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Le ending baby names and what they mean, with 316 results. -le names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in the 1970s (usage of 5.6%) and have become significantly less popular since (usage 1.6%, 70.6% less), with names like Carole becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier baby names in this list are Brielle (#128), Isabelle (#94), Noelle (#250), Camille (#246) and Aubrielle (#776), while Hile (top 7%) and Rule (4%) are common -le last names. Here is the list of -le names for boys.

-le names

Abagale - Annabelle | Anwylle - Belle | Belle - Carle | Carmelle - Christabelle | Christalle - Danielle | Danille - Elle | .. - .. | Sydelle - Zoelle

Abagale - Annabelle

Abigail and variantsAbagale, Abbegale, Abbigale, Abbigayle, Abbygale, Abigale, Abegale, Abigayle, Gale, Gayle
Var. of Abigail. From Hebrew element. "Father of exaltation." Abigaile is also a somewhat common baby name.

Var. of Abelia. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." Unusual. Compare Abelle with common -le last names Adewole (upper 96%), Anable (43%). See also Arbelle.

Form of Abriana. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Father of many." Used frequently as a baby name, Abrielle is similar to the conventional Aubrielle. See also Arielle.

Adelaide and variantsAdele1, Adelle1, Delle
Var. of Adelaide. Source fr. Old German element. "Noble kind." Well-used, with usage of 0.021% for Adele and variants as baby names in 2015, higher than 0.016% in 2014.

Var. of Adelinde. Origin fr. Old German word. "Noble, soft, tender." Adele is common as a girls' name among the variations of Adelinde. See also Adelei.

Adele3, Adelle2, Edelle
Forms of Adela. Based on Old German word. "Noble." Edelle is rare as a girls' name among the forms of Adela.

Form of Adora. From Greek, Old German, Latin languages. "A gift; beloved; adored." Adorabelle is rare as a girls' name.

Form of Adrienne. Root fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." Rare as a girls' name, but Adrielle is comparable to the more popular Abrielle. See also Aurielle.

Form of Ardith. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Blooming meadow." Aedeli and Aldelle are creative variations. See also Adele.

Var. of Agnes. Source fr. Greek word. "Pure, holy." Agnelle is an infrequently used female name. See also Annelle.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -le names: Abbigale, Abbigayle, Abigale, Abigayle, Abrielle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -le names: Adele, Adelle, Anabelle, Angele, Annabelle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -le names: Annelle, Belle, Gale, Gayle, Mabelle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -le names: Mable, Maybelle

Var. of Agnola. Root fr. Italian language. "Angel." Uncommon. Agnolle (cf. Arelle, Agnelle) ends with -lle. See also Agnella.

Form of Alexandra. From Greek word. "Man's defender." Alle is rare as a girls' name. See also Alya.

Amabel and variantsAmabelle, Belle
Var. of Amabel. Based on Latin word. "Lovable, amiable." Belle exists often (upper 5%) as a surname.

Mabel and variantsAmable, Amaybelle, Amayble, Mabelle, Mable, Maybelle, Maible, Mayble
Var. of Mabel. Stems fr. English, Latin languages. "Lovable." Used somewhat widely as girls' names, Amaybelle, Amable, etc. are comparable to the familiar Anabelle.

Anabel and variantsAnabelle1, Annabelle1
Forms of Anabel. Combination of Anna and Belle. Used widely as birth names, Anabelle and Annabelle are comparable to the familiar Annabell.

Anabelle2, Annabelle2
Forms of Annabel. Possibly elaborated form of Anna, or .. Adoption of Anabelle and forms was well-received among parents in 2014 and is less today.

Form of Andrea. Origin fr. Greek language. "Manly, virile." Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -elle ending for Andrielle, like Annelle. See also Audrielle.

Angela and variantsAngele, Angelle
Forms of Angela. Source fr. Greek. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Angelle (upper 13%) and Angele (59%) occur commonly as last names.

Var. of Angel. Derivative of Greek element. "Messenger; messenger of God." Angles (upper 20%), Angie (56%) are familiar last names. See also Angelle.

Anne and variantsAnnabelle3, Annaelle, Annelle
Var. of Anne. Based on Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Annabelle was a Top birth name in 2015.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -le names for girls.

