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Am ending baby names and what they mean, with 80 results. -am names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in the 1880s (usage of 8.5%) and are now significantly less widespread (usage 2.5%, 71% less), with names like Sam becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy names for newborns here are Liam (#2), Graham (#176), Beckham (#359), Abraham (#170) and Abram (#383), while Alam (top 5%) and Milam (2%) are familiar -am last names.

-am names

Abraham - Beecham | Bertram - Gersham | Gilam - Liam | Macadam - Wyndham

Abraham - Beecham

Abraham and variantsAbraham, var. Aberham, Abram1, Avraham, Avram1, Bram1
Based on Hebrew word. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." Abrahm is also a slightly prominent boys' name.

Abram and variantsAbram2, var. Avram2, Bram2
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "High father." Common as surnames. Compare Abram (upper 4%), Avram (32%), Bram (20%) and common last names Akram (upper 19%), Antram (47%), which also end with -ram.

Adam and variantsAdam, var. Addam, Adham1
Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Earth." Somewhat common as children's names, Adam, Addam, etc. are comparable to the familiar Aydan.

Form of Damek. Derivative of Hebrew word. "Earth." Adlam (top 49%), Adam (2%) are conventional surnames. See also Adim.

Derivative of Arabic language. "Black." Rare as a children's name, but Adham is comparable to the more conventional Athan. See also Adim.

Ahiram, var. Achiram
Root fr. Hebrew word. "My brother is exalted." Not Top 2000 names.

Form of Ambrose. Origin fr. Greek element. "Immortal." Am is not in the Top 2000. See also Al.

Form of Amos. Source fr. Hebrew word. "To carry; borne by God." Not that common as a baby name, Am is used more frequently as a surname. See also Ani.

Origin fr. Tamil language. "Heavenly." Amarami and Asaram are creative forms. See also Amram.

Root fr. Hebrew element. "Mighty nation." Unique. Amram, like Aviram, Abram, ends with -ram. See also Amaram.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -am names: Abraham, Abram, Adam, Aram, Avraham, Beckham

Aram and variantsAram, var. Arram
Derived fr. Assyrian. "High." Adoption of Aram and forms was expansive in 1997.

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "My father is mighty." Unusual, with the unusual masculine-sounding -ram ending for Aviram, like Achiram. See also Abram.

Derivative of Hebrew. "High father." Uncommon, with the masculine -ram suffix for Avram, like Aram. See also Abrami.

From Arabic language. "Great." Not in popularity charts. See also Azeem.

Stems fr. Hebrew. "The nation's son." Not Top 2000 name. See also Barni.

Form of Barnum. Derivative of Old English word. Possibly derived from "Baron's home" .. Not widespread. Barnham is not found in the US Demographics.

Bartram, var. Barthram
Derived fr. Scandinavian word. "Bright raven." Bartram and Barthram are unique as male names, and Bartram appears commonly (upper 8%) as a last name.

Form of Basim. Derived fr. Arabic language. "Smile." Bassam is scarce as a male name. See also Bascom.

From Old English word. "Homestead by the stream; Becca's homestead." Adoption of Beckham as a children's name in 2015 was up 59.8% compared to a year ago.

Form of Beauchamp. Stems fr. Old French. "The beautiful field." Not Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -am names for boys.

1. Abraham - Beecham
Abraham [Bram, Abram, Avram, Avraham, ..], Abram [Bram, Avram], Adam [Addam, Adham], Damek [Adham], Adham, Ahiram [Achiram], Ambrose [Am], Amos [Am], Amaram, Amram, Aram [Arram], Aviram, Avram, Azam, Baram, Barnum [Barnham], Bartram [Barthram], Basim [Bassam], Beckham, Beauchamp [Beecham]

Bertram [Bartram], Bram, Brigham [Briggham], Byron [Byram], Byram, Cameron [Cam], Cobham [Cobbham], Cramer [Cram, Kram], Cunningham [Conyngham], Denham, Dor [Doram], Dunham, Earlham, Eilam [Elam], Ilan [Elam], Eliam, Ephraim [Ephream, Ephriam], Farnham [Farnam, Fernham], Gautam, Gershom [Gersham]

Gilam, Gorham, Graham [Gram, Graeham], Grant [Grantham], Gresham, Hadar [Hadaram], Hallam, Ham, Hiram [Hyram], Hashim [Hisham], Ingram [Ingraham, Yngraham], Isam, Isham, Jeroboam, Joram, Jotham, Kameron [Kam], Kareem [Karam], Latham, Liam [Lyam]

Macadam [Mcadam], Malki [Malcam, Malkam], Markham, Nachman [Nacham], Noam, Pelham [Pellam], Racham [Raham], Ram, Samson [Sam], Samuel [Sam], Sam, Thomas [Tam], Tristan [Tristam, Tristram], Wadham, Waltham, Wickham, William [Liam], Wolfgang [Wolfram, Wulfram], Wortham, Wyndham [Windham, Wynndham]

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