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Za ending baby names and what they mean, with 78 results. -za names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 2015 (USAGE OF 0.19%), except for names such as Maritza which have fallen out of style. Eliza (#175) and Aliza (#675) are two of the more contemporarily stylish baby names in this compilation, while Hiza (TOP 52%) and Baiza (20%) are conventional -za last names.

-za names

Adeliza - Claritza | Clariza - Karenza | Kenza - Pureza | Raiza - Yolaiza

Adeliza - Claritza

Form of Adelisa. Derivative of French word. A blend of Adela and Lisa. Adeliz is a marginally prominent baby name. See also Adelicia.

Derivative of Old German language. "Ready for battle." Uncommon. Compare Alanza with common surnames Aviza (TOP 89%), Araiza (4%), which also end with -za. See also Alenka.

Source fr. Spanish element. "Sweet." Aldonis and Aldonta are creative forms. See also Aldina.

Alizah and variants

Alyza, Aliza1, Aleeza1
Var. of Alizah. Stems fr. Hebrew. "Joy, joyful." Used widely as baby names, Aliza, Aleeza, etc. are comparable to the popular Alisha.

Form of Alicia. Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble, exalted." Outside Top 2000. See also Aleece.

Aleeza and variants

Aleeza3, var. Alitza, Aliza2, Alieza
From Hebrew word. "Joy." Aliza is generally used as a birth name among the variations of Aleeza.

Form of Alisa. From Hebrew. "Great happiness." Aliza is at the height of its popularity presently. See also Alikah.

Form of Alonsa. Root fr. Old German. "Ready for battle." Alonza is not a Top 2000 name. See also Aldonza.

Var. of Alfonsine. Based on Old German word. "Ready for battle." Alonza was not a Top birth name in 2015. See also Alanza.

Aranza and variants

Aranza, var. Arantza
Stems fr. Basque element. "Thorn-bush." Aranza and Arantza became less popular in 2015, dropping -376 rankings as girls' names with Aranza falling the most.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -za names: Aliza, Alyza, Arantza, Aranza, Briza

Arza, var. Ariza
Root fr. Hebrew element. "Panels of cedar." Arza and Ariza are atypical as female names.

Form of Avis. Root fr. Old German word. .. The Latin "avis" means "bird". Aveza is rare as a birth name. See also Avena.

Derivative of Arabic element. "Comfort." Not Top 2000 name.

Based on Arabic, Hebrew. "Beloved precious; mighty." Aziza is uncommon as a baby name. See also Aliza.


Form of Brisa. From Latin word. Short form of the Spanish name .. Briza is a scarcely used given name. See also Brina.

Kadenza, Cadenza
Var. of Cadence. Source fr. Latin language. "With rhythm." Uncommon. Cadenza, Kadenza (cf. Kerenza) have the unconventional feminine -enza suffix.

Form of Carla. Derivative of Old German language. "Free man." Outside Top 2000. See also Charleesa.

Var. of Charity. Root fr. Latin language. "Dear, beloved." Rare. Chariza is not found in the US Census.

Clarizza, Claritza1
Var. of Clara. Derivative of Latin. "Bright, famous." Not in Top 2000.

Form of Claire. Root fr. Latin language. "Bright, famous." Not Top 2000 name. See also Clariza.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -za names for girls.

1. Adeliza - Claritza
Adelisa [Adeliza], Alanza, Aldonza, Alizah [Alyza, Aliza, Aleeza], Alicia [Aleeza], Aleeza [Aliza, Alieza, Alitza], Alisa [Aliza], Alonsa [Alonza], Alfonsine [Alonza], Aranza [Arantza], Arza [Ariza], Avis [Aveza], Aza, Aziza, Brisa [Briza], Cadence [Cadenza, Kadenza], Carla [Carleeza], Charity [Chariza], Clara [Claritza, Clarizza], Claire [Claritza]

Clarissa [Clariza], Constance [Constanza], Danna [Danitza], Danielle [Danitza], Delicia [Deliza], Demelza, Ditza [Diza], Eliza [Elza, Liza, Lyza, Elyzza, ..], Elizabeth [Lyza, Liza, Leeza, Elyzza, ..], Enza, Esperanza, Felicia [Feliza], Florence [Fiorenza, Florenza], Flora [Florenza], Giselle [Giza], Hafiza [Haafiza], Hafsa [Hafza], Jaleesa [Jaliza], Kadenza [Cadenza], Kerensa [Karenza, Kerenza]

Kenzie [Kenza], Klarissa [Klarisza], Klara [Klarisza], Leandra [Leanza], Lisa [Liza, Leeza], Liza [Lyza, Leeza], Lorenza [Laurenza], Laurence [Lorenza], Lauren [Lorenza], Laura [Lorenza], Louise [Lujza, Louiza], Lucy [Lucza], Luisa [Luiza], Mary [Maritza], Marissa [Mariza, Maritza], Melissa [Meliza], Nitza, Pazia [Paza], Patience [Pazienza], Purity [Pureza]

Raisa [Raiza], Reza, Ricarda [Richenza], Rose [Roza, Ruza], Rosa [Roza], Roza, Santuzza, Sha- [Shaliza], Cherise [Shereeza], Speranza [Esperanza], Theresa [Treza, Terza, Tereza], Teresa [Tereza], Tessa [Teza], Tirzah [Tirza, Thirza, Tierza, Thurza], Vanessa [Vaneza, Vanneza], Vicenza [Vichenza], Vincentia [Vincenza], Yolanda [Yolaiza]

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