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Ean ending baby names and what they mean, with 29 results. -ean names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its most widespread in the year 1990 (ADOPTION OF 0.7%) and is now much less (ADOPTION 0.2%, 67.8%), with names such as Sean becoming less stylish. Ean (#1024) is the most contemporarily stylish name for newborns here, while Marean (TOP 34%) and Olean (48%) are conventional -ean last names.

-ean names

Adrean - Kean | Kean - Torean

Adrean - Kean

Aydreean, Aydrean, Adreean, Adrean
Var. of Adrian. Based on Latin. "From Hadria." Unconventional, but Aydreean, var. are comparable to popular last names Ayersman (TOP 49%), Ardelean (25%), which also end with -an.

Form of Alan. From Old German word. "Precious." Not in popularity charts. See also Gilean.

Based on Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Pup, whelp." Cailan is a marginally favored kid's name. See also Calan.

Var. of Callan. Origin fr. Gaelic, Scottish words. "Battle; rock." Cailean is uncommon as a masculine name. See also Cailin.

Var. of Colin. Stems fr. Irish, Scottish, Gaelic. "Young creature." Uncommon as a birth name, but Cailean is similar to the more common Callan. See also Calan.


Form of Da-. Derived fr. American element. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Unique. Dasean is not found in the US Demographics.


Origin fr. Old English language. "Valley; church official." Usage of Dean as a children's name in 2016 was significantly more than a decade ago. See also Denny.

De- and variants

Desean1, Delorean
Var. of De-. Origin fr. American element. Combination of the De prefix with .. Delorean and Desean became less trendy last year, falling -155 rankings as birth names with Desean falling the most.

Var. of Deshawn. Derivative of American language. Modern name .. Desean became less trendy in 2016, dropping -155 rankings as a boys' name to drop out of the Top 2000. See also Lesean.


Var. of Ian. Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "God is gracious." Ean is a unique masculine name, occurring frequently (UPPER 64%) as a last name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ean names: Dasean, Dean, Desean, Ean, Jean, Sean

John and variants

Sean, Jean1, Ean2
Var. of John. Based on Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Usage of Jean and Sean as children's names has dwindled circa 1920-1929.

Var. of Eion. Stems fr. Irish, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Prominent, with usage of 0.01% for Ean as a baby name in 2016, though lower than 0.011% in 2015. See also Van.

Form of Eoin. From Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." A familiar boys' name (#1024 IN RECENT RANKINGS), Ean is also used conventionally as a last name. See also Xan.

Form of Eilian. Name of a sixth century Welsh .. Ellean and Emlean are creative forms.

Phinean, Fiinean
Var. of Finnian. Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "White, fair." Fiinean and Phinean are not Top 2000 names.

Form of Frayne. Derived fr. Middle English. "Foreign." Compare last names Frear (UPPER 21%), Fream (81%). See also Farran.

Gillean, var. Gilean
Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Servant of St John." Gillean and Gilean were not among 2016's Top names.

From Scottish, Gaelic words. "Servant of St John." Gilzean is seldom adopted as a birth name. See also Gillean.


Based on French, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Usage of Jean as a boys' name in 2016 was 19.8% more than a year ago. Cross-gender use.

Kiean, Kean
Var. of Cian. From Irish, Gaelic word. "Ancient." Uncommon. Kean, Kiean (compare Kelan, Kennan) ends with -an.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ean names for boys.

1. Adrean - Kean
Adrian [Adrean, Adreean, Aydrean, Aydreean], Alan [Ailean], Cailean, Callan [Cailean], Colin [Cailean], Da- [Dasean], Dean, De- [Desean, Delorean], Deshawn [Desean], Ian [Ean], John [Ean, Sean, Jean], Eion [Ean], Eoin [Ean], Eilian [Eilean], Finnian [Phinean, Fiinean], Frayne [Frean], Gillean [Gilean], Gilzean, Jean, Cian [Kean, Kiean]

Keane [Kean], Killian [Kilean, Killean], La- [Lasean], Laurean, Le- [Lesean], Marshawn [Marsean], Sean, Taurus [Taurean], Torin [Torean]

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