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An ending baby names and what they mean, with 532 results. -an names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity 12 years ago (adoption of 12.5%) and are almost as common today (adoption 9.9%, 21%), but with names such as Benjaman going out of style. The most fashionable boy names among these are Sebastian (#35), Declan (#112), Roman (#102), Nolan (#71) and Rowan (#219), while Tran (top 1%) and Millan (2%) are popular -an surnames. Here is the list of -an names for girls.

-an names

Aaran - Alvan | Aman - Athan | Athelstan - Brennan | Brentan - Cajetan | Cajetan - Cian | Ciaran - Cyprian | .. - .. | Wystan - Zoltan

Aaran - Alvan

Aaran, Ahran, Aran, Arran
Forms of Aaron. Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Ahaan is a somewhat common kid's name.

Abarran, Abrahan, Abran1
Var. of Abraham. Based on Hebrew language. "Father of a multitude (of nations)." Unusual. Compare Abarran, Abrahan, Abran and common -an last names Achan (upper 78%), Awan (15%).

Var. of Abid. Origin fr. Arabic, Hebrew languages. "God's worshipper; God knows." Abidad and Abidam are creative variations. See also Avidan.

Abran2, Abrian
Forms of Abram. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "High father." Abran and Abrian are not frequently adopted as birth names.

Achidan, var. Abidan2, Amidan, Avidan
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "My brother judged." Amidan and variants are seldom used as boys' names.

Var. of Aden. Derived fr. Gaelic. "Fire." Adan is frequently occurring (top 62%) as a male name, and occurs frequently (top 8%) as a last name. Also used for girls.

Var. of Adam. Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Earth." Gender-neutral name. Adan is a common (upper 62%) men's name, and appears often (upper 8%) as a surname.

Derived fr. Arabic language. "Settler." Adnan is unique as a men's name, occurring regularly (upper 59%) as a surname.

Adrian and variantsAdrian, var. Adiran, Adrean, Adreean, Adreyan, Adreeyan, Adryan, Adriaan, Aydrean, Aydreean, Aydrian, Edrian, Haydrian, Hadrian
Stems fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." Adrian, Adrean, etc. became more popular in 2015, rising on average +1 ranking as children's names with Adrian leading the rise.

Origin fr. Tamil. "Man who commands everything." Outside Top 2000. See also Aslan.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -an names: Adan, Adnan, Adrian, Aedan, Aidan

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -an names: Alan, Allan, Alvan, Aydan

Ahsan, var. Ehsan, Ihsan
Derivative of Arabic language. "Perfection, excellence." Ahsan, Ehsan and Ihsan are barely found as masculine names.

Aidan and variantsAidan, var. Aedan, Aydan, Edan, Eidan
Origin fr. Gaelic. "Fire." Used frequently as children's names, Aidan, Aydan, etc. are similar to the conventional Athan.

Root fr. Sanskrit word. "Eye." Akshan was not a Top birth name in 2015.

Alan and variantsAlan, var. Ailean, Allan1
Root fr. Old German element. "Precious." Alan and Allan are more familiar as boys' names compared to Ailean.

Alban and variantsAlban, var. Alvan1, Auban
Origin fr. Latin element. "From Alba." Alvan and variants were favored a century ago.

Form of Alden. From Old English. "Old friend." Compare last names Alden (top 4%), Aldana (3%). See also Aidan.

Var. of Alexander. Derived fr. Greek. "Man's defender, warrior." Not that common as a boys' name.

Form of Allen. Derived fr. Gaelic, Old German elements. "Precious." Popularly used, with usage of 0.021% for Allan as a children's name in 2015, higher than 0.017% in 2014. See also Allin.

Altman, var. Alterman, Eltman, Elterman
Source fr. Old German language. "Old man." Rare as boys' names, but Eltman, Altman, etc. are similar to the more conventional Elton.

Form of Alvin. Based on Old English language. "Elf or magical being, friend." Alvan is common as a birth name among the variant forms of Alvin. See also Albyn.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -an names for boys.