1. Abagale - Annabelle
Abigail [Gayle, ..], Abelia [Abelle], Abriana [Abrielle], Adelaide [Delle, ..], Adelinde [Adele], Adela [Edelle, ..], Adora [Adorabelle], Adrienne [Adrielle], Ardith [Aedelle], Agnes [Agnelle], Agnola [Agnolle], Alexandra [Alle], Amabel [Belle, ..], Mabel [Mayble, ..], Anabel [Annabelle, ..], Annabel [Annabelle, ..], Andrea [Andrielle], Angela [Angelle, ..], Angel [Angle], Anne [Annelle, ..]

Annwyl [Anwylle], Apple, April [Averylle, ..], Arabella [Orbelle, ..], Ardelle, Arella [Arelle], Ariel [Arielle, ..], Arista [Aristelle], Arnelle, Asphodel [Asphodelle, ..], Ashley [Ashle], Aubriella [Aubrielle], Audrey [Audrielle], Oralia [Orielle, ..], Auriel [Oriole, ..], Oriel [Orielle, ..], Aurelia [Aurielle], Axelle, Basilia [Bazille, ..], Isabel [Yzobelle, ..]

Elizabeth [Yzabelle, ..], Belinda [Belle], Bella [Belle], Belle, Bernice [Bernelle], Beryl [Beryle], Bethel [Bethelle], Beverly [Beverle], Blondell [Blondelle], Bolanile, Bonnie [Bonnibelle], Brandy [Brandelle], Brooke [Brookelle], Bruna [Brunelle], Bryn [Brynelle], Camilla [Mille, ..], Candace [Candelle], Carabelle [Carrabelle], Cara [Carabelle], Carla [Carle]

Carmel [Carmelle], Caroline [Carole], Carol [Karole, ..], Catherine [Katelle, ..], Cecilia [Sisile, ..], Cicely [Cecile], Celia [Cele], Chandelle [Shantelle, ..], Chanel [Shynelle, ..], Chantal [Shontelle, ..], Cheryl [Sheryle, ..], Cha- [Chevelle, ..], Charlotte [Charle], Chavela [Chavelle], Chelsea [Chelle, ..], Chelle [Lachelle], Shell [Shelle, ..], Cherelle, Cherie [Sherrelle, ..], Christabel [Cristabelle, ..]

Crystal [Krystle, ..], Christelle, Christine [Christelle], Christina [Krystle, ..], Clara [Clarabelle], Claire [Claribelle, ..], Claudia [Claudelle], Kora [Corabelle], Cora [Correlle, ..], Cordelia [Kordelle, ..], Cornelia [Cornelle], Creola [Creole], Krystal [Krystle, ..], Cybele [Cybille], Sybil [Sybille, ..], Sibyl [Sybille, ..], Cyrilla [Cyrille], Dale [Dayle, ..], Danna [Dannelle, ..], Danielle [Doneille, ..]

Da- [Danille], Darcie [Darchelle, ..], Darlene [Darrelle, ..], Daria [Darrelle, ..], Daryl [Darrille, ..], Darnell [Darnelle], Dawn [Dawnyelle, ..], Della [Delle], Denelle [Donelle, ..], Dielle, Donna [Donnelle, ..], Dora [Dorelle], Dulce [Dulcibelle], Emily [Emyle, ..], Eleanor [Nelle, ..], Ellie [Elle], Ellen [Elle], Ella [Elle], Helen [Elle], Elaine [Elle]

Emmanuelle [Emonualle, ..], Stella [Stelle, ..], Estelle [Stelle, ..], Ethel [Ethille], Asta [Etoile], Fidelity [Fidele], Flora [Florelle], Francine [Francille], Franisbel [Franisbelle], Frances [Fransabelle], Fredella [Fredelle], Gabrielle [Gavrielle, ..], Gael [Gaelle], Gail [Gaylle, ..], Gayle, Gazella [Gazelle], Gemini [Gemelle], Ginny [Ginelle], Virginia [Jenelle, ..], Giselle [Gizelle, ..]

Grace [Gracielle], Griselda [Griselle], Halle, Hallie [Halle], Harriet [Halle], Hannah [Hannele], Hazel [Hazle, ..], Helga [Helle], Hildegard [Hille], Holda [Holle], Idelle, Iola [Iole], Jacqueline [Jacquelle], Jael [Jaelle], Jae [Jaenelle], Johnella [Jahnelle], Jameelah [Jamille], Jamila [Jamille], Ja- [Jazelle, ..], Jane [Jonelle, ..]

