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Ius ending baby names and what they mean, with 103 results. -ius names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its peak 125 years ago (USAGE OF 0.3%) and is somewhat lower today (USAGE 0.2%, DOWN 47%), with names such as Cornelius becoming less in vogue. Cassius (#646) is the most chic birth name in this list, while Hillius (TOP 75%) and Rexius (80%) are conventional -ius last names.

-ius names

Achillius - Ascanius | Atanasius - Desiderius | Dionysius - Gregorius | Hilarius - Methodius | Nazarius - Valerius | Vincentius - Zenobius

Achillius - Ascanius

Akillius, Achillius
Forms of Achilles. Origin fr. Greek language. From Achilleus .. Achillies is a somewhat popular kid's name.

Form of Agathias. Derivative of Greek. "Good, honorable." Unconventional, but Agathius is comparable to popular -us last names Althaus (TOP 16%), Aakhus (84%).

Alexius, Aleksius
Forms of Alexis. Stems fr. Greek element. "Defender." Aleksius and Alexius were not Top birth names in 2015.


Form of Louis. Derivative of French, Old German. "Famous warrior." Aloysius is commonplace as a boys' name among the versions of Louis. See also Aleksius.

Aloysius2, var. Aloisius
Root fr. Old German element. "Famous warrior." Aloisius is rarefied as a birth name among the forms of Aloysius.

Var. of Elois. Derivative of Old German word. "Famous warrior." Unconventional. Aloysius is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Aleksius.

Var. of Ambrose. Origin fr. Greek word. "Immortal." Ambrosius is rare as a children's name.

Stasius, Anstasius, Anastius, Anastatius, Anastasius
Forms of Anastasios. Stems fr. Greek language. "Resurrection." Not Top 2000 names.

Form of Andrew. From Greek. "Man, warrior." Andrius is not a Top 2000 name. See also Andris.

Var. of Andre. Origin fr. French, Greek elements. "Man, warrior." Aldrius and Audrius are creative forms. See also Andrews.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ius names: Aloysius, Arius

Var. of Antonio. Based on Spanish, Italian, Latin elements. Variant of Anthony .. Antoniuk (UPPER 93%), Antonis (82%) are conventional last names. See also Antonije.

Form of Anthony. Source fr. Latin word. English form of the old Roman .. Antonius is an uncommonly used men's name. See also Antonito.

Form of Apolonio. Origin fr. Spanish, Greek languages. "Follower of Apollo." Apollonius is rarely used as a masculine name.

Arkadius, Arcadius
Var. of Arcadio. Stems fr. Spanish, Greek languages. Ancient place name .. Arcadius and Arkadius are rare as baby names.

Aricelius, Arcelius
Var. of Arcelio. Derivative of Spanish, Latin. "Altar of heaven." Arcelius and Aricelius were not among 2015's Top names.


Form of Ari. From Hebrew, Scandinavian. "Lion, eagle." Adoption of Arius is at its highest today.

Derived fr. Greek element. "Immortal." A conventional boys' name. See also Arick.

Form of Armin. Stems fr. Old German. "Soldier." Arminius was not among 2015's Top names.

Form of Arsenio. Root fr. Spanish, Greek elements. "Masculine." Unconventional. Arsenius is not listed in the US Demographics.

Source fr. Latin word. .. son of Aeneas. Uncommon. Ascanius (cf. Arsenius) has the unusual masculine -nius suffix.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ius names for boys.

1. Achillius - Ascanius
Achilles [Akillius, ..], Agathias [Agathius], Alexis [Alexius, ..], Louis [Aloysius], Aloysius [Aloisius], Elois [Aloysius], Ambrose [Ambrosius], Anastasios [Stasius, ..], Andrew [Andrius], Andre [Andrius], Antonio [Antonius], Anthony [Antonius], Apolonio [Apollonius], Arcadio [Arkadius, ..], Arcelio [Aricelius, ..], Ari [Arius], Arius, Armin [Arminius], Arsenio [Arsenius], Ascanius

Athanasios [Athanasius, ..], Aurelio [Aurelius], Basil [Vasilius, ..], Belisario [Belisarius], Blaze [Blasius], Boniface [Bonifacius], Caius, Cassius, Cecil [Cecilius], Celso [Celsius], Claude [Claudius], Clement [Clementius], Constantine [Constantius], Cornelius [Kornelius, ..], Dacey [Dacius], Damario [Damarius], Darius [Derrius, ..], Delius, Demetrius [Dimetrius, ..], Desiderio [Desiderius]

Dionysius, Dennis [Dionysius], Dontavius [Dewontavius, ..], Eugene [Iphigenius, ..], Giles [Egidius], Eligius, Efigenio [Efigenius, ..], Euphemios [Euphemius, ..], Eusebius [Esavius], Eustace [Eustatius, ..], Fabian [Fabius], Fabrice [Fabrizius, ..], Flavian [Flavius], Fulgentius, Gaius, Gennaro [Januarius, ..], Gerontius, Gervase [Gervasius], George [Giorgius], Gregory [Gregorius]

Hilary [Hilarius], Honore [Honorius], Horatius, Horace [Horatius], Ignatius [Ignacius], Janus [Jenarius, ..], Jarius, Julius, Julian [Julius], Junius, Justin [Justinius], Kornel [Kornelius], Lawrence [Laurentius], Luke [Lucius], Lucretius, Makarios [Macarius], Mark [Marius], Mario [Marius], Maurice [Mauritius], Methodios [Methodius]

Nazaire [Nazarius], Neckarios [Nektarius, ..], Octavio [Octavius], Onofrio [Onofrius], Paladio [Palladius], Parmenio [Parmenius], Parthenios [Parthenius], Patrick [Patrizius], Pelagios [Pelagius], Pio [Pius], Pons [Pontius], Procopio [Procopius], Prudencio [Prudentius], Sergio [Sergius], Sirius, Tarquin [Tarquinius], Terence [Terrius], Thaddeus [Thaddius], Theodore [Theodosius], Valerian [Valerius]

Vincent [Vincentius], Virginius, Zenobios [Zenobius]

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