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En ending baby names and what they mean, with 410 results. -en names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the height of their popularity 4 years ago (usage of 6.4%) and are almost as common today (usage 5.3%, 18%), but with names such as Haden becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable boy names in this list are Camden (#104), Kayden (#95), Kaiden (#140), Owen (#36) and Jensen (#396), while Aitken (top 5%) and Coen (5%) are common -en surnames. Here is the list of -en names for girls.

-en names

Aaren - Armen | Arren - Baylen | Beagen - Braden | Branden - Camren | Carden - Cotten | Craven - Den | .. - .. | Walden - Ziven

Aaren - Armen

Aaron and variantsAaren, Ahren, Airen, Aren, Ayren
Var. of Aaron. Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Mountain of strength." Auren is also a marginally favored birth name.

Derived fr. Gaelic language. "Fire." Gender-neutral name. Aden (compare Amsden, Oden) is a common -den suffix surname.

Hadrian and variantsAdrien1, Hadrien1
Var. of Hadrian. From Latin element. "From Hadria." Usage of Adrien and Hadrien as children's names in 2015 was down 7.4% compared to the previous decade.

Adrien2, Arjen, Aydrien, Hadrien2, Haydrien
Forms of Adrian. Based on Latin word. "From Hadria." Arjen, Aydrien, Hadrien and Haydrien are more novel as birth names among the variations of Adrian.

Aidan and variantsAiden, Ayden, Eden, Eiden
Var. of Aidan. Based on Gaelic. "Fire." Common, with usage of 0.991% for Aiden and variants as birth names in 2015, but lower than 1.017% in 2014.

Aiken, var. Aicken, Ayken
Derivative of Old English language. "Made of oak." Compare surnames Aitken (upper 5%), Aikens (5%).

Var. of Albin. Source fr. English element. "White, pale-skinned." Alben was not among 2015's Top names. See also Albany.

Alden and variantsAlden, var. Elden
Derivative of Old English. "Old friend." Common, with usage of 0.018% for Alden and Elden as baby names in 2015, higher than 0.018% the year before.

Alan and variantsAlen, Allen1
Forms of Alan. Source fr. Old German. "Precious." Well-used, with usage of 0.051% for Alen and Allen as baby names in 2015, higher than 0.045% the previous year.

Form of Alison. Root fr. Old English word. "Son of the noble." Cross-gender use. Not widespread. Allcen is not listed in the US Demographics.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -en names: Aden, Adrien, Aiden, Alden, Alen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -en names: Allen, Alven, Arden, Aren, Arlen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -en names: Ayden, Eden, Elden

Stems fr. Gaelic, Old German elements. "Precious." Allen has fallen off in favor as a baby name since 1940-1949. See also Alben.

Var. of Alston. Root fr. Old English element. "Elf stone." Rather uncommon as a baby name. See also Alyster.

Var. of Alton. Root fr. Old English. "Old town." Altend and Auten are creative forms. See also Allen.

Var. of Alvin. Stems fr. Old English. "Elf or magical being, friend." Less used today. Alven was last found in the 1900s in the Top 2000. See also Alvern.

Var. of Amin. Derivative of Arabic. "Honest, faithful, trustworthy." Not Top 2000 name.

Arden and variantsArden1, var. Arrden
Stems fr. Latin language. "Great forest." Arrden is exclusive as a children's name among the variant forms of Arden.

Form of Ardon. From Hebrew word. "Bronze." Also a girls' name. Arden is prevalent as a baby name compared to other versions.

Var. of Arion. .. Mythology. Not in popularity charts. See also Ayren.

Arlen and variantsArlen, var. Arllen, Arrlen
Root fr. Gaelic element. "Pledge, oath." Arlen and variants were popular as baby names during 1930-1939.

Var. of Armin. From Old German element. "Soldier." Not in popularity charts. Cross-gender use.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -en names for boys.

1. Aaren - Armen
Aaron [Ayren, ..], Aden, Hadrian [Hadrien, ..], Adrian [Haydrien, ..], Aidan [Eiden, ..], Aiken [Ayken, ..], Albin [Alben], Alden [Elden], Alan [Allen, ..], Alison [Allcen], Allen, Alston [Alsten], Alton [Alten], Alvin [Alven], Amin [Ameen], Arden [Arrden], Ardon [Arden], Arion [Arien], Arlen [Arrlen, ..], Armin [Armen]

Arran [Arren], Arsenio [Arsen], Asen, Ashley [Ashlen], Aspen, Alban [Auben], Auden, Austin [Austen], Augustus [Austen], August [Austen], Augustine [Austen], Ayman [Aymeen], Babson [Babsen], Barden [Borden], Bard [Barden], Baron [Barren], Barton [Barten], Bastian [Bastien], Sebastian [Sebestyen, ..], Bayard [Baylen]

Beagan [Beagen], Beaman [Beamen], Bevan [Beven, ..], Belden [Bellden], Bentley [Ben], Benedict [Ben], Ben, Benjamin [Benjimen, ..], Benson [Benssen, ..], Bergen, Byron [Byren, ..], Blagden, Blaze [Blasien], Boden [Bowden], Bolton [Bolten], Borden, Bowie [Bowen], Bowen, Bracken, Braden [Brayden, ..]