Janelle [Jonelle, ..], Jean [Jeanelle], Jeanelle [Jennelle, ..], Je- [Jemelle], Jearl [Jerle], Jewel [Jewelle], Jezebel [Jezibelle, ..], Jiselle [Jozelle, ..], Jo [Jovelle, ..], Jocelyn [Jocelle], Jodelle, Joelle [Jowelle], Johnna [Jonnelle, ..], Joy [Joyelle], June [Junelle], Callie [Kalle, ..], Kallie [Kalle], Kamilah [Kamille], Kamilla [Kamille], Kara [Karielle]

Karmel [Karmelle], Karol [Karole], Katherine [Katelle], Kayla [Kayle], Kelila [Kyle, ..], Kristen [Kristelle], Kyle, La- [Lanelle, ..], Laurel [Lorelle, ..], Laveda [Lavelle], Leandra [Leonelle], Leona [Leonelle], Lora [Loribelle, ..], Lorelle [Lowrelle, ..], Lucy [Lucille, ..], Lucille [Lusile, ..], Luella [Luelle], Lynn [Lynnelle, ..], Lynette [Lynelle], Madeline [Madelle]

Almeda [Maelle], Mehitabel [Mehitable, ..], Mary [Murielle, ..], Marvell [Marvelle, ..], Marcella [Marselle, ..], Marcia [Marcille, ..], Mariel [Marielle, ..], Maribel [Meribelle, ..], Marina [Marinelle], Martha [Martelle], Maravilla [Marvelle], Maxwelle, Melina [Melibelle], Mirabel [Mirabelle, ..], Meriel [Merle, ..], Merle [Myrle, ..], Merry [Merrile, ..], Meryl [Meryle], Michaela [Mikelle, ..], Michelle [Mychelle, ..]

Michal [Micole], Mireio [Myrelle, ..], Mira [Mirielle, ..], Miranda [Mirelle], Moselle [Moiselle], Muriel [Murielle], Myrtle [Mertle], Nan [Nanelle], Norell [Narelle], Natalie [Natalle, ..], Nathania [Nathanielle], Neala [Neille, ..], Neilina [Neille, ..], Nichelle [Nishelle, ..], Nicole [Nyquolle, ..], Noelle [Noele], Nora [Norelle], Odelia [Udele, ..], Odele [Udele, ..], Odila [Udile, ..]

Ora [Orabelle], Oriole [Oriolle, ..], Pascale [Pashelle, ..], Paula [Paule], Peale [Peele, ..], Pearl [Perle, ..], Pernella [Pernille, ..], Petra [Petronille, ..], Prunella [Prunelle], Rachel [Rashelle, ..], Raphaela [Rephayelle, ..], Raina [Raynelle, ..], Randy [Randelle], Ranae [Ranelle], Ranielle, Raoule, Raquel [Raquelle], Rae [Raynelle], Reina [Reynelle, ..], Renee [Renelle]

Renata [Renelle], Rhonda [Rondelle, ..], Ricarda [Richmalle, ..], Richelle, Roberta [Robelle], Rochelle [Roshelle, ..], Romola [Romelle], Roma [Romelle], Rona [Ronelle], Ronni [Ronnelle, ..], Ronelle [Ronnelle], Rosa [Rosabelle], Rosabel [Rosabelle], Rose [Rozele, ..], Rosalie [Rozelle, ..], Royale [Royalle], Roza [Rozelle], Rudelle, Ruth [Ruthelle], Sabelle

Sable, Sadie [Sydelle, ..], Sarah [Sydelle, ..], Samala [Samale], Samuela [Samuelle, ..], Sandra [Sandrelle], Semele [Semelle, ..], Shan- [Shandelle], Shanelle [Shynelle, ..], Shaneika [Shantelle], Shantelle [Shontelle, ..], Sheryl [Sherrelle, ..], Shari [Sharelle], Shawna [Shawndelle, ..], She- [Shenelle], Shera [Sheralle], Cher [Sherelle], Shirley [Shirelle], Solana [Soulle], Susan [Suzelle]

Sydney [Sydelle], Ta- [Tanelle], Teal [Teille, ..], Theophila [Teophile], Truth [Trule], Udele [Yudelle, ..], Ursula [Ursule], Valentina [Vale], Valerie [Vale], Violet [Viole], Wendell [Wendelle], Wilhelmina [Williebelle, ..], Wynstelle [Winstelle], Ysabel [Ysabelle, ..], Zelia [Zele], Zoe [Zoelle]

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