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In ending baby names and what they mean, with 402 results. -in names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 1995 (usage of 5.92%) and are somewhat less conventional today (usage 3.12%, 47.3%), with names such as Erin falling out of fashion. The more fashionable birth names among these are Benjamin (#10), Odin (#445), Corbin (#221), Anakin (#912) and Cain (#743), while Shin (top 1%) and Anglin (2%) are familiar -in surnames. Here is the list of -in names for girls.

-in names

Aarin - Almarin | Alpin - Aswin | Augustin - Bradin | Brain - Camdin | Caolain - Corin | Corvin - Derwin | .. - .. | Zain - Zefarin

Aarin - Almarin

Aaron and variantsAarin, Arin, Erin
Var. of Aaron. Based on Hebrew element. "Mountain of strength." Artin is also a marginally prominent baby name.

Source fr. French word. "Noble." Unusual. Compare Acelin and common last names Andelin (upper 41%), Acklin (9%), with the -lin suffix. See also Ashlin.

Var. of Adnah. Based on Hebrew word. "Ornamented." A conventional children's name (#1842 last year), Adin is also used frequently as a surname. Gender-neutral name.

Form of Aden. Origin fr. Gaelic. "Fire." Adin is generally used as a baby name among the versions of Aden. Unisex name.

Adlin, Edelin, Edlin
Var. of Edel. Stems fr. Old German element. "Noble." Adlin, Edelin and Edlin are seldom found as masculine names.

Adrian and variantsAdrain, Adrin
Var. of Adrian. Stems fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." Adrain and Adrin are uncommonly used as men's names.

Augustine and variantsAguistin, Agustin1, Augustin1, Austin1, Avgustin
Forms of Augustine. Source fr. Latin. "Great, magnificient." Popular, with usage of 0.319% for Aguistin and variants as baby names in 2015, but lower than 0.342% the previous year.

Agustin2, Augustin2, Austin2
Var. of August. Derivative of Latin language. "Great, magnificient." Adoption of Austin and forms was widespread in 1995 and has become lower, with Austin becoming somewhat dated.

Aherin, Herin
Forms of Ahearn. Origin fr. Celtic. "Horse-lord." Aherin and Herin are unusual as children's names.

Aikin, Aykin
Forms of Aiken. Source fr. Old English. "Made of oak." Aikin and Aykin are scarce men's names, and Aikin is found regularly (upper 16%) as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -in names: Adin, Adrain, Agustin, Alain, Albin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -in names: Alvin, Arin, Augustin, Austin, Erin

Alan and variantsAilin, Alain1, Alin, Allain1, Allin
Forms of Alan. Source fr. Old German word. "Precious." Ailin, Alin, Allain and Allin are more exclusive as boys' names among the variant forms of Alan.

Alain2, var. Allain2
From Old German language. "Precious." Allain is rare as a baby name among the variations of Alain.

Alban and variantsAlbain, Albin1, Alvin, Aubin1
Var. of Alban. Origin fr. Latin word. "From Alba." Usage of Aubin and forms was elevated 95 years ago and is now reduced.

Albin and variantsAlbin2, var. Alpin, Aubin2
From English language. "White, pale-skinned." Albin has waned in popularity as a boys' name since 1890-1899.

Aldin, Aldwin1, Eldin1, Eldwin1
Var. of Alden. From Old English word. "Old friend." Aldin, Eldin, etc. are rarely used as baby names.

Aldivin, Eldin2
Var. of Aldous. Stems fr. Old German element. "Old." Aldivin and Eldin are scantly used as given names, and Eldin is found regularly (upper 86%) as a surname.

Var. of Aldrich. Stems fr. Old English word. "Old." Rather quaint as a children's name, Aldrin is used more often as a last name. See also Aldred.

Aldwin2, var. Eldin3, Eldwin2
From Old English element. "Old friend." Compare surnames Alwin (upper 29%), Aldin (94%).

Form of Alfonso. Derived fr. Old German. "Ready for battle." Unique. Alfonsin is not found in the US Census.

Var. of Almarine. Derived fr. Old German language. "Work ruler." Almarim and Armarin are creative variations.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -in names for boys.

