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Lie ending baby names and what they mean, with 171 results. -lie names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its most widespread 135 years ago (USAGE OF 2.6%) and is almost as conventional today (USAGE 2%, DOWN 21%), but with names such as Shellie becoming less in vogue. The trendier girl names in this compilation are Amelie (#641), Callie (#196), Charlie (#207), Ellie (#47) and Rosalie (#266), while Smylie (TOP 23%) and Jollie (33%) are popular -lie surnames. Here is the list of -lie names for boys.

-lie names

Adalie - Anelie | Annalie - Callie | Callie - Coralie | Coralie - Fernlie | Gillie - Kaelie | Kallie - Lollie | .. - .. | Tillie - Zoelie

Adalie - Anelie


Var. of Adela. From Old German word. "Noble." Adalis is also a slightly favored kid's name. See also Amalie.

Form of Adalia. Derivative of Hebrew, Old German words. "God is my refuge; noble one." Popular. Compare Adalie with common surnames Arvie (UPPER 24%), Abadie (12%), which also end with -ie. See also Adelia.

Root fr. Old German word. "Noble." Adeali and Ayelie are creative forms. See also Adeline.

Emily and variants

Emmilie, Emmelie, Emmalie, Emillie, Emilie, Emelie1, Amelie1, Emalie, Amalie1, Aemilie
Var. of Emily. Derivative of Latin. "Rival; laborious; eager." Adoption of Aemilie and variants as birth names in 2015 was 4.6% less than a decade ago.

Form of Eilidh. Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic, Greek words. "Sun ray." Ailie is unique as a baby name. See also Aliye.

Form of Aileen. Based on Norman. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Ailie is not often used as a baby name. See also Ailse.

Alice and variants

Ellie, Allie1, Allie2, Alie1, Aillie, Ailie3
Var. of Alice. Derivative of Old German language. "Noble, exalted." Ailie, Aillie and Alie are more unique as birth names among the variations of Alice.

Scottish pet form of Aileen or .. Uncommon as a baby name, but Ailie is comparable to the more familiar Allie. See also Aimie.

Aynslie, Ainslie
Forms of Ainsley. Stems fr. Old English language. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Ainslie and Aynslie are rarely used female names, and Ainslie appears frequently (TOP 15%) as a last name.

Alison and variants

Allie3, Alie2
Var. of Alison. Root fr. Old German language. "Noble, exalted." Allie is popular as a children's name compared to Alie.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lie names: Adalie, Allie, Amalie, Amelie, Ellie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lie names: Emelie, Emilie, Millie

Allie4, Alie3
Var. of Alberta. Derived fr. Old English. "Noble, bright." Allie has gained in prominence as a birth name since 1950-1959.

Form of Alana. Stems fr. Old German, Hawaiian words. "Precious; awakening." Alim (TOP 33%), Alia (28%) are conventional surnames. See also Aliz.

Allie5, Alie5
Var. of Alexandra. From Greek. "Man's defender." Prominent, with usage of 0.074% for Alie and Allie as birth names in 2015, but lower than 0.076% the year before.

Form of Alva. From Irish, Gaelic word. "White." Allie is commonly used as a girls' name compared to other versions. Gender-neutral name.

.. Actress Ally Walker. Usage of Allie as a girls' name in 2015 was down 2.1% compared to the previous year. Also used for boys.

Var. of Alfreda. Source fr. Old German, Old English words. "Elf or magical counsel." A very conventional baby name (#255 THE PAST YEAR), Allie is also used commonly as a surname. Also a boys' name.

Var. of Allegra. Based on Italian element. "Gay and jaunty." Allie has surged in popularity since 1950-1959. Unisex name.

Amelia and variants

Millie, Emelie2, Amelie2, Amalie2
Var. of Amelia. Origin fr. Latin, Old German. "Rival, eager work." Amalie and variants became more popular in 2015, gaining on average +14 rankings as girls' names with Millie gaining the most.

Amberlie, Ambarlie
Var. of Amberly. .. Or a variant of Amber with .. Outside Top 2000.

Form of Anne. Stems fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Rather quirky as a girls' name. See also Amalie.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -lie names for girls.

