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Y ending baby names and what they mean, with 714 results. The most trendy birth names here are Aubrey (#21), Hadley (#102), Kennedy (#57), Paisley (#45) and Zoey (#23), while Tinsley (top 1%) and Eby (3%) are conventional -y last names. Here is the list of -y names for boys.

Abbey - Ally | Ally - Arly | Ashantay - Berty | Berty - Bonny | Bradley - Cady | Cady - Carly | .. - .. | Wally - Zureidy

Abbey - Ally

Abigail and variantsAbbey, Abby
Var. of Abigail. Root fr. Hebrew element. "Father of exaltation." Abrey is also a moderately common baby name.

Var. of Adalia. Derivative of Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is my refuge; noble one." Uncommon, but Adalley is comparable to common surnames Adderley (upper 17%), Apsley (66%), with the -ley suffix. See also Adley.

Adelaide and variantsAddey, Addy1, Adey1, Ady, Lady, Delly, Laidey
Forms of Adelaide. Source fr. Old German. "Noble kind." Addey, Addy, Adey, Ady and Delly are more rarefied as birth names among the variations of Adelaide.

Form of Addie. Source fr. Old German, Old English. "Noble; son of Adam." Addy is unconventional as a female name, appearing frequently (top 8%) as a last name. Cross-gender use.

Addy3, Adey2
Var. of Ada. Derived fr. Old German element. "Noble." Addy (top 8%) and Adey (35%) appear often as surnames.

Var. of Adlai. Root fr. Hebrew language. "God is just." Also a boys' name. Adley has surged in prominence since 1880-1889.

Adoray, Dorry, Dory
Forms of Adora. Derived fr. Greek, Old German, Latin elements. "A gift; beloved; adored." Dorry (upper 43%) and Dory (18%) occur regularly as surnames.

Form of Aphra. .. Also possibly from the Latin name .. Affear and Afry are creative variations. See also Avery.

Var. of Afra. From Hebrew, Arabic languages. "Young deer; color of earth." Affery is not a Top 2000 name. See also Avery.

Aggy1, Agy1
Var. of Agatha. Based on Greek. "Good, honorable." Aggy and Agy were not among 2015's Top names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -y names: Abbey, Abby, Adley, Ainsley, Ally

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -y names: Amey, Ansley, Lady, Lexy, Sandy

Aggy2, Agy2, Nessy
Var. of Agnes. Derived fr. Greek word. "Pure, holy." Aggy, Agy and Nessy are unique as baby names.

Form of Aileen. Source fr. Norman word. Scottish variant of Eileen, which possibly .. Seldom used as a birth name, Ailey is found more often as a last name. See also Alle.

Aimee and variantsAimey, Amey
Var. of Aimee. Based on Old French, Latin words. "Beloved." Aimey is unusual as a baby name among the variations of Aimee.

Ainsley and variantsAinsley, var. Ansley, Aynsley
Based on Old English. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Ainsley, Aynsley, etc. became less trendy in 2015, falling -5 positions as children's names with Ainsley dropping the most.

Var. of Alba. Root fr. Latin element. "White." Alby is irregularly used as a given name, registering often (top 51%) as a surname. Gender-neutral name.

Alby2, Alvy, Elvy
Forms of Ailbhe. From Irish, Gaelic. "White." Alay (upper 88%), Aldy (61%) are conventional last names.

Allie and variantsAley, Alley, Ally1
Forms of Allie. .. Actress Ally Walker. Ally is a Top 2000 baby name.

Alfy, Allfry, Allfy, Freddy, Fredy
Forms of Alfreda. Derived fr. Old German, Old English languages. "Elf or magical counsel." Not in popularity charts.

Alexandra and variantsAlly2, Lesy, Lexy, Sandy
Var. of Alexandra. Based on Greek. "Man's defender." Used widely as baby names, Ally, Sandy, etc. are similar to the familiar Mandy.

Var. of Alice. Root fr. Old German. "Noble, exalted." Ally is a scarcely used female name, occurring frequently (top 13%) as a last name. See also Aliya.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -y names for girls.

