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Nora ending baby names and what they mean, with 16 results. -nora names are used more often as feminine names.

Annora - Vanora

Form of Anne. Source fr. Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me."

Onora1, Nora1, Honora1, Anora1, Annora2
Forms of Honor. Root fr. Latin. "Woman of honor."

Annora3, var. Nora2, Onora2, Honora2, Anora2
Derivative of Latin word. "Honor."

Var. of Dinah. Source fr. Hebrew word. "Justified."

Nora3, Leonora1, Lenora1, Leanora1, Helenora, Enora, Elnora1, Elleanora1, Ellenora1, Elienora, Elianora1, Eleonora1, Elenora1, Eleanora
Forms of Eleanor. Origin fr. Old French, Old German. "Other, foreign."

Nora4, Leonora2, Leanora2, Elnora2, Ellenora2, Elleanora2, Elianora2, Elenora2, Eleonora2
Forms of Helen. Origin fr. Greek language. "Sun ray."

Derived fr. Greek element. "Compassion."

Gwenora, Gwennora
Var. of Guinevere. From Welsh word. "Fair and smooth."

Var. of Ja-. From American. Combination of the Ja prefix with ..

Leonora3, Lenora2
Forms of Lenore. From Greek. "Light."

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nora names: Eleanora, Elenora, Eleonora, Elnora, Honora

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nora names: Lanora, Leanora, Lenora, Leonora, Nora

Leonora4, var. Lenora3, Leanora3, Lanora1
Root fr. Greek language. "Compassion; light."

From Hebrew. "Candlestick."

Nora5, var. Lanora2
Based on English, Greek, Latin elements. "Light; woman of honor."

Onora3, var. Ornora, Onnora
Derived fr. Latin element. "Honor."

.. state in northwestern Mexico.

Vanora, var. Vannora
Origin fr. Old Welsh word. "White wave."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -nora names for girls.

1. Annora - Vanora
Anne [Annora], Honor [Nora, Anora, Onora, Annora, Honora], Annora [Nora, Anora, Onora, Honora], Dinah [Dinora], Eleanor [Nora, Enora, Elnora, Lenora, Leanora, Leonora, Ellenora, Helenora, ..], Helen [Nora, Elnora, Leanora, Leonora, Eleonora, Elianora, Ellenora, Elleanora, ..], Elnora, Guinevere [Gwenora, Gwennora], Ja- [Janora], Lenore [Lenora, Leonora], Leonora [Lenora, Lanora, Leanora], Menora, Nora [Lanora], Onora [Onnora, Ornora], Sonora, Vanora [Vannora]


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