1. Adalie - Anelie
Adela [Adalie], Adalia [Adalie], Adelie, Emily [Emmilie, ..], Eilidh [Ailie], Aileen [Ailie], Alice [Ellie, ..], Ailie, Ainsley [Aynslie, ..], Alison [Allie, ..], Alberta [Allie, ..], Alana [Alie], Alexandra [Allie, ..], Alva [Allie], Allie, Alfreda [Allie], Allegra [Allie], Amelia [Millie, ..], Amberly [Amberlie, ..], Anne [Anelie]

Annalisa [Annelie, ..], Ansley [Anslie], Aurelia [Oralie, ..], Arlene [Arlie], Ashley [Ashlie], Athalia [Attalie, ..], Bailey [Baylie, ..], Basilia [Basilie], Beverly [Verlie, ..], Billie, Wilhelmina [Willie, ..], Brylee [Brilie], Briley [Brilie], Kalila [Kayllie, ..], Cayla [Kailie, ..], Calantha [Callie], Kallista [Kallie, ..], Calandra [Callie], Caroline [Karlie, ..], Calista [Kallie, ..]

Callie [Kallie, ..], Camilla [Millie, ..], Cara [Caralie], Charlotte [Karlie, ..], Carla [Carlie], Carly [Karlie, ..], Kayla [Kaylie, ..], Cecilia [Seelie, ..], Selena [Selie, ..], Celia [Celie], Celeste [Celie], Charla [Charlie], Charlene [Charlie], Charlie [Sharlie], Chelsea [Chellie, ..], Cher [Cherylie], Chesleigh [Chesslie, ..], Columba [Collie], Colleen [Collie], Cora [Coralie]

Coral [Koralie, ..], Coralie, Cordelia [Delie, ..], Cornelia [Nellie, ..], Corliss [Corlie], Dolly [Dollie], Dorothy [Dollie], Donna [Donalie], Earla [Earlie], Adeline [Edelie], Helen [Nellie, ..], Elaine [Ellie], Eloise [Ellie], Eleanor [Nellie, ..], Elizabeth [Ellie], Ella [Ellie], Ellen [Nellie, ..], Ellie, Eulalia [Lallie, ..], Fernley [Fernlie]

Gilberte [Gillie], Gillian [Gillie], Hayley [Haylie, ..], Harriet [Hallie], Halimeda [Hallie], Hallie, Halle [Hallie], Haralda [Hallie], Harley [Harlie], Haley [Haylie], Hadley [Hedlie], Hilary [Hillie], Holly [Hollie], Janelle [Janellie], Jill [Jillie], Jolie, Giulia [Julie], Julie [Jullie, ..], Julia [Julie], Kaylee [Kaylie, ..]

Kallie [Callie], Kara [Karalie], Carol [Karlie], Karolina [Karlie], Karla [Karlie], Keely [Keyllie, ..], Kelly [Kellie], Kempley [Kemplie], Kimberly [Kymberlie, ..], Kiley [Kylie], Kylie, Laila [Lailie], Lallie, Lalage [Lallie], Lorelei [Loralie, ..], Leala [Lealie], Leslie [Lezlie], Lily [Lillie, ..], Lillian [Lillie], Laura [Lollie]

Magali [Magalie], Melinda [Mallie, ..], Mary [Mollie, ..], Marlee [Marlie], Marlene [Marlie], Millicent [Millie, ..], Melissa [Millie, ..], Melanie [Mellie], Kamilla [Millie], Mildred [Millie], Molly [Mollie], Natalie [Nattilie, ..], Neila [Neelie], Nelia [Neelie], Nelly [Nellie], Nerola [Nerolie], Olivia [Ollie], Ophelia [Ophelie], Oralia [Orelie, ..], Ottilie [Ottolie, ..]

Otthild [Ottilie], Odelia [Ottilie], Paula [Pollie, ..], Pearl [Pearlie], Philippa [Phillie], Phyllis [Phyllie], Polly [Pollie], Rose [Rozalie, ..], Rosalie [Rozelie, ..], Rylee [Rylie], Sally [Sallie], Sarah [Sallie], Shelley [Shellie], Rachel [Shellie], Shirley [Sherrlie, ..], Talicia [Tallie, ..], Thalia [Thalie, ..], Tallulah [Tallie], Tally [Tallie], Tilda [Tillie]

Matilda [Tillie], Valerie [Vallie], Valley [Vallie], Valentina [Vallie], Verlene [Verlie], Wallis [Wallie], Weslee [Weslie], Yolanda [Yolie], Iolanthe [Yollie], Zelia [Zelie, ..], Zoe [Zoelie]

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