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Nn ending baby names and what they mean, with 193 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in 2015 (USAGE OF 1.23%), except for names such as Diann which have become somewhat outmoded. The trendier names for newborns among these are Quinn (#97), Adalynn (#123), Raelynn (#177), Adelynn (#275) and Gracelynn (#391), while Adelmann (TOP 21%) is a familiar -nn last name.

-nn names

Adalynn - Brandalynn | Brann - Carmynn | Carolynn - Dayann | Deann - Gudrinn | Guendolinn - Jessalynn | Jilliann - Karolynn | .. - .. | Shyann - Zolynn

Adalynn - Brandalynn

Adelaide and variantsAdelynn1, Adalynn1
Var. of Adelaide. Derivative of Old German language. "Noble kind." Analynn is also a somewhat popular birth name.

Adeline and variantsAdelynn2, Addilynn, Adalynn2
Forms of Adeline. From Old German word. "Noble." Popular. Compare Adalynn, Addilynn, Adelynn with common -nn last names Adermann (UPPER 88%), Akemann (85%).

Aislinn and variantsAislinn, var. Ashlynn1, Aislynn
Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. "Dream, vision." Aislinn has surged in popularity as a children's name since 1880-1889.

Form of Alice. Based on Old German language. "Noble, exalted." Not much used as a birth name. See also Alysann.

Alysann, Allysann, Allisann, Alisann2
Var. of Alison. Root fr. Old German element. "Noble, exalted." Alisann and variants are not Top 2000 names.

Allynn1, Allynn2
Forms of Allena. Origin fr. Old German. "Precious." Aglynn and Atlynn are creative forms. See also Alayna.

Var. of Angela. Derivative of Greek language. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Uncommon. Angelynn (compare Arlynn) ends with the common feminine -lynn.

Form of Anthea. Source fr. Greek element. "Flowery." A familiar girls' name (#893 IN CURRENT LIST), Ann also exists somewhat frequently as a surname. See also Anna.

Var. of Anna. Source fr. Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." Adoption of Ann as a girls' name in 2015 was 24.7% less than 10 years ago. See also Amy.

Derivative of Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Adoption of Ann as a birth name in 2015 was 9.4% more than the year before.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nn names: Adalynn, Addilynn, Adelynn, Aislinn, Aislynn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nn names: Ann, Ashlynn, Avalynn, Bethann

Var. of Hannah. From Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." Ann is frequently occurring (upper 1%) as a women's name, and exists often (upper 23%) as a surname. See also Amy.

Form of Anne. Based on Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Ann became more trendy in 2015, rising +52 rankings as a girls' name to reach #893. See also Annah.

Aoibheann, var. Aoibhinn
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Beautiful." Not Top 2000 names.

Var. of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from .. Arlynn is a sparsely used feminine name. See also Arlenne.

Ashlynn and variantsAshlynn2, var. Ashlinn, Ashelynn
Based on Irish, Gaelic. "Dream." Ashlynn, Ashlinn, etc. became less popular last year, falling -52 positions as girls' names with Ashlynn dropping the most.

Ava and variantsAvlynn, Avalynn
Var. of Ava. Of uncertain origin, probably German .. Usage of Avalynn and Avlynn as girls' names in 2015 was up 13.8% compared to the previous year.

Form of Aidan. Based on Gaelic language. "Fire." Outside Top 2000. See also Audene.

Beibhinn, var. Bebhinn
From Irish, Gaelic element. "White or fair lady." Beibhinn and Bebhinn are rare as children's names.

Var. of Bethany. Root fr. Hebrew word. Possibly means "house of figs" .. Bethann rose in popularity 55 years ago. See also Bethan.

Form of Brandilyn. Source fr. English. Combination of Brandy and Lynn. Not in popularity charts. See also Brendalynn.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -nn names for girls.

1. Adalynn - Brandalynn
Adelaide [Adelynn, ..], Adeline [Adelynn, ..], Aislinn [Ashlynn, ..], Alice [Alisann], Alison [Alysann, ..], Allena [Allynn, ..], Angela [Angelynn], Anthea [Ann], Anna [Ann], Ann, Hannah [Ann], Anne [Ann], Aoibheann [Aoibhinn], Arlene [Arlynn], Ashlynn [Ashlinn, ..], Ava [Avlynn, ..], Aidan [Aydenn], Beibhinn [Bebhinn], Bethany [Bethann], Brandilyn [Brandalynn]

Brandy [Brann], Breanna [Breighann, ..], Brianna [Bryann, ..], Brenda [Brenn, ..], Brenna [Brenn], Brina [Brynn, ..], Brittany [Brittlynn, ..], Brogan [Brogann], Bronwyn [Bronwynn], Brooke [Brooklynn], Bryn [Brynn], Brynn [Brinn], Caitlin [Katelynn, ..], Catherine [Katherynn, ..], Katherine [Kathrynn, ..], Callan [Calynn], Caoilainn [Caelainn, ..], Caroline [Karolynn, ..], Carol [Carolynn, ..], Carmen [Carmynn]