Brandon [Branden], Brannon [Brannen], Branson [Bransen], Branton [Branten], Braylen, Brendan [Brennen, ..], Brennan [Brennen], Brenton [Brenten], Brent [Brenten], Brian [O'Brien, ..], Brockton [Brockten], Brody [Broden], Bronson [Bronsen], Bryson [Brysen, ..], Bryan [Bryen], Cade [Kayden, ..], Caden [Kaeden, ..], Caolan [Caelen], Camden, Cameron [Camren]

Carden, Carlsen [Karlssen, ..], Carmine [Karmen, ..], Carson [Carsen], Chase [Chasen], Chetwin [Chetwen], Christian [Cristen, ..], Cyprian [Cyprien, ..], Cipriano [Siprien, ..], Claude [Claudien], Cobden, Coffin [Coffen], Colden [Collden], Collin [Collen], Colton [Colten], Conlan [Conlen], Corbin [Corben], Corin [Koren, ..], Corydon [Coryden], Cotton [Cotten]

Craven, Cullen, Dargan [Dagen], Damian [Damyen, ..], Dale [Dalen], Daylon [Daylen, ..], Dallin [Dallen], Dallan [Dallen], Dalton [Dalten], Darin [Derren, ..], Darian [Darrien, ..], Darion [Darrien, ..], Darren [Daren], Darrien [Darryen], David [Daven], Davian [Davyen, ..], Dayton [Dayten], Dean [Deen], Dennison [Den], Dennis [Den]

Devon [Deven], Deval [Deven], Devlin [Devlen], Dillon [Dillen], Donato [Donatien], Donovan [Donoven], Dorian [Dorryen, ..], Doran [Dorren], Dorran [Dorren], Dotson [Dotsen], Draven, Dryden, Dunstan [Dunsten], Dustin [Dusten], Egan [Eagen], Eben, Ebenezer [Eben], Eden [Eaden], Efrain [Efren], Elton [Elden]

Aldwin [Elden], Eldon [Elden], Elden, Elvin [Elven], Emil [Emlen, ..], Emlyn [Emlen], Ericson [Ericksen], Ethan [Ethen], Evan [Owen, ..], Ewan [Ewen, ..], Eugene [Owen, ..], Euan [Owen, ..], John [Hanschen, ..], Fabian [Faybien, ..], Falco [Falken], Farren, Faron [Farren], Felton [Felten], Finnian [Finnen], Flavian [Flavien]

Felix [Fleicien], Florian [Florien], Ford [Forden], Fox [Foxen], Francis [Franzen], Frayne [Freen], Frewin [Frewen], Frederick [Fritzchen], Galen [Jaylen, ..], Galvin [Galven, ..], Galton [Galten], Gamble [Gamblen], Garron [Garren, ..], Garland [Garlen], Garman [Garmen], Garvin [Garwen, ..], Gavin [Gaven], Gefen [Geffen], Gillean [Gillen], Girvin [Girven]

Glen, Glendon [Glenden], Godwin [Godden], Golding [Golden], Gordon [Gorden], Goren [Gorren], Gorton [Gorten], Gratien, Griffin [Gryffen, ..], Hakon [Hagen, ..], Hadden [Haden], Hagen, Hilary [Halarien], Halden, Halen [Hallen], Halton [Halten], Hamlin [Hamlen], Hampden, Hampton [Hampten], Hanson [Hanssen, ..]

