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Ir ending baby names and what they mean, with 69 results. -ir names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names is at its highest presently (USAGE OF 0.23%), except for names like Clair which have fallen out of style. Amir (#165), Nasir (#456) and Alistair (#874) are three of the more trendy birth names in this list, while Dahir (TOP 31%) and Bair (2%) are common -ir last names.

-ir names

Abir - Elmir | Emir - Mahir | Meir - Svatomir | Tahir - Zuhair

Abir - Elmir

Stems fr. Arabic, Hebrew languages. "Aroma; strong." Avir is a marginally favored baby name.


Derived fr. Old German element. "Wealthy spear." Also used for girls. Adair (UPPER 1%), comparable to Albair (UPPER 78%), Addair (21%), is a popular -air suffix last name.

Var. of Alaire. Based on Latin word. "Cheerful." Alain (UPPER 72%), Alai (56%) are conventional last names. Gender-neutral name.

Form of Alan. Based on Old German. "Precious." Abair and Agair are creative variations.

Based on Greek language. "Man's defender." Cross-gender use. Unique, with the masculine -air suffix, like Allystair.

Alexander and variants

Allistir1, Allistair1, Alistir, Alistair1, Alastair1, Alasdair2
Forms of Alexander. Root fr. Greek. "Man's defender, warrior." Alastair and forms were popular as baby names presently.

Alastair2, var. Alystair, Alysdair, Allystair, Allysdair, Allistir2, Allastir, Allistair2, Alistair2, Alaistair, Alaisdair, Alasteir, Alasdair3
Based on Scottish, Greek languages. "Man's defender." Usage of Alastair, Alaistair, etc. as baby names in 2016 was up 28.4% compared to 2015.

Alistair3, var. Alisdair, Alastair3
Stems fr. Greek. "Man's defender." Alistair has gained increasing favor with parents since the 1880s.

Altair, var. Alltair
Root fr. Arabic element. "Bird." Altair and Alltair are rarely used as baby names.

Amir and variants

Amir, var. Emir, Ameir
Root fr. Arabic, Hebrew elements. "Prince; treetop." Amir has generally been a favorite of parents.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ir names: Adair, Alistair, Amir, Blair, Casimir

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ir names: Casmir, Clair, Emir

Based on Scottish, Gaelic elements. Variant of Arthur. Artair was not among 2016's Top names. See also Artur.

Var. of Arthur. From Celtic element. .. His name was first found in .. Unique, with the masculine-sounding -tair suffix for Artair, like Alastair.


Based on Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Field, plain." Also a girls' name. Usage of Blair as a baby name in 2016 was 2.2% less than the previous decade.

Casimir and variants

Casimir, var. Kazimir, Kasimir, Casmir
Root fr. Slavic word. "Famous destroyer (of peace)." Usage of Casimir as a baby name has trended downward since the 1910s.


Masculine form of Claire (Latin) "bright". Unisex name. Less widespread today. Clair was last found in 1960-1969 in the Top 2000.

Var. of Clare. Sometimes used as a diminutive of .. Cross-gender use. Usage of Clair as a boys' name has waned since the 1910s.

Debonair, var. Debonnair
From French language. "Urbane, nonchalant." Debonair and Debonnair are unusual as men's names.

Form of Eibhear. Root fr. Scottish, Irish. .. Eibhear Scott was the descendant of .. Eibhir is unique as a birth name.

Based on Scottish word. "Cellarer." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Elmer. Source fr. Old English word. "Noble, famous." A quirky baby name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ir names for boys.

1. Abir - Elmir
Abir, Adair, Alaire [Alair], Alan [Alair], Alasdair, Alexander [Alistir, Allistir, Alistair, Allistair, ..], Alastair [Alystair, Alysdair, Allystair, Allysdair, ..], Alistair [Alisdair, Alastair], Altair [Alltair], Amir [Emir, Ameir], Artair, Arthur [Artair], Blair, Casimir [Casmir, Kazimir, Kasimir], Clair, Clare [Clair], Debonair [Debonnair], Eibhear [Eibhir], Ellair, Elmer [Elmir]

Emir [Amir], Fafnir [Fraenir], Gair [Geir], Gregory [Griogair, Greagoir], Ivor [Iomhair], Ivo [Ivair], Jabir, Jairo [Jair], Jairus [Jair], Jaromir, Kadir [Qadir], Kasimir [Kazimir], Katzir, Kefir, Keir, Lothar [Lothair], Luther [Lothair], Lubomir, Mahavira [Mahavir], Mahir

Mayer [Meir], Meir, Meyer [Meir], Muir, Munir [Muneir, Mounir, Mouneir], Nadir [Nadeir], Nahir, Namir, Nasir, Ofir [Ophir], Ophir [Ofir], Qadir, Radimir, Sapir [Safir, Saphir], Shafir, Shakir, Shamir, Sinclair [Synclair], Slavomir, Svatomir

Tahir, Tamir, Vladimir [Wladimir, Vladamir], Yasir, Ymir, Zahir [Zayyir], Zephyr [Zefir, Zephir, Zayfir, Zayphir], Seferino [Zephir], Zuhayr [Zuhair]

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