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By ending baby names and what they mean, with 49 results. -by names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex 9 decades ago (adoption of 0.69%) and has become significantly reduced since (adoption 0.14%, 79% less), with names like Bobby going out of style. Crosby (#576) is the most contemporarily stylish boy name in this list, while Bibby (top 11%) and Raby (5%) are common -by surnames. Here is the list of -by names for girls.

-by names

Abby - Colby | Corby - Selby | Shelby - Willoughby

Abby - Colby

Abby1, Ebby
Var. of Abner. Derivative of Hebrew. "Father of light." Popular as last names. Compare Abby (upper 38%), Ebby with popular -by surnames Aaby (upper 55%), Aby (54%).

Form of Abbey. .. Political activist Abbie Hoffman. Gender-neutral name. Abby is not a Top 2000 name.

Form of Abelard. Stems fr. Old German. "Noble strength." Also used for girls. Abby was not a Top birth name in 2015.

Var. of Abbott. Source fr. Old English word. "Father, priest." Cross-gender use. Abby is unusual as a boys' name.

Form of Alban. Derived fr. Latin language. "From Alba." Cross-gender use. Alby is commonplace as a birth name compared to other versions.

Form of Ambrose. Stems fr. Greek word. "Immortal." Amay is a marginally favored boys' name. See also Amry.

From Old English word. "Ash tree home." Gender-neutral name. A moderately quaint boys' name, Ashby is found more often as a surname.

Form of Balbo. Stems fr. Latin word. "Mutterer." A peculiar baby name. See also Bailey.

Barnaby, Burnaby1
Var. of Barnabas. Root fr. Greek, Aramaic. "Son of consolation." Barnaby and Burnaby are rare as first names, and Barnaby is found commonly (top 9%) as a last name.

Robert and variantsBobby1, Robby
Var. of Robert. Origin fr. Old German language. "Bright fame." Adoption of Bobby and Robby as children's names in 2015 was 4.3% more than a year ago.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -by names: Alby, Ashby, Bobby, Coby, Colby

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -by names: Jacoby, Koby, Robby

Var. of Bob. Derivative of Old English element. .. Bobbie and Bobby are pet forms .. Bobby is conventional (upper 7%) as a masculine name, and occurs commonly (upper 16%) as a last name. Gender-neutral name.

Origin fr. Old Norse element. "Fighter's estate." Burnaby is scarce as a given name. See also Barnabey.

Busby, var. Bussby
Based on Scottish, Old Norse. "Village in the thicket." Not in popularity charts.

Origin fr. Old English element. "Fighter's settlement." Compare surnames Cady (upper 2%), Caddy (17%). See also Canby.

Stems fr. Middle English language. "Settlement near the reeds." Canby is not in the Top 2000. See also Cadby.

Jacob and variantsCobby, Jacoby
Var. of Jacob. Based on Hebrew word. "He who supplants." Jacoby is in the Top 2000.

Kobi and variantsCoby1, Koby1
Forms of Kobi. Stems fr. Hungarian. .. Basketball player Kobe Bryant. Coby and Koby are more commonplace as birth names compared to other versions.

Var. of Coburn. Stems fr. Scottish, English elements. .. "burn" likely refers to a small .. Uncommon, with usage of 0.007% for Coby as a baby name in 2015, lower than 0.008% the year before. See also Toby.

Coby3, var. Koby2
Possibly a diminutive of Coburn, or .. Coby and Koby are more widely used as birth names among these versions.

Colby and variantsColby, var. Collby
Derived fr. Old Norse word. "Swarthy person's settlement." Adoption of Colby and Collby as birth names in 2015 was down 56.5% compared to the previous decade.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -by names for boys.

1. Abby - Colby
Abner [Abby, Ebby], Abbey [Abby], Abelard [Abby], Abbott [Abby], Alban [Alby], Ambrose [Amby], Ashby, Balbo [Bailby], Barnabas [Barnaby, Burnaby], Robert [Bobby, Robby], Bob [Bobby], Burnaby, Busby [Bussby], Cadby, Canby, Jacob [Cobby, Jacoby], Kobi [Coby, Koby], Coburn [Coby], Coby [Koby], Colby [Collby]

Corbin [Corby], Corbett [Corby], Crosby, Darby [Derby], Denby [Danby], Derby, Digby, Gabriel [Gaby, Gabby], Gibson [Gibby], Gilby [Gillby], Job [Joby], Kelby [Kellby], Kirby [Kerby, Kirkby], Kolby [Kelby], Nickleby, Quimby [Quinby], Rob [Robby], Reuben [Ruby], Rugby, Selby [Shelby]

Shelby, Somerby [Somersby, Sommersby], Tobias [Toby, Thoby], Toby [Thoby], Welby [Wellby], Westby, Wetherby [Weatherby], Whitby, Willoughby [Willughby]

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