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Ya ending baby names and what they mean, with 255 results. -ya names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names reached its apex 6 years ago (usage of 1.09%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 1.02%, 5.8%), but with names such as Latoya becoming somewhat dated. The trendier names for newborns among these are Arya (#201), Freya (#417), Amaya (#212), Ariya (#692) and Anaya (#405), while Andaya (top 18%) and Paya (66%) are conventional -ya surnames. Here is the list of -ya names for boys.

-ya names

Aanya - Annsonya | Antalya - Brya | Carmanya - Danya | Danya - Fanya | Fenya - Hadiya | Halleliya - Kasya | .. - .. | Vidonya - Zoya

Aanya - Annsonya

Aanya and variantsAanya, var. Anya1
Root fr. Sanskrit, Hindi elements. "Inexhaustibility; other, another person." Aaniya is also a marginally prominent baby name.

Form of Agatha. Source fr. Greek language. "Good, honorable." Unusual, but Agafiya is comparable to common last names Awaya (top 99%), Araya (9%), with the -ya suffix.

Var. of Alaia. Stems fr. Arabic, Hebrew, Basque. "Exalted, sublime; to ascend; joyful." Alaya has increased in popularity as a children's name since 1880-1889. See also Alya.

Form of Alegra. Based on Latin language. "Cheerful." Alegrya is unusual as a baby name.

Aliya and variantsAliya, var. Aaliya
Root fr. Hebrew word. "Exalted, sublime." Aliya and Aaliya became less popular last year, falling -65 rankings as baby names with Aliya leading the fall.

Alya1, var. Aalya
From Arabic element. "Sublime." Aalya and Alya are intermittently used as first names.

Form of Alla. .. Also a short form for Al .. Not in Top 2000. See also Alys.

Amaliya, Amalya, Ameliya, Amelya
Var. of Amelia. Stems fr. Latin, Old German elements. "Rival, eager work." Adaliya and Arliya are creative forms.

Based on Basque, Japanese elements. "The end; night rain." Amaya became more popular in 2015, gaining +25 positions as a children's name to reach #212. See also Anaya.

Var. of Ambrosine. Source fr. Greek element. "Immortal." Not in Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ya names: Aanya, Alaya, Aliya, Amaya, Amiya

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ya names: Amya, Anaya, Aniya, Anya

Amiliya, Amilya
Forms of Amilia. Stems fr. Latin element. "Amiable." Not in popularity charts.

Possibly derived from the Sanskrit word .. Amiya has surged in popularity since 1880-1889. See also Amina.

Form of Amy. Derived fr. Old French, Latin languages. "Beloved." A conventional girls' name.

Based on Old French, Latin words. "Beloved." Popularly used, with usage of 0.013% for Amya as a birth name in 2015, but lower than 0.014% the year before. See also Ame.

Anastasia and variantsAnastasiya, Anya2, Nastassiya, Nastassya, Nastya, Stasya, Stasiya, Tasiya, Tasya
Var. of Anastasia. Stems fr. Greek. "Resurrection." Adoption of Anastasiya, Nastassya, etc. as girls' names in 2015 was 15.6% less than a year ago.

Form of Anatolia. Source fr. Greek. "Break of day." Not that common as a birth name.

Anaya and variantsAnaya, var. Enaya
Root fr. Arabic language. "Care, protection." Used frequently as birth names, Anaya and Enaya are similar to the conventional Anahi.

Var. of Andrea. Root fr. Greek element. "Manly, virile." Andreya is rare as a first name.

Var. of Ania. Origin fr. Polish, Slavic elements. "He (God) has favored me." Aniya became less popular last year, falling -47 positions as a baby name to reach #595. See also Anaya.

Annsonya, Ansonya
Forms of Ansonia. .. Possibly means son of Ann or .. Outside Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ya names for girls.

1. Aanya - Annsonya
Aanya [Anya], Agatha [Agafiya], Alaia [Alaya], Alegra [Alegrya], Aliya [Aaliya], Alya [Aalya], Alla [Alya], Amelia [Amelya, ..], Amaya, Ambrosine [Ambrosiya], Amilia [Amilya, ..], Amiya, Amy [Amya], Amya, Anastasia [Tasya, ..], Anatolia [Anatolya], Anaya [Enaya], Andrea [Andreya], Ania [Aniya], Ansonia [Ansonya, ..]

Antalya [Antaliya], Anthemia [Anthemya], Anthea [Antheya], Antonia [Tonya, ..], Anya [Inya, ..], Anne [Asya, ..], Aria [Ariya], Arya, Asia [Asya], Athanasia [Atanasya], Eudocia [Avdotya], Aya, Batya [Bitya], Bathsheba [Batya], Barbara [Berbya, ..], Blasia [Blasya], Brittania [Brittanya], Bronya, Bronwyn [Bronya], Briar [Brya]

Carmel [Carmiya, ..], Cecilia [Sisiliya, ..], Alexandra [Lesya, ..], Celena [Cesya], Hania [Hannya, ..], Chantal [Chantoya], Chanya, Hava [Haya, ..], Chava [Haya, ..], Chaya, Clementine [Clementya], Constance [Constantya], Cornelia [Kornelya, ..], Crescent [Cressentya], Cynthia [Synthya, ..], Donna [Donya, ..], Dalia [Dalya, ..], Damia [Damya], Danna [Danya], Danielle [Danya]

