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Isa ending baby names and what they mean, with 95 results. -isa names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its most widespread during 1960-1969 (USAGE OF 4.43%) and is now significantly reduced (USAGE 0.1%, DOWN 97.7%), with names such as Jalisa becoming less stylish. Elisa (#486) is the most trendy birth name here, while Krisa (TOP 88%) and Zisa (32%) are common -isa surnames.

-isa names

Adalgisa - Cerisa | Charlisa - Eloisa | Felisa - Lisa | Luisa - Renisa | Risa - Vanisa

Adalgisa - Cerisa

Stems fr. Old German. "Noble, precious promise." Unusual. Adalgisa, like Alisa, Adelisa, uses the common -sa ending.

From French language. A blend of Adela and Lisa. Adelise is a moderately popular girl's name. See also Adelais.

Alice and variants

Alisa1, Alaisa, Adelisa2
Var. of Alice. Origin fr. Old German. "Noble, exalted." Common as surnames, and Adelisa, Alaisa, Alisa (84%) are comparable to popular surnames Aleksa (TOP 60%), Apisa (87%), which also end with -sa.

Form of Alicia. Derived fr. Old German word. "Noble, exalted." Alisa is common (UPPER 14%) as a given name, and occurs regularly (UPPER 84%) as a surname. See also Alexa.

Alisa3, var. Allisa
Root fr. Hebrew. "Great happiness." Alisa has faded in popularity as a children's name since 1960-1969.

Louise and variants

Luisa, Lovisa, Louisa, Lluisa, Heloisa, Eloisa, Aloisa
Var. of Louise. Based on Old German. "Famous warrior." Louisa and Luisa were Top birth names in 2015.

Source fr. Hebrew word. "Companion, friend." Compare last names Amira (TOP 79%), Amiss (54%). See also Annisa.


Based on Arabic, Persian, Iranian. "Pleasant companion; like love." Anisa was popular as a baby name a decade ago and is less common today. See also Aniya.


Var. of Anne. Source fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." A conventional children's name (#1875 THE PAST YEAR), Annalisa also exists often as a first name for women. See also Annelise.

Annalisa and variants

Annalisa2, var. Annelisa, Annaleisa, Anelisa, Analisa, Analeisa
Derived fr. Latin element. "Graced with God's bounty." Usage of Annalisa, Annelisa, etc. as birth names in 2015 was down 8.9% compared to a year ago.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -isa names: Alisa, Analisa, Anisa, Annalisa, Brisa

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -isa names: Carisa, Eloisa, Karisa, Louisa, Luisa

Form of Annis. From Greek. "Satisfaction." Aansa and Anniya are creative variations. See also Annus.

Form of Agnes. From Greek word. "Pure, holy." Unusual. Annisa (cf. Annelisa) has the common feminine -sa suffix. See also Amisa.

Ayisa, Ayeisa
Forms of Aisha. Root fr. Arabic word. "Alive and well." Ayeisa and Ayisa are unique as children's names.

Beeatrisa, Beatrisa
Var. of Beatrice. From Latin element. "Voyager (through life); blessed." Not Top 2000 names.

Form of Berenice. Stems fr. Greek. "Victory bringer." Not in Top 2000. See also Bernisha.


Source fr. Latin. Short form of the Spanish name .. A conventional girls' name. See also Trisa.

Charis and variants

Sherisa, Karrisa, Karisa1, Charisa, Carisa1
Forms of Charis. Based on Greek. "Grace." Less used today. Karisa was the version last appearing (1996) in the Top 2000.

Karisa2, Carrisa, Carisa2
Forms of Carissa. Based on Latin, Greek words. "Beloved; grace." Somewhat popular as children's names, Carisa, Carrisa, etc. are similar to the popular Clarisa.

Form of Carla. Based on Old German word. "Free man." Carlisa is unusual as a girls' name. See also Carilis.

Form of Cerise. Derived fr. English, French languages. "Cherry." Outside Top 2000. See also Cris.

Quick Reference

Summary Index of names [and variants] for -isa names for girls.

1. Adalgisa - Cerisa
Adalgisa, Adelisa, Alice [Alisa, Alaisa, ..], Alicia [Alisa], Alisa [Allisa], Louise [Luisa, Lovisa, ..], Amisa, Anisa, Anne [Annalisa], Annalisa [Annelisa, Annaleisa, ..], Annis [Annisa], Agnes [Annisa], Aisha [Ayisa, Ayeisa], Beatrice [Beatrisa, Beeatrisa], Berenice [Berenisa], Brisa, Charis [Karrisa, Sherisa, ..], Carissa [Karisa, Carrisa, ..], Carla [Carlisa], Cerise [Cerisa]

Charlene [Charlisa], Charmaine [Charmisa], Chelsea [Chelisa], Cherise [Cherisa, Sherisa], Clarissa [Klarisa, Klarrisa, ..], Clarice [Clarisa], Claire [Clarisa], Cora [Corisa], Delicia [Delisa], De- [Delisa], Denise [Denisa], Doris [Dorisa], Dora [Dorlisa], Dorothy [Dorlisa], Elizabeth [Lisa, Leisa, ..], Eliza [Elisa], Elisabeth [Lisa, Elisa], Elise [Elisa], Heloise [Eloisa, Heloisa], Eloise [Eloisa, Elouisa]

Felicia [Felisa], Genesis [Genisa], Giselle [Gisa], Helsa [Helisa], Idelle [Idelisa], Ilse [Ilisa], Iris [Irisa], Isaura [Isa], Isabel [Isa], Jaleesa [Joleisa, Jilleisa, ..], Ja- [Jalisa], Je- [Jelisa], Jewel [Jewelisa], Jo [Jolisa, Jonisa], Julissa [Julisa], Ka- [Kalisa, Katrisa], Karissa [Karisa], Larissa [Larisa], Melissa [Melisa, Mellisa, ..], Lisa

Luisa [Lluisa], Macaria [Macarisa], Mesa [Maisa], Mandisa, Maria [Marialisa], Mari [Marilisa], Marissa [Marisa], Marisa [Morisa, Moreisa, ..], Maris [Marisa], Marquise [Markaisa, Marquisa], Marlisa, Maureen [Maurisa], Mona [Monalisa], Morisa, Narcissa [Narcisa], Oleisa [Olisa], Paradisa, Paris [Parisa], Raisa, Renata [Renisa]

Risa, Shalisa [Shelisa], Sha- [Shalisa], Sharise [Sharisa], Sharlene [Sharlisa], Sherisa, She- [Sherisa], Alexandra [Sinisa], Thais [Taisa, Thaisa], Talisa, Ta- [Talisa], Te- [Telisa], Tisa, Tricia [Trisa], Vanessa [Vanisa, Vennisa]

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