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Lia ending baby names and what they mean, with 159 results. -lia names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names is at its most widespread presently (usage of 1.9%), except for names like Cornelia which have become less fashionable. The trendier birth names in this compilation are Amelia (#12), Cecilia (#181), Dahlia (#412), Emilia (#145) and Talia (#284), while Arlia (top 46%) and Italia (34%) are conventional -lia last names.

-lia names

Abelia - Ardelia | Argelia - Caralia | Carlia - Delia | Domitilia - Gallia | Gilia - Lalia | Lalia - Natalia | .. - .. | Sadellia - Zylia

Abelia - Ardelia

Based on Hebrew. "Breath, vapour." Abela is a moderately popular girl's name. See also Azelia.

Source fr. Latin word. Mythology .. Uncommon, but Accalia is similar to common -lia surnames Alia (top 28%), Arlia (46%).

Adela and variantsAdalia1, Adelia1
Forms of Adela. Origin fr. Old German element. "Noble." Popular as birth names, Adalia and Adelia are comparable to the familiar Ardelia.

Based on Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is my refuge; noble one." A conventional children's name. See also Adelia.

Var. of Adelaide. Derived fr. Old German element. "Noble kind." Adelia rose in popularity a century ago, but now, Adelia has fallen out of fashion. See also Adelma.

Emily and variantsAemilia, Amalia1, Emalia, Emelia1, Emelia2, Emilia1
Forms of Emily. Origin fr. Latin. "Rival; laborious; eager." Emilia (upper 18%), Amalia (21%) and Emelia (48%) are prevalent as first names, while Aemilia and Emalia are irregularly used.

Form of Airlea. Derived fr. Greek language. "Ethereal." Not in popularity charts. See also Auralia.

Aliya and variantsAlia, Allia
Forms of Aliya. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Exalted, sublime." Usage of Alia and Allia as birth names in 2015 was 34.5% more than the year before.

Var. of Althea. Source fr. Greek element. "Healing herb." Unusual, with the androgynous -ia suffix for Althelia, like Amaltheia. See also Arthelia.

Amelia and variantsAmelia, var. Aemelia, Amalia2, Amilia1, Delia, Emilia2, Malia, Melia, Meelia
Root fr. Latin, Old German words. "Rival, eager work." Amelia and variants became more popular in 2015, rising +309 positions as girls' names with Amilia leading the upswing.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lia names: Adalia, Adelia, Alia, Amalia, Amelia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lia names: Amilia, Analia, Angelia, Ardelia, Delia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lia names: Emelia, Emilia, Malia, Melia

Amilia and variantsAmilia2, var. Amillia
Derived fr. Latin language. "Amiable." Amilia is in the Top 2000.

Based on American language. Invented name from a combination of .. A conventional baby name. See also Amalie.

Spanish combined form of Ana and .. Not that prominent as a baby name. See also Analicia.

Origin fr. Greek element. "Break of day." Unique, with the androgynous -ia suffix for Anatolia, like Ansonia.

Var. of Angela. From Greek language. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Used somewhat frequently as a children's name, Angelia is similar to the conventional Argelia.

Aracelia, Arcelia1
Var. of Araceli. Root fr. Latin element. "Altar of heaven; heavenly homemaker." Arcelia is prevalent as a baby name among the versions of Araceli.

Derivative of Spanish element. "Treasure chest." Alcelia and Arceal are creative variations. See also Aricela.

Var. of Arcangela. Stems fr. Greek element. "High-ranking angel." Rather quirky as a baby name.

Form of Ardith. Based on Hebrew language. "Blooming meadow." A slightly offbeat girls' name. See also Ardenia.

Var. of Ardelle. .. Also possibly a feminine form of .. Ardelia is a frequently occurring (top 100%) feminine name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -lia names for girls.

