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Ynn ending baby names and what they mean, with 117 results. -ynn names are used more often as feminine names.

Adalynn - Carlynn

Adelynn1, Addilynn, Adalynn1
Var. of Adeline. Root fr. Old German element. "Noble."

Adelynn2, Adalynn2
Forms of Adelaide. Source fr. Old German word. "Noble kind."

Ashlynn1, Aislynn
Forms of Aislinn. From Irish, Gaelic element. "Dream, vision."

Allynn1, Allynn2
Forms of Allena. From Old German element. "Precious."

Form of Angela. Derived fr. Greek word. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God."

Var. of Arlene. .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from ..

Ashlynn2, var. Ashelynn
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Dream."

Avlynn, Avalynn
Var. of Ava. Of uncertain origin, probably German ..

Var. of Brandilyn. Derivative of English word. Combination of Brandy and Lynn.

Form of Brenda. Based on Old Norse language. "Sword."

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ynn names: Adalynn, Addilynn, Adelynn, Aislynn, Ashlynn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ynn names: Avalynn, Brooklynn, Brynn, Caitlynn, Carolynn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ynn names: Kaitlynn, Katelynn

Form of Brittany. From Latin language. "From Brittany or Britain."

Var. of Bronwyn. From Welsh. "Fair, blessed breast."

Form of Brooke. Derivative of Old English, Old German elements. "Water, small stream."

.. Used mainly as an American girl's ..

Form of Bryn. Derivative of Welsh element. "Hill."

Var. of Brina. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic, Celtic elements. "High, noble, exalted."

Katelynn, Kaitlynn, Catlynn, Catelynn, Calynn1, Caitlynn, Cailynn
Var. of Caitlin. Origin fr. Old French, Greek words. "Pure."

Var. of Callan. Based on Scottish word. "Rock."

Karolynn, Karilynn, Carolynn1, Carlynn1, Caralynn
Var. of Caroline. From Old German. "Free man."

Carolynn2, Carlynn2
Forms of Carol. Based on Old German language. "Free man."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ynn names for girls.

1. Adalynn - Carlynn
Adeline [Adelynn, ..], Adelaide [Adelynn, ..], Aislinn [Ashlynn, ..], Allena [Allynn, ..], Angela [Angelynn], Arlene [Arlynn], Ashlynn [Ashelynn], Ava [Avlynn, ..], Brandilyn [Brandalynn], Brenda [Brendalynn], Brittany [Brittlynn], Bronwyn [Bronwynn], Brooke [Brooklynn], Brynn, Bryn [Brynn], Brina [Brynn], Caitlin [Katelynn, ..], Callan [Calynn], Caroline [Karolynn, ..], Carol [Carolynn, ..]

Carmen [Carmynn], Carolyn [Karolynn, ..], Katherine [Kathrynn, ..], Catherine [Katherynn, ..], Karen [Kerrynn, ..], Cherilyn [Sharilynn, ..], Charla [Charlynn], Charlene [Charlynn], Cheryl [Cherylynn, ..], Sheryl [Cherilynn, ..], Crystal [Crystalynn, ..], Corinna [Corynn], Corinne [Corynn], Daryl [Darrylynn], Daryn [Darynn], Davina [Davynn], Devon [Devynn], Dora [Doralynn], Edlyn [Edlynn, ..], Erin [Erynn, ..]

Ellen [Elynn], Emily [Emmalynn, ..], Emma [Emmalynn], Emeline [Emylynn], Erna [Ernalynn], Ethel [Ethlynn], Evelyn [Evlynn, ..], Gemma [Gemmalynn], Geraldine [Gerilynn, ..], Geri [Geralynn], Glenna [Glynn], Grace [Gracelynn], Gwendolen [Gwynn, ..], Gwyn [Gwynn], Guinevere [Gwynn], Gwen [Gwynn], Jacqueline [Jaquelynn, ..], Jaclyn [Jaclynn, ..], Jamie [Jaimelynn], Jana [Janalynn]

Jazzlyn [Jazlynn, ..], Jasmine [Jazzmynn, ..], Jae [Jaylynn], Jenny [Jenalynn], Jeralyn [Jerilynn], Jessie [Jesslynn, ..], Jocelyn [Joslynn, ..], Joelle [Joelynn], Jolene [Jolynn], Jo [Jolynn], Johnna [Jonalynn], Jordan [Jordynn], Joyce [Joycelynn], Kaylin [Kaylynn, ..], Kaitlin [Katelynn, ..], Cameron [Kamrynn], Kara [Karalynn], Carlene [Karlynn], Karolina [Karolynn], Katelyn [Katlynn, ..]

Kathleen [Kathlynn], Kevina [Kevynn], Kirsten [Kirstynn, ..], Korina [Korynn], Kristen [Krystynn], Lauren [Lowrynn, ..], Linden [Lindynn], Lori [Lorilynn], Linda [Lynn], Madeline [Madelynn, ..], Lynn, May [Maelynn], Mandoline [Mandalynn], Marilyn [Marylynn, ..], Marcia [Marcilynn], Marlen [Marlynn], Noelle [Noelynn], Nolan [Nolynn], Rae [Raelynn], Rayann [Raylynn]

Robin [Robynn], Rose [Rosalynn], Rosalyn [Rozlynn, ..], Rosalind [Rozalynn, ..], Ryan [Rynn], Sarah [Saralynn, ..], Sha- [Shalynn], Shayla [Shealynn, ..], Sherilyn [Sherlynn], Sharon [Sherynn], Starla [Starlynn], Tara [Taralynn], Taryn [Tarynn], Terry [Terilynn, ..], Winifred [Wynn], Wynne [Wynn], Zolynn