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Otta ending baby names and what they mean, with 8 results. -otta names are used more often as feminine names.

Carlotta - Sarotta

Based on Italian, Old German words. "Free man."

Var. of Caroline. Based on Old German word. "Free man."

Sharlotta, Lotta1, Karlotta1, Charlotta1, Carlotta3
Forms of Charlotte. Source fr. Old German word. "Free man."

Lotta2, Karlotta2, Charlotta2, Carlotta4
Forms of Carol. Root fr. Old German. "Free man."

Ysotta, Isotta
Var. of Isolde. Based on Welsh language. "Fair lady."

Karlotta3, var. Lotta3
Source fr. French, Old German elements. "Free man."

Form of Lottie. Based on French element. "Little and womanly."

Form of Sarah. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Princess."

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1. Carlotta - Sarotta
Carlotta, Caroline [Carlotta], Charlotte [Lotta, Carlotta, Karlotta, Sharlotta, Charlotta], Carol [Lotta, Carlotta, Karlotta, Charlotta], Isolde [Isotta, Ysotta], Karlotta [Lotta], Lottie [Lotta], Sarah [Sarotta]