Harbin [Harben], Harden, Hardwin [Hardwen], Harkin [Harken], Harlan [Harlen], Harman [Harmen], Herman [Harmen], Haven [Hagen], Haward [Hawarden], Hallward [Hawarden], Hayden [Haden], Hazen, Holden, Horton [Horten], Howland [Howlen], Hutton [Hutten], Hyman [Hymen], Chaim [Hymen], Irving [Irven], Ivo [Iven]

Jace [Jacen], Jason [Jaysen, ..], Jackson [Jaxen, ..], Jaden [Jayden, ..], Jadon [Jayden, ..], Jalen [Jaylen, ..], Ja- [Jalen], Janson [Jensen, ..], Jaron [Jerren, ..], Jayson [Jaysen, ..], Jaylen, Javan [Jayven], Jevon [Jevven, ..], Jens [Jensen], Jerome [Jeroen], Joben, Jordan [Jorden], Joren, George [Jurgen, ..], Jude [Judsen]

Julian [Julien], Jurgen [Jorgen], Justin [Justen], Khadim [Kadeen], Kade [Kaden], Kaden [Kayden, ..], Keegan [Keegen, ..], Kaelan [Kellen, ..], Kamden, Kannon [Kannen], Kavan [Kayven], Keenan [Kienen, ..], Keane [Keen], Kellen [Kelden], Kelvin [Kelven, ..], Kelton [Kelten], Kendrick [Ken], Ken, Kenneth [Ken], Kevin [Keven]

Kieran [Kierren, ..], Kerwin [Kirwen], Kolton [Kolten], Koren, Kristian [Kristien], Kyle [Kylen], Lake [Laken, ..], Landon [Landen], Langdon [Langden], Langston [Langsden], Larron [Larren, ..], Lars [Larsen], Lathan [Lathen], Lawrence [Lorenzen, ..], Leonard [Len], Lenny [Len], Llewellyn [Llewellen, ..], Lyndon [Lynden, ..], Linden [Lynden], Litton [Lytten, ..]

Livingston [Livingsten], Logan [Logen], Loren [Lorren], Lucian [Lucien], Luke [Lucien], Macgowan [Mcgowen, ..], Malden, Malin [Mallen], Manton [Manten], Marden, Marlon [Marlen], Marsden, Marston [Marsten], Martin [Morten, ..], Marvin [Marven], Maslin [Masslen, ..], Mochan [Machen, ..], Maximilian [Maximilien], Meldon [Melden], Mellen

Merlin [Merlen], Mervin [Merven], Miller [Millen], Milton [Milten], Morgan [Morgen], Morton [Morten], Morven, Nalin [Nameen], Naren, Nathan [Nathen], Nelson [Nelsen], Nevin [Niven, ..], Nolan [Nolen], Norman [Normen], Octavio [Octovien], Ogden, Olin [Olen], Oren [Orren], Orrin [Orren, ..], Oran [Orren, ..]

Orson [Orsen], Osten [Austen], Owen [Ewen], Peyton [Paden], Parkins [Parken], Patton [Patten, ..], Patrick [Patten], Paul [Paulsen], Paxton [Paxten], Penn [Pen], Quentin [Quinten, ..], Quillan [Quillen], Quinlan [Quindlen], Quinton [Quinnten], Raiden, Ramsden, Raven [Rayven], Ray [Raylen], Regan [Regen, ..], Riordan [Rearden]

Ren, Reuben [Ruben, ..], Ryan [Ryen, ..], Marino [Rien], Robin [Robben], Robert [Robben], Rowan [Rowen], Rooney [Rowen], Royden, Rozen, Ruben, Ruston [Rusten], Ryder [Ryden], Saxe [Sachsen], Saffron [Saffren], Saxon [Saxen], Scanlon [Scanlen], Seldon [Shelden, ..], Shannon [Shannen, ..], Sheldon [Shelden]

Sherwin [Sherwen], Simon [Simen], Skyler [Skylen], Slade [Slayden], Slavin [Sleven], Snowden, Soren, Stanton [Stanten], Stein [Stenssen, ..], Stefan [Steffen], Stephen [Steven, ..], Steven, Sven [Swensen, ..], Talon [Tallen, ..], Tamson [Tamsen], Tannon [Tansen, ..], Tanner [Tannen], Taran [Taren], Terron [Tarren], Tayton [Teyten, ..]

Teague [Teigen], Templeton [Templeten], Tevon [Teven], Thurston [Torsten, ..], Tyson [Tyssen, ..], Tilden [Tillden], Torin [Toren], Trenton [Trenten], Trent [Trenten], Trevin [Treven], Tristan [Tristen], Tynan [Tynnen, ..], Valentine [Vallen, ..], Valerian [Valerien], Vardon [Varden], Varten, Vernon [Vernen], Victor [Victorien], Vincent [Vincien], Vivian [Vivien]

Waldo [Walden], Walden, Ward [Worden, ..], Warren, Wayland [Waylen], Weldon [Welden], Weston [Westen], Winston [Winsten], Zebulon [Zebulen], Ziv [Ziven]

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