1. Abbey - Ally
Abigail [Abby, ..], Adalia [Adalley], Adelaide [Laidey, ..], Addie [Addy], Ada [Adey, ..], Adlai [Adley], Adora [Dory, ..], Aphra [Affery], Afra [Affery], Agatha [Agy, ..], Agnes [Nessy, ..], Aileen [Ailey], Aimee [Amey, ..], Ainsley [Aynsley, ..], Alba [Alby], Ailbhe [Elvy, ..], Allie [Ally, ..], Alfreda [Fredy, ..], Alexandra [Sandy, ..], Alice [Ally]

Alison [Ally], Alberta [Berty, ..], Amalfi [Amalfey], Amelia [Milly, ..], Amanda [Mandy, ..], Amberly [Amberly, ..], Amity, Amy [Aimy], Anastasia [Stacy, ..], Andrea [Andy], Anika [Anecky], Angela [Angy], Annemae [Annamay], Anne [Netty, ..], Ansley, Antonia [Tony, ..], Araceli [Aricelly, ..], Aurelia [Arely], Arcelia [Aricelly], Arlene [Arly]

Ashanti [Ashantay], Ashby, Ashley [Ashly, ..], Aubrey [Aubury, ..], Audrey [Audry], Avery, Bailey [Bayly, ..], Bambi [Bamby], Barbara [Bonny, ..], Bernice [Bunny, ..], Bay, Rebecca [Rivy, ..], Becky, Benita [Binny, ..], Bernadette [Berny, ..], Bentley [Bently], Bertha [Birdy, ..], Beryl [Berry], Berry, Gilberte [Gilly, ..]

Roberta [Robby, ..], Bess [Bessy], Elizabeth [Tetty, ..], Bethany [Bethzy, ..], Betsy [Betsey], Betty [Betsy, ..], Beverly [Verly, ..], Bianca [Bianey], Biddy, Bridget [Bridy, ..], Wilhelmina [Willy, ..], Billie [Billy], Belinda [Lindy, ..], Bird [Birdey], Bizzy, Blake [Blakeny, ..], Blanche [Blinny], Blondell [Blondy], Bonnie [Bunny, ..], Bonita [Bonny]

Bradley [Bradly], Brady, Brandy [Brantley, ..], Brisa [Breezy], Brett [Brettany], Briley [Bryly, ..], Brianna [Briny, ..], Brinley, Britney [Brittney], Brittany [Bryttney, ..], Bronwyn [Bronny], Brooke [Brooky], Bryony [Briony], Buffy, Bunny, Bunty, Burgandy, Caroline [Cary, ..], Candace [Kandy, ..], Cady [Kady, ..]

Cadence [Cady], Kalila [Kaly, ..], Cayla [Kayley, ..], Catherine [Kitty, ..], Katherine [Kitty, ..], Caitlin [Caity], Calantha [Cally, ..], Callie [Kaly, ..], Calandra [Cally, ..], Calista [Kally, ..], Kallista [Kally, ..], Camilla [Milly, ..], Kandace [Kandy, ..], Candida [Candy], Candy [Kandy], Carol [Cary, ..], Carrie [Cary, ..], Carey [Cary, ..], Carla [Carly, ..], Carly [Karly, ..]

Charlotte [Sherry, ..], Carmel [Carmy], Carondelet [Carondalay], Cara [Karry, ..], Acacia [Kassy, ..], Cassandra [Sandy, ..], Casey [Kaysy, ..], Cassie [Kasy, ..], Cassidy [Kassodey, ..], Cass [Cassy], Kate [Katey, ..], Cathy [Kathy], Kaylee [Kaylley, ..], Cecilia [Sissy, ..], Cecily [Sissy, ..], Celeste [Celesley], Chandra [Chandy], Chaney [Chayney, ..], Chantal [Shantay, ..], Chante [Chantay]

Charmaine [Charamy], Chardonnay [Chardonay], Charity [Sharity, ..], Charlie [Charly, ..], Charla [Charly], Chasity [Chassy, ..], Chastity [Chasty, ..], Chelsea [Chelsy, ..], Cha- [Chenay], Cher [Sherry, ..], Cherry [Chery, ..], Chesleigh [Chessley, ..], Chesney [Chessney], Chessa [Chessy], Chiquita [Chicky], Christina [Tiny, ..], Christy [Krysty, ..], Christine [Kirsty, ..], Chrissie [Krisy, ..], Cicely [Sissy, ..]

Cinderella [Cindy], Cynthia [Syndy, ..], Cindy [Syndy, ..], Lucinda [Cindy], Hyacinth [Sinty, ..], Claire [Clary, ..], Claramae [Claramay], Clarissa [Clarry], Clara [Clarry], Claudia [Claudy, ..], Clemence [Clemency], Clementine [Clemmy, ..], Chloe [Khloey, ..], Cloudy, Cluny, Cody [Kody, ..], Colleen [Colly, ..], Nicole [Nikky, ..], Columba [Colly], Constance [Konny, ..]

