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Ona ending baby names and what they mean, with 102 results. -ona names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity during 1910-1919 (ADOPTION OF 0.4%) and are now significantly less widespread (ADOPTION 0.1%, 69%), with names like Mona becoming less trendy. Fiona (#219) is the most trendy baby name in this compilation, while Carmona (TOP 1%) and Bona (11%) are familiar -ona last names.

-ona names

Aarona - Barcelona | Bellona - Diona | Dona - Levona | Levona - Riona | Rona - Xylona | Yarona - Zona

Aarona - Barcelona

Arona, Aarona
Var. of Arnina. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Mountain of strength." Aariona is a somewhat common kid's name.

Origin fr. Greek language. "Destroyer." Uncommon. Abellona, like Abalina, ends with the androgynous -na.

Var. of Amelia. From Latin, Old German. "Rival, eager work." Unusual. Aimiliona (cf. Akilina, Aquilina) uses the unusual -na suffix.

Form of Alexandra. Stems fr. Greek word. "Man's defender." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Alastair. Root fr. Scottish, Greek words. "Man's defender." Outside Top 2000.

Alida and variantsAlldona, Aldona1
Forms of Alida. Derived fr. Latin element. "Small winged one." Common, and Aldona, Alldona are comparable to popular -ona last names Addona (TOP 60%), Adona (44%).

Root fr. Old German element. "Old." Aldona is unusual as a women's name. See also Alldonna.

Var. of Alda. Stems fr. Old German language. "Old, prosperous." A moderately offbeat birth name. See also Alona.

Var. of Elena. Origin fr. Greek element. "Sun ray." Alona is common as a baby name compared to other variant forms. See also Aline.

Alona and variantsAlona2, var. Ilona1, Elona, Allona
Based on Hebrew language. "Oak tree." Alona and Ilona are more generally used as birth names among these forms.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ona names: Aldona, Alona, Anona, Arizona, Ilona, Nona

Var. of Alana. Derivative of Old German, Hawaiian words. "Precious; awakening." Alona is common (upper 100%) as a female name. See also Alwyna.

Helen and variantsIlona2, Alyona
Forms of Helen. Source fr. Greek language. "Sun ray." Ilona is prevalent as a girls' name compared to Alyona.

Form of Anemone. From Greek. "Windflower." Aneona and Anmona are creative forms.

Anonna and variantsNona1, Anona1, Annona
Var. of Anonna. From Latin language. Name of the Roman goddess of .. Nona appears regularly (top 47%) as a surname.

Derivative of Latin. "Pineapple." Moderately novel as a birth name. See also Amina.

Nona2, Anona3
Var. of Anne. Source fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Nona is a commonly occurring (upper 20%) female name, whereas Anona is sparsely used.

Based on Hawaiian. "Embracing." Apana (TOP 41%), Apon (91%) are common surnames. See also Avena.

.. southwestern American state. Arizona is sparsely used as a female name, appearing commonly (top 86%) as a last name.

Source fr. Hebrew element. "Chestnut brown." Uncommon. Armona (compare Allina, Arleena) ends with -na. See also Armani.

Geography name .. Rather quirky as a baby name, Barcelona is used more often as a last name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ona names for girls.

1. Aarona - Barcelona
Arnina [Arona, ..], Abellona, Amelia [Aimiliona], Alexandra [Alastriona], Alastair [Alastriona], Alida [Alldona, ..], Aldona, Alda [Aldona], Elena [Alona], Alona [Ilona, ..], Alana [Alona], Helen [Ilona, ..], Anemone [Anemona], Anonna [Nona, ..], Anona, Anne [Nona, ..], Apona, Arizona, Armona, Barcelona

Bellona [Belona, ..], Bertrona, Breanna [Breona], Brionna [Briona], Catherine [Riona, ..], Katherine [Katriona, ..], Caitlin [Catriona], Katrina [Katriona, ..], Catriona [Katriona, ..], Chazona [Hazona], Chermona [Hermona], Cleopatra [Cleona], Cliona [Cleona], Corona, Christina [Cristiona], Deanna [Deona], Desdemona [Desmona], Devon [Devona], Dimona [Demona], Dionne [Diona]

Dona, Donna [Dona], Donalda [Dona], Dorona, Eifiona, Eila [Eilona], Euron [Euriona], Felicia [Feliciona], Fiona [Fyona, ..], Halcyone [Halcyona], Idona, Ilona [Yllona, ..], Iona, Ja- [Javona], Je- [Jerona], Yonina [Yona, ..], Kiana [Kiona, ..], Latona, Leona [Leeona], Levana [Levona]

Levona, Loni [Lona], Madonna [Madona], Matriona, Meiriona, Merona [Merrona, ..], Mona, Monica [Mona], Nona, Agnes [Oona], Oona, Una [Oona], Pomona, Quintina [Quintona], Ramona [Romona, ..], Rae [Rayona], Rhona, Rimona, Riona, Regina [Riona]

Rona [Rhona], Sedona [Sadona], Sharon [Sharona], Shavonne [Shavona], Simone [Symona, ..], Sheena [Shiona], Shona, Sophronia [Sophrona, ..], Sidonia [Sydona], Ta- [Talona], Te- [Teona], Tiana [Tiona], Antonia [Tona], Toni [Tona], Verona [Varona], Veronica [Verona], Vianna [Viona], Wilona, Winona [Wynona, ..], Xylia [Xylona]

Yarona, Zona

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