1. Aaran - Alvan
Aaron [Arran, ..], Abraham [Abran, ..], Abid [Abidan], Abram [Abrian, ..], Achidan [Avidan, ..], Aden [Adan], Adam [Adan], Adnan, Adrian [Haydrian, ..], Agilan, Ahsan [Ihsan, ..], Aidan [Eidan, ..], Akshan, Alan [Allan, ..], Alban [Auban, ..], Alden [Aldan], Alexander [Alexan], Allen [Allan], Altman [Elterman, ..], Alvin [Alvan]

Amin [Aman], Amir [Amiran], Andrew [Andrian], Andrian, Annan, Antoine [Antwan, ..], Anthony [Twan, ..], Aodh [Aodhagan], Ardian, Arion [Arian], Erland [Arlan], Arlen [Arlan], Armand [Arman], Armin [Arman], Arman, Arnan, Arran, Ashley [Ashlan], Aslan, Athanasios [Athan]

Athelstan, Ayman, Bancroft [Ban], Banner [Bannerman], Bartholomew [Bartalan], Bastian, Beagan [Beegan], Beaman [Beeman], Beau [Beaudan], Bertram [Bertran, ..], Beltran [Bertran], Benjamin [Benjiman, ..], Bevan [Bivian, ..], Blake [Blakeman], Bogdan [Bohdan, ..], Braden [Braydan, ..], Bram [Bran], Brandon [Brennan, ..], Brendan [Brennan, ..], Brennan [Brenan]

Brent [Brentan], Brenton [Brentan], Brian [Bryan], Brick [Brickman], Brett [Brittan], Brogan [Broggan], Bryan, Buchanan, Bunyan, Byron [Byran], Caden [Caedan, ..], Cadfan, Cadman, Cadogan, Caelan [Calan], Kane [Kahan, ..], Kaden [Kaydan, ..], Colin [Colan, ..], Cailean, Cajetan [Kajetan]

Gaetano [Kayetan, ..], Callan [Cailean], Campion [Campian], Canning [Cannan], Caolan [Kealan, ..], Carmine [Karman, ..], Carollan [Carolan], Carson [Carsan], Caspian, Cassian, Cathan, Cavan [Kavan], Chamberlain [Chambellan], Chan, Chanan [Hanan], Chand [Chandan], Chapman, Cheyenne [Shayan, ..], Christian [Krystian, ..], Cian [Kian, ..]

Ciaran [Kieran], Cillian, Clarence [Claran], Claude [Claudan], Coleman, Colman [Kalman, ..], Conan, Conlan, Corbinian, Corcoran [Korcoran, ..], Corwin [Corwan], Cowan, Coyan, Crispin [Crispian], Cristian [Chrystian], Cronus [Cronan], Cullen [Cullinan, ..], Curran, Kern [Curran], Cipriano [Sipryan, ..]

Cyprian, Corin [Cyran], Cyrano [Cyran], Dacey [Dacian], Dace [Dacian], Dadrian, Daylon [Daylan, ..], Dagan, Da- [Dasean, ..], Dallin [Dallan], Dale [Dallan], Dallan [Dalan], Damon [Daman], Damian [Demyan, ..], Dan, Daniel [Dan], Daquan [Dekwan, ..], Darin [Derrian, ..], Dargan [Deegan], Darian [Darrian]

Darion [Darrian, ..], Darrien [Darryan, ..], Darren [Darran], Darshan, Dartagnan, Dathan, Davian [Davyan, ..], Dayton [Daytan], Dean, Deccan, Declan, De- [Desean, ..], Dejuan [Dewuan, ..], Delvin [Delevan, ..], Delmon [Delman], Denman, Deshawn [Desean], Deshan, Destin [Destan], Devon [Devan]

Dillon [Dillan, ..], Doane [Doan], Dolan, Don [Donnan], Donovan [Donavan], Doran [Dorran, ..], Doron [Doran], Isidore [Dorian], Dorian [Dorrian], Dorran [Doran], Dow [Dowan], Dugan [Duggan, ..], Duncan, Dunstan, Durand [Duran], Dustin [Dustan], Dylan [Dyllan, ..], Eachann [Eachan], Eamon [Eaman], John [Sean, ..]