Conradine [Conny], Coral [Coraly], Cordelia [Cordy, ..], Cora [Korry, ..], Kora [Korey, ..], Corey [Kory, ..], Corliss [Corly, ..], Coralie [Cory], Courtney [Quartney, ..], Cressida [Cressy], Cyra [Cy], Cydney [Cidney], Darcie [Darsey, ..], Dabney [Dabny], Dacey [Daisey, ..], Daphne [Daphney, ..], Dagny, Daisy [Daizy, ..], Dale [Daly], Dana [Daney, ..]

Danae [Donnay, ..], Danielle [Dany, ..], Daenerys [Dany], Danna [Dany], Darby [Darrby, ..], Darlene [Darlenny], Da- [Dashay], Daveney, Davina [Davy], Day, Deborah [Debby, ..], Delancey [Delancy], Delaney [Delany, ..], Adeline [Delly], Delma [Delmy], Denise [Dinny, ..], Derry, Desiree [Deziray, ..], De- [Deshay], Destiny [Destiney]

Devany [Devony, ..], Devora [Devery], Deirdre [Diedrey], Dimity [Dimitey], Dodie [Dody, ..], Dora [Dory, ..], Dolly [Dolley], Donna [Donny], Dorcey [Dorsey], Eudora [Dorey], Dorothy [Dotty, ..], Doris [Dory, ..], Dorsey [Dorsay], Doria [Dory], Dory, Eudocia [Doxy], Drusilla [Drisy, ..], Dulce [Dulcy], Dusty, Earla [Earley]

Ebony [Ebonny, ..], Edna [Eddy], Edith [Edy], Euphemia [Fanny, ..], Effie [Effy, ..], Eilidh [Eiley], Eileen [Eily, ..], Eiry, Ellamae [Ellamay], Helen [Nelly, ..], Ellie [Elly], Ella [Elly], Ellen [Nelly, ..], Eleanor [Nelly, ..], Elodie [Elody], Elsie [Elsy], Elsa [Elsy], Elva [Elvy], Emily [Milly, ..], Emmy

Emma [Emmy], Esme [Esmay], Esther [Hetty, ..], Estefany, Henrietta [Hetty, ..], Etta [Etty], Hester [Hetty, ..], Euronwy, Evadne [Evadney], Evania [Evanny], Evanthe [Evanthey], Eve [Evy, ..], Evonne [Evony], Frances [Franny, ..], Fancy, Fanny [Fanney], Fay [Fey, ..], Faith [Fay], Felicity, Felicia [Felicity]

Fernley [Fernly], Fiby, Fidelity, Flana [Flannery, ..], Florence [Flossy, ..], Flora [Flory, ..], Fortney [Fortny], Fran [Franny], Frederica [Rikky, ..], Elfrida [Freddy], Winifred [Fredy, ..], Gabrielle [Gaby], Gae [Gay], Gay, Genevieve [Jenny, ..], Genna [Jenny, ..], Jennifer [Jenny, ..], Guinevere [Winny, ..], Georgia [Georgy], Georgina [Georgy]

Geraldine [Jerry, ..], Gertrude [Trudy, ..], Gilly, Gillian [Gilly], Ginny [Jinny, ..], Virginia [Virgy, ..], Gloria [Glory, ..], Goldie [Goldy], Golda [Goldy], Grace [Gracey], Griselda [Griselly, ..], Gwendolen [Wendy, ..], Gypsy [Gipsy, ..], Hadley [Hedly, ..], Haley [Hayley, ..], Hallie [Halley], Halle [Halley], Haralda [Hally, ..], Hannah [Nanny, ..], Hania [Hany]

Happy, Harley [Harly, ..], Harmony [Harmoney], Harriet [Hatty, ..], Hayley [Hally, ..], Heaven [Heavenly], Hedy, Hedwig [Hedy], Hedda [Hedy], Heidi [Heidy, ..], Hephzibah [Hepsy, ..], Mehitabel [Hitty, ..], Hilary [Hilly, ..], Hildegard [Hildy], Hilda [Hildy], Brunhilda [Hildy], Halleli [Hilly], Holiday [Holliday, ..], Holly [Holley], Honesty

Honey, Haidee [Hyday], Iris [Iridianny], Isla [Islay], Isabel [Izzy, ..], Ivory, Ivy [Ivey], Jacinda [Jacy, ..], Jacey [Jacy], Jackie [Jacquey, ..], Jacobina [Jacky], Jacqueline [Jacky], Jade [Jady], Jamie [Jamey, ..], Jaime [Jamey], Janae [Jennay, ..], Jane [Jany, ..], Janelle [Janely], Jana [Janny], Jay [Jey]