1. Aarin - Almarin
Aaron [Erin, ..], Acelin, Adnah [Adin], Aden [Adin], Edel [Edlin, ..], Adrian [Adrin, ..], Augustine [Avgustin, ..], August [Austin, ..], Ahearn [Herin, ..], Aiken [Aykin, ..], Alan [Allin, ..], Alain [Allain], Alban [Aubin, ..], Albin [Aubin, ..], Alden [Eldwin, ..], Aldous [Eldin, ..], Aldrich [Aldrin], Aldwin [Eldwin, ..], Alfonso [Alfonsin], Almarine [Almarin]

Alpin [Mcalpin, ..], Alston [Alstin], Alvin [Elwin, ..], Amin [Amein], Anakin, Aneirin [Aneurin], Anthony [Antonin, ..], Antonio [Antolin], Antoine [Antwoin, ..], Arden [Ardin], Arlen [Arlin], Herman [Ermin, ..], Armin, Armand [Armin], Arran [Arrin], Arvin [Arwin], Ashley [Ashlin], Ashton [Ashtin], Ashwin, Aswin

Augustus [Austin, ..], Austin [Ostin], Osten [Ostin, ..], Aidan [Aydin], Bainbridge [Bain], Baldwin [Baudoin, ..], Bartholomew [Bartin], Beagan [Beegin, ..], Benjamin [Yemin, ..], Bergen [Birgin, ..], Berlin, Bert [Bertin], Berwyn [Berwin], Bevan [Bevvin, ..], Blain, Boden [Bowdoin, ..], Bolton [Boltin], Borden [Bordin], Bowen [Bowin], Braden [Braidin, ..]

Brian [Brain], Brandon [Brandin], Branton [Brantin], Braylen [Braylin], Brendan [Brendin], Brennan [Brennin], Brent [Brentin], Brenton [Brentin], Brett [Brittain], Brockton [Brocktin], Bronson [Bronsin], Bruno [Bruin], Bryson [Brysin], Berlyn [Burlin], Kaden [Kaydin, ..], Cailean [Cailin], Cain [Kain], Kane [Kain, ..], Calvin [Kalvin], Camden [Camdin]

Caolan [Keelin, ..], Carden [Cardin], Carollan [Carlin], Carlin, Carmine [Carmin], Catlin [Kattlin, ..], Chamberlain [Chamberlin], Chaplin [Chappelin, ..], Chetwin, Coffin, Colden [Colldin, ..], Colin, Nicholas [Collin, ..], Collin, Colum [Colombain], Colwyn [Colwin], Conlan [Conlin], Constantine [Konstantin, ..], Corbin [Korbin, ..], Corin [Korrin, ..]

Corvin, Corwin, Crane [Crain], Crispin [Crisspin, ..], Cullen [Cullin], Dane [Dain], Dallan [Dallin], Dale [Dallin], Dallin, Darin [Derrin, ..], Darren [Derrin, ..], Darvin [Dervin], Darwin [Derwin], David [Davin], Davyn [Davin], Daylon [Deylin, ..], Deacon [Deakin], Delphin [Delvin, ..], Delvin [Delwin, ..], Derwin [Durwin, ..]

Destin, Devon [Devin], Devin, Devlin [Delvin], Duane [Dwain, ..], Donovan [Donevin], Dorran [Dorrin], Dunstan [Dunstin], Durbin, Durwin [Derwin], Dustin, Dwayne [Dwain, ..], Eden [Edin, ..], Earvin, Irving [Irvin, ..], Eberlein, Edan [Edin], Edwin [Edvin, ..], Efrain, Ephraim [Efrain]

Ernan [Ernin, ..], Elden [Eldwin, ..], Elgin [Eljin, ..], Elvin [Elwin], Elwyn [Elwin], Elwin [Win, ..], Emil [Emlin], Eoin, Erin, Ermin, Erskine [Irvin, ..], Ervin, Erwin [Irwin], Ethelwin, Evangel [Evangelin], Evelyn [Evelin], Evan [Evin], Ewing [Ewin], Fagan [Fagin], Faine [Fain]

Faron [Farrin, ..], Farren [Ferrin, ..], Faust [Faustin], Fechin [Feichin], Felton [Feltin], Fermin [Firmin], Fingal [Fin], Finn [Fin], Flynn [Flin], Florent [Florentin], Franklin [Francklin], Francis [Franzin], Frewin, Galen [Jalin, ..], Gallatin, Galvin [Gallvin], Gamble [Gamlin], Garron [Garrin, ..], Garland [Garlin], Garman [Garmin]

Garvin [Garwin], Garvan [Garvin], Gavin [Gawain], Germain [Jermain, ..], Jermaine [Jermin, ..], Gethin, Gillemartin, Gilzean [Gilleoin], Gilleonain, Girvin, Gladwin, Glenavon [Glennavin, ..], Glendon [Glendin], Glen [Glin], Glyndwr [Glin], Godwin [Goodwin, ..], Goldwin [Goldewin], Goodwin, Goren [Gorrin, ..], Griffin [Gryffin]

