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Lden ending baby names and what they mean, with 19 results. -lden names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names is at its highest presently (USAGE OF 0.1%), except for names like Golden which have become somewhat dated. Holden (#216) and Alden (#638) are two of the more trendy boy names among these, while Moulden (TOP 18%) and Bolden (1%) are conventional -lden last names.

-lden names

Alden - Welden

Alden and variants

Alden, var. Elden1
Source fr. Old English word. "Old friend." Anden is also a marginally favored baby name.

Belden, var. Bellden
Root fr. Old English, Old French languages. "Pretty valley." Popular as last names. Compare Belden (UPPER 5%), Bellden with common surnames Brenden (UPPER 18%), Welden (14%), which also end with -den.

Colden, var. Collden
Origin fr. Old English language. "Dark valley." Colten (TOP 50%), Coldren (17%) are popular surnames.


Form of Aldwin. Based on Old English word. "Old friend." Elden was popular as a birth name a century ago, but now, Elden has gone out of style. See also Elton.

Source fr. Old English. "Old friend." Elden is frequently occurring (TOP 100%) as a men's name, and occurs regularly (TOP 28%) as a surname.

Form of Eldon. Derivative of Old English. "Ella's hill." Elden is a frequently occurring (UPPER 100%) given name, and appears regularly (UPPER 28%) as a surname. See also Elton.

Var. of Elton. Origin fr. Old English word. "Ella's town." Elden is familiar (TOP 100%) as a men's name, and occurs often (TOP 28%) as a surname.


Form of Golding. Root fr. Old English. "Little golden one." Golden is rare as a masculine name, existing regularly (TOP 1%) as a surname. See also Goldewyn.

Root fr. Scandinavian element. "Half Dane." Handen and Hilden are creative variations. See also Hayden.


Based on Old English. "Deep valley." Holden is an unusual first name, appearing commonly (UPPER 1%) as a last name. See also Golden.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -lden names: Alden, Elden, Golden, Holden, Tilden, Walden

Var. of Kellen. Root fr. Gaelic word. "Slender." Kelden is an irregularly used first name. See also Kelton.

Root fr. Old English word. Possibly "strong warrior's valley" .. Unusual. Malden (cf. Marsden, Melden) ends with -den. See also Meldan.

Form of Meldon. From Old English element. "Mill hill." Not in popularity charts. See also Mellen.

Shelden1, Sellden, Selden
Forms of Seldon. Derived fr. Old English element. "Willow valley." Selden (TOP 10%) and Shelden (15%) exist regularly as surnames.

Var. of Sheldon. Derived fr. Old English element. "Steep valley." Unusual, with the androgynous -den suffix for Shelden, like Snowden. See also Sellden.

Tilden and variants

Tilden, var. Tillden
Derivative of Old English language. "Fertile valley." Tilden is widely used as a baby name compared to Tillden.


Based on Old English word. "Wooded valley." Walden is an infrequently used male name, appearing frequently (TOP 1%) as a last name. See also Walton.

Form of Waldo. Source fr. Old German word. "Rule." A somewhat untypical children's name, Walden exists more frequently as a last name. See also Waldenn.

Form of Weldon. Origin fr. Old English language. "Well-hill." Welden is a scarce men's name, registering often (TOP 14%) as a surname. See also Waldenn.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -lden names for boys.

1. Alden - Welden
Alden [Elden], Belden [Bellden], Colden [Collden], Aldwin [Elden], Elden, Eldon [Elden], Elton [Elden], Golding [Golden], Halden, Holden, Kellen [Kelden], Malden, Meldon [Melden], Seldon [Selden, Shelden, Sellden], Sheldon [Shelden], Tilden [Tillden], Walden, Waldo [Walden], Weldon [Welden]

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