Dana [Danya], Daria [Darya], Dara [Darya], Dorothy [Dosya, ..], Datya, Daya, Digna [Dinya, ..], Delia [Delya], Derora [Drorlya], Dumia [Dumiya], Eleuthera [Eleutherya], Elmira [Elmerya], Eithne [Enya], Enya [Ennya, ..], Euphemia [Evfemiya], Eugenia [Evgeniya], Eulalia [Evlaliya], Fawn [Fawnya, ..], Stephanie [Stefya, ..], Frances [Fanya]

Fenia [Fenya], Philothea [Filotheya], Freya [Fraya], Galina [Galya], Galya [Gallya], Virginia [Virgenya, ..], Geila [Geiliya], Galila [Gelilya], Angela [Gelya], Genna [Genaya], Ghaliya, Gilia [Giliya], Joy [Joya, ..], Gioia [Joya, ..], Gloria [Glorya, ..], Godfreya [Gotfreya], Grainne [Granya], Gregoria [Gregorya], Hadia [Hadya, ..], Hadiya

Halleli [Halleliya], Hedia [Hedya], Iliana [Illionya], Inaya [Anaya], India [Indya], Ionia [Ionya], Ivana [Ivanya], Ja- [Jakiya], Janae [Jennaya, ..], Jay [Jaya], Jaya, Jae [Jaya], Jessenia [Yessenya, ..], Jessica [Jessiya], Giulia [Jiuliya], Khadija [Khadiya, ..], Kaeya, Karinya, Katherine [Katya, ..], Catherine [Katya, ..]

Kataniya, Kathleen [Kathaleya], Kathy [Kathya], Ka- [Katiya], Katie [Katya, ..], Kaya, Kendra [Kendrya], Kenya [Kennya], Christina [Khristya], Kira [Kirya], Claudia [Klavdiya], Kornelia [Kornelya], Konstanze [Kostya], La- [Latoya, ..], Lalia [Lalya], Latanya [Latonya], Latoya [Letoya, ..], Lia [Liya, ..], Yalena [Lenya], Olena [Olenya, ..]

Lexie [Lexya], Leya, Livia [Livya], Liya [Leeya], Michaela [Mihaliya, ..], Maiya, Mary [Moya, ..], Marni [Marnya], Marmara [Marnya], Maria [Marya], May [Maya], Maya [Mya, ..], Maia [Mya, ..], Melanie [Melaniya], Melia [Melya], Mia [Meya], Mireya [Maraya], Mira [Mireya], Mireio [Mireya], Miya

Moya, Nadia [Nadya, ..], Natasha [Nastalya, ..], Nastasia [Nastassya, ..], Nasya, Natalie [Talya, ..], Natalya, Nathania [Netanya, ..], Na- [Natoya], Nelia [Neelya], Nera [Neriya], Nessie [Nessya], Neiva [Nevya], Nitza [Nitzaniya], Nia [Nya], Ogenya, Olivia [Olivya], Ophelia [Ophelya], Orfea [Orpheya, ..], Ortensia [Ortensya]

Orit [Orya], Pania [Panya, ..], Panthea [Pantheya], Parmenia [Parmenya], Pelagia [Pelageya], Rose [Rasya], Raya, Raina [Raya], Rhea [Rhaya, ..], Roya, Sequoia [Sequoya, ..], Safiyah [Safiya], Samya, Sha- [Sharaya, ..], Shadiya [Shadya], Shaneika [Shandeya], Shan- [Shantoya], Shaya, Sheila [Sheilya], Sherry [Sheraya]

Silja [Silya, ..], Silken [Silkya], Silvia [Silvya], Sophia [Zofya, ..], Sonia [Sonya, ..], Soraya, Taisiya [Taya, ..], Talicia [Talya, ..], Talia [Talya], Tanaya [Tenaya], Tatiana [Tonya, ..], Tanya [Tonya, ..], Tasia [Tasya], Tasha [Tasya], Tawny [Tawnya], Teresa [Terezilya], Theresa [Terrya], Thalia [Thalya], Thurayya [Surayya, ..], Timothea [Timotheya]

Titania [Titanya, ..], Tonya [Toya, ..], Toni [Tonya], Tulia [Tulya, ..], Tosha [Tosiya], Victoria [Toya], Toya, Trea [Treya], Tsila [Tzelya], Umnia [Umniya], Urania [Uranya, ..], Urit [Uriya], Valonia [Valonya], Valora [Valorya], Jane [Vanya], Vania [Vanya], Vanessa [Vanya], Varvara [Varya], Vasilia [Vazeeliya, ..], Vinia [Vinya, ..]

Vidonia [Vidonya], Vina [Vinya], Weslee [Wesleya], Yesenia [Yessenya], Yuliya [Youliya], Julia [Yuliya], Zakiya, Zarya, Zena [Zenya, ..], Zelenia [Zelenya], Zhane [Zhanaya], Zinnia [Zinya, ..], Zora [Zorya, ..], Zoya [Zoyya], Zoe [Zoya]

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