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El ending baby names and what they mean, with 231 results. -el names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its apex in the 1980s (USAGE OF 7.32%) and is somewhat lower today (USAGE 4.92%, DOWN 32.8%), with names like Michel falling out of fashion. The most fashionable baby names among these are Abel (#125), Axel (#123), Ezekiel (#148), Adriel (#286) and Noel (#374), while Sobel (TOP 6%) and Rael (6%) are common -el last names. Here is the list of -el names for girls.

-el names

Abdel - Ariel | Arnel - Burnel | Cadel - Dantel | Darcel - Eudel | Evangel - Hamel | Hamel - Jamael | .. - .. | Tyrel - Zuriel

Abdel - Ariel

Abdul and variants

Del, Abdel
Var. of Abdul. Derivative of Arabic word. "Servant." Doel is also a marginally favored birth name.


Var. of Abelard. Stems fr. Old German word. "Noble strength." Abel (compare Asbel, Arambel) is a common -bel suffix surname. See also Aviel.

Abel2, var. Avel
Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." Abel occurs frequently (TOP 1%) as a last name.

Abiel, var. Aviel, Ahbiel, Abyel
From Hebrew word. "My father is the Lord." Compare last names Abeel (UPPER 64%), Abel (1%).

Form of Abram. Derived fr. Hebrew. "High father." Abrial and Alriel are creative variations. See also Avrel.

Root fr. Old German word. "Noble." Not Top 2000 name. See also Adel.

Adael, var. Adayel
Origin fr. Hebrew language. "God witnesses." Adael and Adayel are not Top 2000 names.

Adil and variants

Adiel, Adeel
Forms of Adil. Stems fr. Arabic. "Righteous, fair." Adeel is unconventional as a birth name among the variations of Adil.

Adel, var. Edel
Source fr. Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is eternal; noble." Adel and Edel are not Top 2000 names.


Derivative of Hebrew language. "Of God's flock." Adriel soared in popularity in 2015. See also Andriel.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -el names: Abel, Adiel, Adriel, Amiel, Angel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -el names: Anjel, Ansel, Ariel, Del

Form of Amal. Source fr. Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic words. "Labor, hard work; pure; hope." Gender-neutral name. Rare as a children's name.

Amiel and variants

Amiel, var. Amyel
Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God of my people." Amiel and Amyel are infrequently used as first names, and Amiel is found frequently (UPPER 44%) as a last name.

Biblical .. Unusual. Anael is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Amiel.

Var. of Andrew. Root fr. Greek language. "Man, warrior." Unique. Andriel is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Andrae.

Angel and variants

Angel, var. Onnjel, Onjel, Ohnjel, Ohngel, Anjel
From Greek language. "Messenger; messenger of God." Angel and Anjel are more common as birth names among these variations.


Form of Anselm. Origin fr. Old German word. "God's helmet." Ansel became more trendy in 2015, rising +309 rankings as a baby name to reach #1171. See also Anslea.

Based on Old French element. "Follower of a nobleman." Popular as a birth name, Ansel is similar to the common Aksel. See also Ansly.

Var. of Anwell. Stems fr. Welsh, Celtic languages. "Loved one." A rare birth name.

Var. of Ardell. Possibly from Latin meaning eager, burning .. Outside Top 2000.

Ariel and variants

Ariel, var. Aryel, Arel, Airyel, Airel, Aeriel
From Hebrew. "Lion of God." Ariel is commonly occurring (UPPER 68%) as a masculine name, whereas Aeriel, Airel, Airyel, Arel and Aryel are sparsely used.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -el names for boys.

1. Abdel - Ariel
Abdul [Del, ..], Abelard [Abel], Abel [Avel], Abiel [Aviel, ..], Abram [Abriel], Acel, Adael [Adayel], Adil [Adiel, ..], Adel [Edel], Adriel, Amal [Amel], Amiel [Amyel], Anael, Andrew [Andriel], Angel [Onnjel, ..], Anselm [Ansel], Ansel, Anwell [Anwel], Ardell [Ardel], Ariel [Aryel, ..]

Arnold [Arnel], Arthel, Arundel [Arondel], Asael [Asiel, ..], Ashbel, Aurelio [Oriel, ..], Avenall [Avenel], Averill [Avrel, ..], Aviel [Avyel], Axel [Aksel], Azariah [Azarel], Azrael, Azriel [Azryel, ..], Bartholomew [Bertel, ..], Basil [Bazeel], Bethel [Betuel], Bramwell [Bramwel], Brickell [Brickel], Buell [Buel], Burnell [Brunel, ..]

