is similar to the common Emily. See also Emilly.

Ersilia1, var. Ercilia1, Erzilia1, Hersilia1
Origin fr. Greek, Latin languages. "Delicate; liberator." Hersilia and variants are hardly found as feminine names.

Filia2, var. Philia
Origin fr. Greek. "Friendship." Uncommon. Filia and Philia are not found in the US Census.

Galilia, Gelilia
Var. of Galila. From Hebrew element. "Rolling hills." Galilia and Gelilia are unique as baby names.

Origin fr. Hebrew. "Joy of the Lord." Gilia is not a Top 2000 name. See also Gallia.

Form of Grace. Root fr. Latin word. "Favor, blessing." Rather uncommon as a baby name.

Hersilia2, var. Ercilia2, Ersilia2, Erzilia2
Root fr. Spanish, Greek words. "Delicate." Unique. Ercilia, var., similar to Hermia, Helia, have the -ia ending.

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1. Aemilia - Hersilia
Emily [Emilia, Aemilia], Amelia [Amilia, Emilia], Amilia, Analilia, Attilia, Ophelia [Filia, Ofilia, Availia, Ophilia], Basilia, Bonfilia, Cecilia [Cilia, Ceilia, Cicilia, Kekilia, Sasilia, Sacilia, Sesilia, Ceceilia], Cilia [Silia], Deifilia, Domitilla [Domitilia], Donata [Donatilia], Emilia, Ersilia [Ercilia, Erzilia, Hersilia], Filia [Philia], Galila [Galilia, Gelilia], Gilia, Grace [Gracilia], Hersilia [Ercilia, Ersilia, Erzilia]

Jameelah [Jamilia], Camilla [Kamilia], Lily [Lilia], Lelia [Lilia], Lillian [Lilia], Lucy [Lucilia], Lucille [Lucilia], Odila [Odilia, Udilia], Odelia [Odilia, Udilia], Ottilie [Ottilia], Otthild [Ottilia], Cerelia [Sarilia], Sheila [Sheilia], Sicily [Sicilia], Silja [Silia], Odele [Udilia], Vasilia, Vigilia

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