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Line ending baby names and what they mean, with 125 results. -line names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its apex in 2016 (USAGE OF 1.3%), except for names like Jacqueline which have fallen out of style. The trendier names for newborns here are Adeline (#63), Adaline (#171), Caroline (#56), Evangeline (#240) and Celine (#605), while Pline (TOP 35%) and Exline (12%) are popular -line surnames.

-line names

Abbeline - Aveline | Carline - Coline | Coraline - Eveline | Faline - Leonline | Lurline - Oline | Opaline - Wendaline | Wendaline - Zoeline

Abbeline - Aveline

Appoline, Apolline, Abbeline
Var. of Apollonia. Origin fr. Greek word. .. Mythology. Unusual. Compare Abbeline, Apolline, Appoline and common last names Antwine (TOP 14%), Anzelone (46%), which also end with -ne.

Form of Abilene. Derived fr. Hebrew word. Place name .. Abiline is seldom adopted as a birth name. See also Aveline.

Aceline, var. Asceline
Derivative of French. "Noble." Acelian and Acelina are creative forms.

Adelaide and variants

Eline, Edeline, Alline1, Aline1, Adeline1, Adaline1
Forms of Adelaide. Based on Old German element. "Noble kind." Adaline, Adeline, Aline and Alline are more prevalent as baby names compared to Edeline, Eline.


Form of Adelinde. Root fr. Old German. "Noble, soft, tender." Adoption of Adeline as a children's name in 2016 was up a lot compared to the previous decade. See also Aceline.

Adeline and variants

Adeline3, var. Deline, Daline, Aline2, Adline, Adaline2
Based on Old German element. "Noble." Adeline is more universally found than the rest, though Adaline has become trendy as well over time, while Aline has become less popular.


Var. of Eleanor. Derivative of Old French, Old German elements. "Other, foreign." Somewhat common as a birth name, Aline is similar to the common Alena. See also Alie.

Form of Eileen. One of two anglicized forms of .. Somewhat infrequent as a girls' name, Aline exists fairly often as a last name. See also Allina.

Form of Helen. Root fr. Greek. "Sun ray." Aline is conventional (UPPER 20%) as a women's name, and appears regularly (UPPER 80%) as a surname. See also Allaine.

In the Middle Ages, a contracted .. Used somewhat widely as a baby name, Aline is similar to the familiar Aliana. See also Albine.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -line names: Adaline, Adeline, Adline, Aline, Alline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -line names: Angeline, Arline, Aveline, Emaline, Emeline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -line names: Emmaline, Emmeline, Evaline, Eveline

Alina and variants

Alline2, Aline7
Forms of Alina. Source fr. Greek element. "Sun ray." Less common today. Aline was the form last recorded (1999) in the Top 2000.

Alline3, Aline8
Var. of Aileen. Stems fr. Norman language. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Aline has waned in favor as a baby name circa 1910-1919.


Var. of Alaine. Root fr. Old German language. "Precious." A slightly rare birth name nowadays, but Alline still exists often as a female first name. See also Aillin.

Amelia and variants

Meline, Emmeline, Emeline1, Ameline1, Amaline
Var. of Amelia. Root fr. Latin, Old German. "Rival, eager work." Emeline is common (UPPER 83%) as a first name, whereas Amaline, Ameline, Emmeline and Meline are uncommon.

Emily and variants

Emmaline, Emiline, Emeline2, Emaline, Ameline2
Var. of Emily. From Latin language. "Rival; laborious; eager." Emmaline is a contemporarily stylish version.


Var. of Angela. Origin fr. Greek. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." A popular birth name (#1079 LAST YEAR) that is also found somewhat often as a surname.


Var. of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Somewhat uncommon as a baby name, Arline occurs more commonly as a surname.


Form of Ava. Of uncertain origin, probably German .. Used frequently as a girls' name, Aveline is similar to the common Adeline.