Carolyn [Karolynn, ..], Karen [Kerrynn, ..], Cecilia [Cecilyann], Cha- [Chalonn], Cherilyn [Sharilynn, ..], Charla [Charlynn], Charlene [Charlynn], Cheryl [Cherylynn, ..], Sheryl [Cherilynn, ..], Christiana [Kristiann, ..], Christina [Christinn], Crystal [Crystalynn, ..], Corey [Coriann], Corinna [Corynn, ..], Corinne [Corynn], Darlene [Darlinn], Daryl [Darrylynn], Daryn [Darynn], Davina [Davynn], Diana [Dyann, ..]

Deanna [Deeann, ..], Dee [Deeann], Devon [Devynn], Dora [Doralynn], Edlyn [Edlynn, ..], Erin [Erynn, ..], Ellen [Elynn], Emily [Emmalynn, ..], Emma [Emmalynn], Emeline [Emylynn], Erna [Ernalynn], Ethel [Ethlynn], Evelyn [Evlynn, ..], Gemma [Gemmalynn], Georgia [Georgyann, ..], Geri [Geralynn], Geraldine [Gerilynn, ..], Glenna [Glynn, ..], Grace [Gracelynn], Gudrun [Guthrunn, ..]

Gwendolen [Gwynn, ..], Guinevere [Gwynn, ..], Gwen [Gwynn, ..], Gwyn [Gwynn, ..], Hedwenn, Helen [Helenann], Hildegard [Hildegunn], Holly [Hollyann], Jacqueline [Jaquelynn, ..], Jaclyn [Jaclynn, ..], Jamie [Jaimelynn], Jana [Janalynn], Jan [Jann], Jazzlyn [Jazlynn, ..], Jasmine [Jazzmynn, ..], Jae [Jaylynn], Jenny [Jennyann, ..], Jennifer [Jenn], Jeralyn [Jerilynn], Jessie [Jesslynn, ..]

Jillian [Jilliann], Joanna [Joeann, ..], Jocelyn [Joslynn, ..], Joelle [Joelynn], Jo [Jolynn], Jolene [Jolynn], Johnna [Jonalynn], Jordan [Jordynn, ..], Joy [Joyann], Joyce [Joycelynn], Juliana [Julieann, ..], Julia [Juliann], Justine [Justinn], Kaylin [Kaylynn, ..], Kathleen [Kathlynn, ..], Kaitlin [Katelynn, ..], Cameron [Kamrynn], Kara [Kariann, ..], Carlene [Karlynn], Karolina [Karolynn]

Katelyn [Katlynn, ..], Kay [Kayann], Kelly [Kellyann], Kerry [Keriann], Kevina [Kevynn], Kirsten [Kirstynn, ..], Korina [Korynn], Kristen [Krystynn], Lacey [Lacyann, ..], Lauren [Lowrynn, ..], Leanna [Leeann, ..], Lexie [Lexann], Liana [Liann], Lillian [Lilyann, ..], Linden [Lindynn, ..], Linda [Lynn, ..], Logan [Logann], Lori [Lorilynn, ..], Luana [Luann, ..], Madeline [Madelynn, ..]

Lynn [Linn], May [Maelynn], Mandoline [Mandalynn], Marilyn [Marylynn, ..], Marcia [Marcilynn], Marianne [Maryann, ..], Mary [Maryann, ..], Marin [Marinn], Marlin [Marlinn, ..], Marlen [Marlynn], Maryann, Marian [Maryann], Marion [Maryonn], Megan [Meghann], Morgan [Morgann], Nancy [Nann], Noelle [Noelynn], Nolan [Nolynn], Olwen [Olwenn], Quinn

Rae [Raelynn, ..], Rayann [Raylynn, ..], Raina [Rayann], Raven [Rayvinn], Rhiannon [Rhiann], Ryan [Rynn, ..], Robin [Robynn], Rose [Rosalynn, ..], Rosalind [Rozalynn, ..], Rosalyn [Rozlynn, ..], Roseanne [Roseann], Roxanne [Roxann], Ruthann, Riane [Ryann], Sally [Sallyann], Sarah [Saralynn, ..], Sha- [Shalynn], Shayla [Shealynn, ..], Sherilyn [Sherylann, ..], Sharon [Sherynn]

Cheyenne [Shyann], Starla [Starlynn], Susan [Susann, ..], Susannah [Susann], Susanna [Susann], Tatiana [Taitiann, ..], Tara [Taralynn], Taryn [Tarynn], Terry [Terilynn, ..], Wynne [Wynn], Winifred [Wynn], Yannick [Yann], Zolynn

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