Cadell [Cadel], Cadfael, Cale [Cael], Campbell [Campbel], Charles [Karel, ..], Carl [Karel, ..], Carmelo [Karmel, ..], Carmichael, Carvell [Carvel], Cassiel, Chaniel [Hanyel, ..], Chappel [Cappel, ..], Consuel, Cornelius [Neel, ..], Cornell [Cornel], Council [Counsel], Dale [Dael], Dalziel, Daniel [Danyel, ..], Dante [Dantel]

Darcel, Darnell [Darnel], Darryl [Darrel], Darrel [Derrel, ..], David [Daviel], Deacon [Dekel], Dekel, Del, Dalbert [Del], Denzel [Denziel], Deverell [Deverel], Donnell [Donnel], Donato [Donzel], Dor [Doriel], Dorran [Dorrel], Edel [Adel], Edsel, Emmanuel [Manuel, ..], Eskel [Askel], Udell [Udel, ..]

Evangel, Ezekiel [Yechezkel, ..], Farrell [Ferrel, ..], Faivish [Feivel, ..], Feivel [Feiwel], Fidel, Flavian [Flavel], Fergal [Forgael], Francis [Franzel], Frederick [Friedel], Gabriel [Gavriel, ..], Gadiel [Gaddiel], Gael, Gale [Gael], Gamaliel [Gamliel], Gamble [Gammel, ..], Giovanni [Giovel], Gur [Guriel], Hadriel, Hamill [Hamel]

Hamilton [Hamel], Hansel [Hanzel], Hans [Hanzel, ..], John [Johnmichael, ..], Harel [Harrel], Haskel, Paul [Pawel, ..], Haslett [Hazel], Hershel [Hirschel, ..], Hevel, Hillel, Howell [Howel], Hywel [Howel], Immanuel [Imanuel, ..], Ishmael [Ysmael, ..], Ismail [Ismael, ..], Israel [Yisrael], Itai [Itiel], Jael [Yael], Jamal [Jamiel, ..]

Jarell [Jarrel, ..], Jerrell [Jerrel, ..], Jeriel [Jerriel], Jesimiel [Jessimiel], Joel [Yoel], Jorell [Jorrel, ..], Kadmiel, Kaelan [Kael], Kalil [Khaleel, ..], Kamal [Kameel], Kaniel, Jacob [Kapel], Karl [Karrel, ..], Karmel [Carmel], Kemuel, Kendall [Kendel], Kepler [Keppel], Khalil [Khaleel], Kimball [Kimbel], Kordell [Kordel]

Kornel, Christopher [Stoffel, ..], Lemuel, Leo [Leonel], Lindell [Lindel], Lionel [Lyonnel, ..], Lowell [Lowel, ..], Macniel, Malki [Malkiel], Mandel, Mansel, Manuel, Manville [Manvel], Marcel, Marden [Mardel], Markell [Markel], Mar- [Marquel], Martin [Martel], Martel, Marvell [Marvel]

Melvin [Mel], Mel, Melbourne [Mel], Mendel, Merrill [Merrel], Michael [Mykel, ..], Miguel, Mitchell [Mitchel], Monte [Montrel, ..], Moriel, Maurice [Morrel], Muriel, Nabil [Nabeel], Nagel [Naegel], Nathaniel [Thaniel, ..], Neil [Niel, ..], Neal [Neel], Newell [Newel], Nigel [Nygel, ..], Nikhil [Nikhel]

Noel [Nowel], Christmas [Noel], Norville [Norvel], Nuri [Nuriel], Nuriel [Nooriel], Orel [Orrel, ..], Othniel [Otniel], Pagiel, Paltiel, Parnell [Parnel], Pazel, Pedahel [Pedayel, ..], Peel, Petuel, Peverell [Peverel], Poriel, Powell [Powel], Quennell [Quennel], Rafael [Raphael, ..], Rance [Rancel]

Randall [Randel], Raphael [Ravel, ..], Raziel, Reuel [Ruel], Rigel, Rodel, Ronel, Russell [Russel], Sachiel, Sahil [Sahel], Samael, Samuel, Satchel, Shakil [Shaqueel, ..], Shaquille [Shaqueel], Shawn [Shawnel], Sorrell [Sorrel, ..], Steele [Steel], Terrell [Terrel], Torquil [Torkel, ..]

Tyrell [Tyrrel, ..], Uriel, Urso [Ursel], Uziel [Uzziel], Vachel, Vidal [Videl], Wendell [Wendel], Wenceslaus [Wenzel], Yale [Yael], Zindel, Zuriel

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