Jazzlyn [Jazzy], Jemima [Jemmy], Janice [Jency], Jennie [Jenny, ..], Jenny [Jinny], Genista [Jenny], Jerrie [Jery, ..], Jeremia [Jerry], Jasmine [Jessamy], Jessica [Jessy, ..], Jessie [Jessy, ..], Jill [Jilly], Jinny, Joby [Jobey], Jody [Jodey], Judith [Judy, ..], Joelle [Joely, ..], Jolie [Joly, ..], Josephine [Josy, ..], Johnna [Jonay]

Julie [Jully, ..], Jordan [Jorry, ..], Joy, Judy [Judey], Julia [Juley], Justine [Justy], Kacie [Kasey, ..], Kady, Kallie [Kally], Karla [Karly, ..], Kara [Kary], Kassie [Kassy, ..], Kasey, Kassidy, Katie [Katy, ..], Kathy [Kathey, ..], Kay, Caoimhe [Keavy], Keely [Keylley, ..], Kelby [Kelbey]

Kelly [Kelley], Kelsey [Kelsy, ..], Kempley [Kemply], Kennedy, Kenzie [Kenzy], Kerry [Kerrey], Kezia [Kizzy, ..], Kylie [Kyley, ..], Krista [Kristy, ..], Kiley, Kimberly [Kymbrely, ..], Kim [Kimy, ..], Kinsey [Kinnsey], Kirby, Kirsty, Kirsten [Kirsty], Kitty [Kittey], Kizzy, Kori [Kory, ..], Kourtney [Kortney]

Kristen [Krissy], Lacey [Laisey, ..], La- [Laray, ..], Lady [Laidy, ..], Laila [Laily], Elaine [Layney, ..], Lane [Laney, ..], Lainey [Laney], Eulalia [Lally], Lallie [Lally], Lalage [Lally], Laine [Laney], Langley, Lana [Lanny], Alana [Lanny], Lassie [Lassey], Leslie [Lezley, ..], Letitia [Letty], Aleta [Letty], Alexis [Lexy]

Libby [Liby, ..], Liberty, Lillian [Lily, ..], Lily [Lilly, ..], Linda [Lyndy, ..], Lindsay [Lynzy, ..], Melinda [Mandy, ..], Elissa [Lissy], Livia [Livy, ..], Olivia [Livvy], Laura [Lory, ..], Esmeralda [Lolly], Lora [Lory, ..], Karlotta [Lottey], Lottie [Lotty], Love [Lovey, ..], Lucy, Lundy, Lyndsey [Lynsey, ..], Lynn [Lynley]

Mackenzie [Mackenzey], Macy [Maicy, ..], Madeline [Mady, ..], Maida [Maydey, ..], Maery, Magali [Magaly, ..], Maggie [Maguy, ..], Magnolia [Maggy], Margaret [Peggy, ..], Maisie [Mazey, ..], Majesta [Majesty], Melanie [Melloney, ..], Mallory [Malory, ..], Manda [Mandy], Mandy, Marcy [Marsey, ..], Marcia [Marcy], Marcella [Marcy], Margery [Marjy, ..], Marjorie [Marjy, ..]

Marlee [Marley], Marlene [Marley], Marmara [Marney], Marni [Marney], Martha [Marty, ..], Martina [Marty], Mary [Polly, ..], Matilda [Tilly, ..], Maxine [Maxy], Maia [May], May, Mckayla [Mckay], Megan [Meggy], Melissa [Missy, ..], Millicent [Milly, ..], Melody [Melodey], Mercy [Mersey, ..], Merry [Merrily], Meredith [Merry], Michaela [Micky, ..]

Mildred [Milly], Mindy, Minna [Minny], Aminta [Minty], Minta [Minty], Missy, Misty, Mitzi [Mitzy], Modesty, Molly [Molley], Monet [Monay], Nadia [Nady], Nan [Nanny, ..], Nancy [Nansey, ..], Natalie [Natty, ..], Cornelia [Nelly, ..], Neila [Neely], Nelly [Nelley], Nelsey [Nelsy, ..], Nerola [Neroly]

Vanessa [Nessy], Nanette [Netty], Antoinette [Tony, ..], Nettie [Netty], Nikki [Nikky, ..], Normandie [Normandy, ..], Nora [Norry], Honor [Norry], Paisley, Pamela [Pammy], Pansy [Pansey], Patricia [Patty, ..], Hypatia [Patsy], Paula [Polly, ..], Peachy, Peggy, Penelope [Penny, ..], Penny [Penney], Peony, Pepita [Peppy]