Eion [Ean], Eoin [Ean], Eastman, Eben [Eban], Edan, Eden [Ednan], Edrian, Efrain [Efran], Egan [Eagan], Eilon [Ilan, ..], Eilian [Eilean], Eirian, Elchanan [Elhannan, ..], Elian, Eliron [Eliran], Elkanah [Elkan], Elman, Emmanuel [Man, ..], Emil [Yemelyan, ..], Eoghan

Epifanio [Epifan], Eran, Ermin [Erman], Ernan, Stephen [Stevan, ..], Esteban [Estevan], Ethan [Etan, ..], Euan [Ewan, ..], Eunan, Evan [Van, ..], Evian, Owen [Ewan], Ewan [Euan], Fabian [Faybian, ..], Fagan [Feggan, ..], Faolan [Phelan, ..], Farren [Farran], Favian, Ferdinand [Hernan, ..], Ferran

Fillan [Faolan], Finnegan [Finegan], Finnian [Phinian, ..], Fintan [Fiontan, ..], Flann [Flannan], Flannan, Flavian, Florian [Floryan, ..], Francis [Fran], Frayne [Frean], Freeman [Friedman, ..], Furman [Fuhrman], Gabriel [Gabrian], Galen [Galan, ..], Gahan [Gehan], Galvin [Galvan], Garron [Garran, ..], Garland [Garllan, ..], Garman [Garrman], Garvin [Garvan]

Garvan, Gavan, Gavin [Gawan, ..], Gentian [Jentian, ..], Germain [German], Ghassan, Gian, Giovanni [Jovan, ..], Gillean [Gillian, ..], Gilman [Gillman], Gilzean [Gilian, ..], Girvin [Girvan], Giustino [Giustinian], Gobban, Golding [Goldman], Goodman [Guttman], George [Orjan, ..], Goran, Gordon [Gordan], Gorman

Graziano [Gracian], Gunnar [Gullan], Gulshan, Gyan, Hackman, Hadden [Haddan], Hadrian [Adrian], Haven [Hogan, ..], Hagen [Haggan, ..], Hakon [Hakan, ..], Halden [Halvdan, ..], Hans [Han], Hannan, Harkin [Harkan], Harlan, Harman, Hartman, Hasani [Hasan], Hassan [Hasan], Hayden [Haydan]

Halen [Haylan], Heimdall [Heiman], Aimon [Heman], Herman [Harman], Hernando [Hernan], Hoffman [Hofman], Hogan, Holman, Howland [Howlan], Chaim [Hyman], Hyman, Ian [Ean], Idan, Ieuan [Ifan, ..], Ilan [Elan], Immanuel [Iman], Inman [Innman], Ishaan, Istvan, Ivan [Iwan, ..]

Jacan, Jace [Jacian], Jack [Jackman], Jadrian, Jalen [Jaylan, ..], Jahan [Jehan], Jan, Janus [Janan], Ja- [Jaquan], Jaron [Jeran, ..], Jarman [Jerman], Javan, Jaylen [Jaylan], Jean, Jevon [Jevvan, ..], Je- [Jevan], Jivan, Jonathan [Johnathan], Joren [Jorian, ..], Jorell [Joran]

Jordan [Jourdan, ..], Jovan, Juan [Juwan], Julian [Julyan], Justin [Justinian, ..], Kellen [Kellan, ..], Kaelan [Kalan, ..], Kannon [Kannan], Karl [Karlan], Kaufman, Kavan [Kayvan, ..], Kayvan [Keyvan], Keane [Kean], Keegan [Kegan, ..], Keelan [Kelan, ..], Keenan [Kienan, ..], Kelvin [Kelvan], Kenan [Keenan], Ken [Kennan], Kenton [Kentan]

