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Ce ending baby names and what they mean, with 74 results. -ce names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the height of their popularity 115 years ago (adoption of 2.2%) and are somewhat less popular today (adoption 1.1%, 48% less), with names like Lance going out of style. The most trendy baby names here are Jace (#75), Jayce (#132), Ace (#418), Prince (#387) and Royce (#530), while Trice (top 3%) and Tice (2%) are popular -ce last names. Here is the list of -ce names for girls.

-ce names

Ace - Curtice | Dace - Lance | Laroyce - Raice | Rance - Yance

Ace - Curtice

Derivative of English. "Number one, the best." Usage of Ace as a birth name in 2015 was a lot more than in 2005.

Anastice, Anstice1
Forms of Anastasios. Stems fr. Greek. "Resurrection." Uncommon. Compare Anastice, Anstice and common -ice surnames Allardice (top 64%), Altice (20%).

Root fr. Greek. "Resurrection." Alstice and Anstiel are creative forms.

Root fr. Latin word. "Fortunate, auspicious." Boniface is unique as a boys' name.

Source fr. Old French language. "Forest." Adoption of Boyce was up 9 decades ago. See also Boyne.

Brice and variantsBrice1, var. Bryce1
Possibly Gaulish "speckled" compare Welsh "brych" .. Brice (upper 80%) and Bryce (44%) are conventional first names.

Derived fr. Norman French element. .. Originally a Norman baronial name and .. Usage of Bruce as a boys' name has trended downward since 1950-1959. See also Baruch.

Form of Brewster. Based on Middle English language. "Brewer." Common, with usage of 0.04% for Bruce as a boys' name in 2015, though lower than 0.041% the year before. See also Boruch.

Bryce2, var. Brice2
From Scottish. "Of Britain." Brice (top 2%) and Bryce (5%) are found often as surnames.

Cace, Cayce
Var. of Casey. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Alert, watchful." Cace and Cayce are unique as children's names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ce names: Ace, Boyce, Brice, Bruce, Bryce

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ce names: Chace, Chance, Chayce, Clarance, Clarence, Cloyce

Form of Caddis. Derivative of Old English word. "Worsted fabric." Not that common as a children's name. See also Caddock.

Form of Callis. From Latin element. "Chalice, goblet." Not in Top 2000.

Source fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Handsome." Canice is an uncommon male name. See also Chance.

Chase and variantsChace, Chayce
Var. of Chase. Source fr. English, Old French. "Huntsman." Adoption of Chace and Chayce as baby names in 2015 was up significantly compared to the previous decade.

Var. of Chauncey. Origin fr. Middle English language. .. Also possibly short form of Chancellor .. Chance became less popular last year, dropping -2 positions as a birth name to reach #250. See also Chanse.

Chance2, var. Chaunce1
Source fr. Middle English element. "Good fortune." Chaunce and forms were favored as baby names 19 years ago and are less popular today.

Chance3, Chaunce2
Forms of Chancellor. Derived fr. French, Middle English elements. "Office holder." Chance was among 2015's Top names.

Clarence and variantsClarence, var. Clarance, Clarrance, Clarrence, Klarance
Origin fr. Latin. "One who lives near the River Clare." Sparing use, with usage of 0.01% for Clarence and variants as birth names in 2015, lower than 0.01% a year ago.

Form of Cloy. May be derived from "nail" Old .. Adoption of Cloyce was more pronounced among parents in the 1910s.

Var. of Curtis. From English, Old French. "Courteous, polite." Not Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ce names for boys.

1. Ace - Curtice
Ace, Anastasios [Anstice, Anastice], Anstice, Boniface, Boyce, Brice [Bryce], Bruce, Brewster [Bruce], Bryce [Brice], Casey [Cace, Cayce], Caddis [Caddice], Callis [Callice], Canice, Chase [Chace, Chayce], Chauncey [Chance], Chance [Chaunce], Chancellor [Chance, Chaunce], Clarence [Klarance, Clarance, Clarrence, Clarrance], Cloy [Cloyce], Curtis [Curtice]

Dacey [Dace], Dace, Darence [Darrance, Darrence, Derrance], Demetrius [Demetrice], De- [Deroyce], Dice [Dyce], Dorran [Dorrance], Elias [Elice, Ellice], Ellis [Ellyce], Eustace, Fabrice, Felix [Felice], Horace, Hoyt [Hoyce], Ignatius [Ignace], Ince, Jason [Jace, Jayce], Jace [Jaice, Jayce], Justice [Justyce], Lance [Launce]

La- [Laroyce], Lawrence [Lorance, Lorence, Lorrence, Lowrance, ..], Luce, Mace, Marquis [Markeece], Maurice [Morice, Morrice], Max [Maxence], Mercer [Merce], Morris [Morice], Pace [Paice, Payce], Patrick [Patrece, Patrice], Piers [Pearce, Pierce], Percival [Perce], Peter [Pierce], Pierce [Pearce, Peerce, Peirce], Ponce, Prentice, Price [Brice, Bryce, Pryce], Prince, Ray [Raice, Rayce]

Rance, Reece [Rice], Rice, Royce [Roice], Spencer [Spence], Terence [Tarrence, Terrance, Terrence, Terronce, ..], Torrence [Torence, Torrance], Tracy [Trace], Trace, Tyson [Tyce], Vance, Vincent [Vince], Wallace, Yancy [Yance]

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