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Ssa ending baby names and what they mean, with 124 results. -ssa names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the top of their popularity during 1970-1979 (usage of 3.14%) and are now much less popular (usage 0.69%, 78%), with names like Karissa becoming less in vogue. Janessa (#721), Jessa (#546) and Tessa (#209) are three of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns in this compilation, while Manassa (top 49%) and Lessa (32%) are popular -ssa surnames.

-ssa names

Agnessa - Beeatrissa | Bellissa - Clarissa | Clarissa - Jalessa | Janessa - Larissa | Lissa - Odessa | Orssa - Tossa | Trissa - Vanessa

Agnessa - Beeatrissa

Agnes and variantsAgnessa, Anessa1, Anissa1, Inessa, Nessa
Var. of Agnes. Derivative of Greek element. "Pure, holy." Adessa is also a marginally prominent kid's name.

Var. of Alexis. Source fr. Greek language. "Defender." Popular, and Alessa is similar to common last names Adessa (top 74%), Assa (71%), which also end with -ssa. See also Alyss.

Form of Alessandra. From Greek. Italian and Spanish form of Alexandra. Not widespread. Alessa is not found in the US Census. See also Allisa.

Alisa and variantsAlissa1, Allissa1, Alyssa1
Var. of Alisa. From Hebrew. "Great happiness." Usage of Alissa and variants as children's names in 2015 was 73.4% less than a decade ago.

Alicia and variantsAlissa2, Alyssa2
Forms of Alicia. Derived fr. Old German word. "Noble, exalted." Usage of Alissa and Alyssa as birth names in 2015 was down 20.8% compared to the previous year.

Alice and variantsAlissa3, Allissa2, Allyssa1, Alyssa3, Elissa, Ellissa, Ilyssa1, Illyssa, Lissa1, Lyssa1
Forms of Alice. Based on Old German word. "Noble, exalted." Alissa, Allissa, Allyssa, Alyssa, Elissa, Lissa and Lyssa are more prevalent as girls' names among the versions of Alice.

Var. of Alexandra. Origin fr. Greek element. "Man's defender." Allessa is not in the Top 2000. See also Allyssa.

Alyssa and variantsAlyssa4, var. Alissa4, Allissa3, Allyssa2, Illissa, Ilyssa2, Lissa2, Lyssa2
Based on Greek element. "Rational." Alissa, Allissa, Allyssa, Alyssa, Lissa and Lyssa are more commonly used as girls' names among these versions.

Form of Amaris. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Promised by God." Unique, with the unusual -issa suffix for Amarissa, like Amissa, Anissa.

Form of Amisa. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Companion, friend." Not Top 2000 name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ssa names: Alessa, Alissa, Allissa, Allyssa, Alyssa

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ssa names: Anessa, Anissa, Anyssa, Elissa, Lissa, Lyssa

Analissa, Analyssa, Annalissa, Annissa1
Forms of Annalisa. Derived fr. Latin word. "Graced with God's bounty." Analissa, Annalissa, etc. are not in the Top 2000.

Annis and variantsAnessa2, Anissa2, Anyssa
Forms of Annis. Derivative of Greek word. "Satisfaction." Less widespread today. Anissa was the form last recorded (2013) in the Top 2000.

Form of Anice. Root fr. Greek. "Satisfaction." Used somewhat widely as a baby name, Anissa is similar to the conventional Alissa. See also Anyssa.

Form of Anne. Derivative of Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Adoption of Anissa was widespread among parents 22 years ago, but now, Anissa has become somewhat dated. See also Amissa.

Var. of Anisa. Origin fr. Arabic, Persian, Iranian elements. "Pleasant companion; like love." Scarce as a baby name, but Annissa is comparable to the more common Annis.

Form of Arlise. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Pledge." Arlissa is an unusual women's name. See also Alissa.

Var. of Arnelle. From American word. Invented name based on Arnold. Ainessa and Arnesda are creative forms. See also Agnessa.