Pearl [Perley], Perry [Perrey], Phoebe [Phoebey, ..], Philippa [Pippy, ..], Pippa [Pippy], Polly [Polley], Poppy, Posy [Posey], Priscilla [Prissy], Prudence [Prudy], Purity, Quenby [Quinby], Quinn [Quincy, ..], Quincey [Quinsy, ..], Raleigh [Rawley, ..], Raina [Reyney, ..], Ramsay [Ramsey], Renata [Rennay, ..], Renee [Renny, ..], Miranda [Randy]

Randy, Rae [Ray], Ray, Rachel [Shelly, ..], Remy [Rhemy, ..], Rene [Reney], Rey, Rhoda [Rhody], Rose [Rozy, ..], Rickie [Rikky, ..], Erica [Rikky, ..], Rica [Ricky], Riley [Ryley, ..], Ripley, Riva [Rivy], Robin [Robby, ..], Romney, Romy, Ronni [Ronny, ..], Veronica [Ronny]

Roanna [Ronny], Aurora [Rory], Rosalie [Rozely, ..], Rosae [Rosey, ..], Rosemary [Rozmary, ..], Roxanne [Roxy, ..], Ruby [Rubey], Rylee [Ryley], Sabina [Sabiny], Sadie [Saidey], Sarah [Sarrey, ..], Sally [Salley], Salome [Salomey], Samantha [Sammey, ..], Sandy, Sandra [Sandy], Sanny, Selby [Selbey], Serenity, Serena [Serenity]

Sesame [Sesamey], Sha- [Sharay, ..], Shanae [Shanay], Shaneika [Shantey, ..], Shandy [Shandey], Shannon [Shandy], Shanelle [Shanilly, ..], Shantelle [Shantay], Shanti [Shantay], Cherie [Shery, ..], Sharde [Sharday], Sharlene [Sharly], Shawna [Shawntay, ..], Shawnacy [Shawnessy, ..], Shawnee [Shawney], Shea [Shay], Shelby [Shellby, ..], Shelley [Shelly, ..], Rochelle [Shelly, ..], Shera [Sheray]

Sherry [Sherrey, ..], Sharon [Sherry], Shirley [Shirly, ..], Sicily [Sicilly], Sidney [Sideny, ..], Sidonia [Sidony], Signa [Signy], Sigourney, Silver [Silverey], Silvia [Silvy], Sissy [Sissey, ..], Sivney, Skye [Sky], Sophia [Sophy, ..], Soki [Sokey], Eustacia [Stacy, ..], Stacy [Tacy, ..], Stephanie [Stevey, ..], Stormy, Susan [Suzy, ..]

Sukey [Suky], Sunny, Susannah [Suzy, ..], Susanna [Suzy, ..], Swanhild [Swanny], Sydney [Sidney, ..], Tabitha [Tabby, ..], Tacy [Tacey], Taffy, Tallulah [Tally, ..], Thalia [Tally, ..], Talicia [Tally, ..], Tally [Talley], Tamara [Tammy, ..], Tammy [Tammey], Tandy [Thandy, ..], Tansy [Tanzey, ..], Tasha [Tashey], Octavia [Tavy], Tawny [Tawney, ..]

Theodora [Teodory, ..], Theresa [Tracy, ..], Teresa [Tessy, ..], Terry [Terrey], Tessa [Tessy], Tiberia [Tibby], Tierney, Tiffany [Tyffany, ..], Tilda [Tilly, ..], Timothea [Timmey], Tina [Tiny], Toby [Tobey, ..], Thomasina [Tommy], Toni [Tony, ..], Tori [Tory, ..], Victoria [Vikky, ..], Tracy [Treasey, ..], Trelane [Trelaney], Trilby [Trillby, ..], Trinity [Trinitey]

Beatrice [Trixy], Trixie [Trixy], Ermintrude [Trudy], Trudy [Trudey], Truth [Truly, ..], Tuesday, Tully, Unity [Unitey], Ursula [Ursy, ..], Valerie [Valry, ..], Valley, Valentina [Vally], Valora [Valory], Evangeline [Vangy], Vanity, Verity [Verety], Vivian [Vevay], Vicky [Vikky, ..], Elvina [Vinny], Alvina [Vinny]

Wallis [Wally], Wanda [Wendy, ..], Waverly [Waverley], Wendy [Windy, ..], Whitley [Whittley], Whitney [Whittney, ..], Gwyneth [Winny], Wynne [Winny], Yancey [Yancy], Iolanthe [Yolley], Zandra [Zandy], Zara [Zary], Zoe [Zooey, ..], Zureidy

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