Gwyn [Gwin], Hakon [Haakin], Hadden [Haddin], Hadwin [Hedwin], Hallstein, Hamlin [Hamelin, ..], Harbin, Harden [Hardin], Hardwin, Harkin, Harlan [Harlin], Hassan [Hassain], Haven [Havin], Hawkin, Hazen [Hazin], Heddwyn [Hedwin], Henry [Hein], Hopkin, Hussein [Hussain, ..], Ian [Iain]

John [Jenkin, ..], Irwin [Erwin], Jabin, Jachin, Jack [Jacqin], Jalen [Jalin, ..], Jaden [Jaidin], Jadon [Jaidin], Jamin, Jaron [Jerrin, ..], Jason [Jasin], Jaylen [Jaylin], Jevon [Jevvin, ..], Jehoiakim [Josquin, ..], Jenkin, Jestin [Jesstin], Joachim [Josquin, ..], Jordan [Jourdain, ..], Joss [Josslin, ..], Jovan [Jovin]

Justin [Justain], Caden [Kadin], Kaelan [Kalin, ..], Kenan [Kain], Kain, Kalvin, Karl [Karlin], Keelan [Keallin], Kellen [Kellin], Kelton [Keltin, ..], Kelvin [Kelwin], Kenton [Kentin], Kerwin [Kervin], Kevin, Kieran [Kierrin], Kirk [Kirklin], Klein, Kolton [Koltin], Konstantin, Korbin

Krispin, Lake [Laikin], Landon [Landin], Larron [Larrin, ..], Larkin, Laughlin [Loughlin], Levi [Levin], Lyndon [Lin], Linn [Lin], Livingston [Livingstin], Llewellyn [Llwewellin], Lawrence [Lorin], Loren [Lorrin, ..], Mochan [Machin], Mac [Macklin], Malin [Mallin], Malvin, Marcel [Marcellin, ..], Marlon [Marlin], Marland [Marlin]

Marsden [Marsdin], Martin, Marvin [Murvin, ..], Maslin [Masslin], Maurice [Maurin], Mc- [Mcclain, ..], Medwin [Medvin], Mellen [Mellin], Melvin [Melwin, ..], Merlin [Marlin], Mervin [Murvin, ..], Milton [Miltin], Morven [Morfin], Munchin [Mainchin], Nalin, Nevan [Nevin], Nevin, Newlin, Nolan [Nolin], Norvin [Norwin]

Odin, Oisin [Ossin], Olaf [Olin], Olin, Oren [Orrin, ..], Oran [Orrin, ..], Orlando [Orlin], Orrin, Orson [Orsin], Orvin [Orwin], Osman [Osmin], Oswald [Oswin], Oswin [Osvin], Eoghan [Owain], Owen [Owin, ..], Paine [Pain], Parkins [Parkin], Patton [Pattin, ..], Paul [Paulin], Peregrine [Peregrin]

Perkin [Perrin], Quentin [Quintin], Quincy [Quin], Quin, Quinton [Quintain, ..], Raines [Rain], Rankin, Raven [Rayvin], Reginald [Regin], Reginn [Regin], Reuben [Rubin, ..], Robert [Robin, ..], Robin [Robbin], Rocky [Rocklin], Rocklin, Roland [Rollin], Roman [Romain], Roslin [Rosselin], Ruben [Rubin], Rushkin

Ruston [Rustin], Sabino [Savin, ..], Saladin, Saturnin, Selwyn [Selwin], Seraphim [Serafin], Severin [Sevrin], Sheldon [Sheldin], Sherwin, Silvanus [Silvain], Sinjin, Slavin [Slawin], Stein, Sven [Swain, ..], Swaine [Swain], Swithin, Talfryn [Talfrin], Taliesin, Talon [Tallin, ..], Tamerlane [Tamberlain, ..]

Tannon [Tannin], Terron [Terrin, ..], Tarquin, Terran [Terrin, ..], Gustav [Tavin], Tavin, Tayton [Teytin, ..], Tevon [Tevin], Tevin, Thor [Thorin], Thurston [Thurstain, ..], Tobias [Tobin], Thomas [Tomlin, ..], Tomlin [Tomalin], Torrence [Torrin, ..], Torin, Tremain [Tramain], Trenton [Trentin], Trent [Trentin], Trevin

Tristan [Tristin], Twain, Tynan [Tynnin, ..], Hugh [Ugolin], Unwin, Urban [Urbain], Valentine [Valentin], Verlyn [Verllin, ..], Vernon [Vernin], Victor [Victorin], Vincent [Vin], Wayne [Wain], Walwyn [Walwin], Warren [Warrin], Wayland [Weylin, ..], Weston [Westin], Winston [Win], Wynn [Win], Yesenin [Esenin], Zane [Zain]

Zain, Seferino [Zefarin]

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