Derived fr. Norman. Latinate form of the name Evelyn .. Used frequently as a children's name, Aveline is comparable to the familiar Eveline. See also Abbeline.

Evelyn and variants

Evline, Eveline, Evaline, Aveline3
Forms of Evelyn. Root fr. Norman word. .. As a feminine it can come .. Aveline, Evaline, etc. became more popular in 2016, gaining on average +171 rankings as girls' names with Aveline rising the most.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -line names for girls.

1. Abbeline - Aveline
Apollonia [Appoline, ..], Abilene [Abiline], Aceline [Asceline], Adelaide [Eline, ..], Adelinde [Adeline], Adeline [Deline, ..], Eleanor [Aline], Eileen [Aline], Helen [Aline], Aline, Alina [Alline, ..], Aileen [Alline, ..], Alaine [Alline], Amelia [Meline, ..], Emily [Emmaline, ..], Angela [Angeline], Arlene [Arline], Ava [Aveline], Aveline, Evelyn [Evline, ..]

Charlotte [Sharline, ..], Carlene [Carline], Carly [Karline, ..], Carol [Sharline, ..], Caroline [Sharline, ..], Catherine [Kathline, ..], Katherine [Katline, ..], Caitlin [Catline, ..], Kathleen [Katline, ..], Cathleen [Catline], Colleen [Kolline, ..], Selena [Seline, ..], Celina [Seline, ..], Celine [Ciline], Celeste [Celine], Charlene [Charline], Cherilyn [Sherryline, ..], Cheryl [Cheryline], Crystal [Kristaline, ..], Coline [Nicoline, ..]

Coral [Koralline, ..], Coralie [Coraline], Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Darlene [Darryline, ..], Daryl [Daryline, ..], Della [Delline], Donalda [Donaline], Earla [Erline, ..], Eliana [Eline], Emeline [Emmiline, ..], Emma [Emmeline, ..], Emmeline [Emmaline, ..], Ernestine [Ernaline], Erna [Ernaline], Ethelinda [Etheline], Ethel [Etheline], Eva [Evaline], Evangeline, Eve [Eveline], Evelina [Eveline]

Faline [Feyline, ..], Fallon [Faline], Frances [Franceline], Gail [Gayline], Gwendolen [Gwendoline, ..], Jacqueline [Zhaqueline, ..], Jay [Jaline], Jocelyn [Jossline, ..], Jolene [Joline, ..], Josephine [Joline], Jewel [Juelline], Julia [Juline], Karolina [Karoline, ..], Karleen [Karline], Karol [Karoline], Katelyn [Kateline], Krystal [Krystalline, ..], Krystalyn [Krystalline], Leandra [Leoline], Leonie [Leonline]

Lorelei [Lurline], Lurleen [Lurline], Madeline [Marline, ..], Magdalena [Magdeline], Amanda [Mandaline], Mandoline, Mara [Maraline], Marcella [Marcelline, ..], Marlene [Marline], Melinda [Meline], Merle [Myrline, ..], Michaela [Micheline, ..], Michal [Michaeline], Michelle [Micheline, ..], Natalie [Nataline], Nicoline, Nicole [Nicoline], Noelle [Noeline], Odele [Odeline], Olina [Oline]

Opal [Opaline], Orsa [Orseline, ..], Otthild [Ottoline, ..], Pascale [Pascaline], Paula [Pauline], Paulina [Polline, ..], Pearl [Perlline, ..], Philana [Philline], Raina [Rayline], Roline [Rolline, ..], Rosalie [Rosaline], Rosalind [Roseline, ..], Rose [Rozaline, ..], Sharlene [Sharline], Shirley [Shirline], Solana [Souline, ..], Solange [Zeline, ..], Ursula [Ursuline], Verlene [Verline], Wanda [Wendeline, ..]

Wendell [Wendaline], Wendy [Wendeline, ..], Yoslene [Yosline], Zelia [Zeline], Zoe [Zoeline]

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