Var. of Astrid. Stems fr. Old Norse word. "Beautiful goddess." Compare last names Assam (top 72%), Assad (13%). See also Aisha.

Form of Audrey. Derivative of Old English element. "Noble strength." Audessa is not in the Top 2000.

Form of Beatrice. Source fr. Latin element. "Voyager (through life); blessed." Not Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ssa names for girls.

1. Agnessa - Beeatrissa
Agnes [Nessa, ..], Alexis [Alessa], Alessandra [Alessa], Alisa [Alyssa, ..], Alicia [Alyssa, ..], Alice [Lyssa, ..], Alexandra [Allessa], Alyssa [Lyssa, ..], Amaris [Amarissa], Amisa [Amissa], Annalisa [Annissa, ..], Annis [Anyssa, ..], Anice [Anissa], Anne [Anissa], Anisa [Annissa], Arlise [Arlissa], Arnelle [Arnessa], Astrid [Assa], Audrey [Audessa], Beatrice [Beeatrissa]

Bella [Bellissa], Bernadette [Bernessa], Berenice [Bernessa], Brisa [Bryssa, ..], Calista [Calyssa, ..], Charis [Karissa, ..], Caresse [Carressa, ..], Charity [Charissa, ..], Carissa [Kharissa, ..], Carla [Carlissa], Cerise [Cerissa], Charissa [Kharissa], Chessa, Christine [Chrissa], Christina [Chrissa], Christy [Crissa, ..], Christa [Chryssa], Claire [Klarissa, ..], Clarice [Klarissa, ..], Clarissa [Klarissa, ..]

Clara [Clarissa], Concepcion [Conchissa], Cora [Koryssa, ..], Cressida [Cressa], Dalmace [Dalmassa], Da- [Danessa], Dara [Darissa], Delicia [Delyssa, ..], Denise [Denissa], Dessa, Elissa [Lyssa, ..], Elizabeth [Lyssa, ..], Elise [Elyssa, ..], Elsa [Elssa], Fidelity [Fidessa], Flora [Floressa], Genesis [Genessa], Hadassah [Hadassa], Inez [Inessa], Ja- [Jalissa, ..]

Janessa [Jannessa, ..], Janice [Janessa], Jane [Janessa], Je- [Jeressa, ..], Jenessa [Jinessa, ..], Jenny [Jennessa], Jessica [Jessa], Jessie [Jessa], Jo [Jonessa, ..], Julia [Julissa], Julissa [Julyssa], Ka- [Katessa, ..], Karissa [Karyssa, ..], Klarissa [Klaryssa], Klara [Klaryssa, ..], Kora [Koryssa, ..], Krista [Kryssa, ..], Lucretia [Lacrissa], La- [Lanessa], Larissa [Lyssa, ..]

Millicent [Lissa], Lissa [Lyssa], Lynette [Lynessa], Marquise [Marquessa, ..], Marisa [Maressa], Marissa [Morissa, ..], Maris [Marissa, ..], Marlisa [Marlyssa, ..], Maureen [Maurissa], Melissa [Molissa, ..], Mona [Monalissa], Morisa [Morissa], Narcissa [Narsissa, ..], Nerine [Neryssa, ..], Nerissa [Neryssa, ..], Nessie [Nessa], Nissa [Nyssa], Nora [Norissa], Nysa [Nyssa], Odessa [Odyssa, ..]

Orsa [Orssa], Paris [Parissa], Princess [Principessa, ..], Quintina [Quintessa], Raisa [Raissa], Ranae [Ranessa], Sarah [Sarissa], Sha- [Shanessa], Sharise [Sharissa], Cherise [Sherissa], Sherry [Sherissa], Sherisa [Sherissa], Ta- [Talyssa], Tasha [Tassa], Theresa [Tressa, ..], Teresa [Tressa, ..], Tessa, Thalassa [Talassa], Tossa, Theodosia [Tossa]

Tricia [Trissa], Turkessa [Turquissa, ..], Ulyssa [Ulissa], Vanessa [Vonnessa, ..]

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