1. Abelia - Ardelia
Abelia, Accalia, Adela [Adelia, ..], Adalia, Adelaide [Adelia], Emily [Emilia, ..], Airlea [Airlia], Aliya [Allia, ..], Althea [Althelia], Amelia [Melia, ..], Amilia [Amillia], Analia, Analilia, Anatolia, Angela [Angelia], Araceli [Arcelia, ..], Arcelia, Arcangela [Archangelia], Ardith [Ardelia], Ardelle [Ardelia]

Argenta [Argelia], Ariel [Ariellia], Arthuretta [Arthelia], Athalia [Atalia], Attilia, Audrey [Audelia], Aurelia [Orelia, ..], Australia, Azalia, Azalea [Azalia], Azelia, Basilia [Bazeelia, ..], Bedelia [Delia, ..], Isabel [Belia], Bonfilia, Braulia, Calliope [Callia], Camilla [Kamilia, ..], Camellia [Cammelia, ..], Cara [Caralia]

Carla [Carlia], Carmel [Carmellia, ..], Carmen [Carmelia], Castalia [Kastalia, ..], Cayla [Caylia], Cecilia [Sesilia, ..], Celia [Fecelia], Celeste [Celia], Cyrilla [Cerelia], Cerelia [Sarilia, ..], Cha- [Chalia], Cilia [Sillia, ..], Clelia [Cloelia], Cora [Coralia], Cordelia [Kordelia, ..], Cornelia [Nelia, ..], Dahlia [Dalia], Dalia, Deifilia, Delia [Deelia]

Domitilla [Domitilia], Donata [Donatilia], Dora [Dorelia, ..], Eliana [Elia], Ella [Ellia], Emilia [Melia], Ersilia [Hersilia, ..], Eulalia [Eulia, ..], Eustacia [Eustolia], Evangeline [Evangelia], Eve [Evelia], Fidelity [Fidelia], Filia [Philia], Flora [Floralia], Gabrielle [Gabriellia], Galia, Gail [Galia], Galya [Gallia, ..], Galila [Gelilia, ..], Gallia

Gilia, Giuliana [Giulia], Giulia [Jullia, ..], Gormlaith [Gormelia], Grace [Gracilia], Halia, Helen [Hellia, ..], Hersilia [Erzilia, ..], Idalia, Iliana [Illia], Jamila [Jamillia, ..], Jameelah [Jamilia, ..], Jecolia [Jekolia, ..], Julia [Yulia, ..], Kalei [Kalia], Kamelia, Kamilah [Kamillia], Keely [Keelia], Kornelia [Cornelia], Lallie [Lalia]

Lalia [Lallia], Leala [Lealia], Lelia [Lilia, ..], Leila [Lelia], Leah [Lia], Lia, Lillian [Lillia, ..], Lily [Lillia, ..], Loelia, Lucy [Lucilia], Lucille [Lucilia], Magnolia, Mahalia [Mehalia, ..], Mary [Malia], Malia, Melia [Meelia], Migdalia, Michaela [Mihalia], Natalya [Natalia], Natalie [Talia, ..]

Nelia [Neelia], Nerola [Nerolia], Nicole [Nykolia, ..], Odelia [Udilia, ..], Odila [Udilia, ..], Olga [Olia], Olivia [Olia], Ophelia [Uvelia, ..], Oralia [Orelia], Ottilie [Ottilia, ..], Otthild [Otylia, ..], Pamela [Permelia, ..], Pelia, Permelia [Parmelia, ..], Prima [Primalia], Raphaela [Rafaelia], Roma [Romelia], Rose [Roselia, ..], Rosalie [Rozellia, ..], Rosalind [Rozalia]

Sarah [Sadellia], Sheila [Shelia, ..], Selena [Selia], Sha- [Shalia], Sicily [Sicillia, ..], Silja [Sillia, ..], Talia [Tahlia], Talicia [Tallia], Thalia [Talia], Tulia [Tullia, ..], Odele [Udilia, ..], Valley [Vallia], Vasilia [Vaseelia, ..], Vigilia, Weslee [Weslia], Xylia, Zelia [Zaylia, ..], Zola [Zolia], Zilla [Zylia]

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