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Nes ending baby names and what they mean, with 5 results. -nes names are used more often as masculine names.

Agnes - Innes

Agnes, var. Ynes1, Ines1
Source fr. Greek element. "Pure, holy."

Var. of Annis. From Greek. "Satisfaction."

Ynes2, Ines2
Forms of Ynez. Source fr. French, Spanish. "Chaste."

Ynes3, Ines3
Var. of Inez. Stems fr. Spanish, Latin. "Pure."

Innes, var. Ines4
Stems fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Island."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -nes names for girls.

1. Agnes - Innes
Agnes [Ines, Ynes], Annis [Annes], Ynez [Ines, Ynes], Inez [Ines, Ynes], Innes [Ines]


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