Kernaghan [Kernohan, ..], Kerry [Kerrigan], Kevin [Kevan], Khanh [Khan], Keon [Kian], Kieran [Kiran, ..], Killian [Killean, ..], Kingman, Kiran [Kyran], Kerwin [Kirwan], Kristian [Kristan], Kyle [Kylan], Laban [Lavan], Lachlan, Lachman, Lakshman, Landon [Landan], Larron [Larran], La- [Lasean], Lathan

Laurean [Laurian], Lehman, Le- [Lesean], Lindeman, Logan, Loman, Loren [Loran], Lorcan, Lowman, Lucan [Lukan, ..], Luke [Lucian], Lucian [Lukyan, ..], Macgowan [Mcgowan, ..], Mandan, Marlon [Marlan], Marshawn [Marsean], Matthew [Mathian], Maximilian [Maxymillian, ..], Mellen [Mellan, ..], Midian

Emiliano [Milan], Milan, Miles [Milan], Mochan, Mohegan [Mohican, ..], Monahan, Morgan [Morrgan], Naaman, Nachman, Naman, Nathaniel [Nathan], Nathan [Natan], Neil [Neilan], Nevin [Nevan], Nevan, Newman [Neuman], Ninian, Nishan, Nissan [Nisan], Nolan [Nollan]

Norman, Octavio [Octavian], Odhran [Oran, ..], Ogden [Ogdan], Oran [Orran], Oren [Oran], Orlando [Orlan], Orman, Orrin [Orran], Osman, Oisin [Ossian], Othman, Pagan, Parker [Parkman], Parthalan [Pathalan], Phelan [Felan], Powhatan, Quillan, Quinlan, Quinn [Quinlan]

Quinton [Quintan, ..], Radwan, Rajan, Ramses [Ramzan], Ramon [Rayman], Redman, Regan [Reagan], Reuben [Reuban], Riordan, Robert [Roban], Robin [Roban], Rodman, Rogan, Rohan [Royan], Roland [Rollan, ..], Roman, Ronan, Roshan, Rooney [Rowan], Rowan [Rohan, ..]

Royden [Roydan], Ruston [Rustan], Ryan [Rian], Ryland [Rylan], Saffron [Saffran], Sagan, Sajan, Salman, Salvio [Salvian], Scanlon [Scanlan], Seaman, Sean, Sebastian [Sabastian, ..], Selig [Seligman], Shaan, Shan, Shanahan, Shannon [Shannan, ..], Shayan, Sheehan

Sheridan [Sherridan, ..], Sherman [Shearman, ..], Silas [Sylvan, ..], Silverman [Silberman], Sloan, Sohan, Solomon [Soloman, ..], Stanley [Stan], Steadman [Stedman], Stefan [Steffan, ..], Steven [Stevan], Stian, Stillman, Strahan [Strachan], Sulayman [Suleyman, ..], Sullivan [Sullevan, ..], Suman, Talon [Tallan], Tanner [Tan], Tannon [Tannan]

Terron [Teran, ..], Taran, Taz [Tazman, ..], Taurus [Taurean], Taylan, Teague [Teigan, ..], Teagan, Tedmund [Tedman], Temani [Teman], Terran, Tevon [Tevan], Tayton [Teytan], Thor [Thorian], Thurston [Thurstan, ..], Thurman, Thormond [Thurman], Tiernan [Tiarnan], Till [Tillman], Tillman [Tilman, ..], Torin [Torrian, ..]

Trevin [Trevian, ..], Tristan [Trystan, ..], Truman [Trueman], Tucker [Tuckerman], Tynan [Tienan], Tyquan, Udayan, Urban, Valentine [Valentinian], Valerian [Valeryan], Van, Vaughn [Vaughan], Vivian [Vyvyan, ..], Wakeman, Wayland [Wylan, ..], Weissman, Whitman, Wylan, Wyman, Winston [Wynstan]

Wystan, Xander [Xan], Sander [Xan], Yeoman [Youman], Yochanan [Yohannan, ..], Yucatan, Zalman [Salman], Zander [Zan], Zelig [Zeligman], Zephaniah [Zephan], Zimran, Zoltan

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