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Ll ending baby names and what they mean, with 273 results. -ll names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its highest during the years 1950-1959 (adoption of 1.3%) and is now significantly diminished (adoption 0.4%, down 69%), with names like Darrell becoming somewhat dated. Maxwell (#113) is the most fashionable boy name among these, while Mell (top 10%) and Isbell (2%) are familiar -ll last names. Here is the list of -ll names for girls.

-ll names

Abdall - Beall | Bedell - Cadell | Caldwell - Colvill | Comhghall - Darvell | Dell - Fergall | Fingall - Harrell | .. - .. | Vaill - Xaviell

Abdall - Beall

Abdall, Abdell, Abdoull, Abdull
Var. of Abdul. Derived fr. Arabic. "Servant." Unusual, but Abdoull, var. are comparable to common last names Abrell (top 33%), Aull (16%), which also end with -ll.

Form of Abel. Source fr. Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." Abell is scarcely used as a given name, appearing regularly (upper 3%) as a surname. See also Abdell.

Abiell, Abyell
Forms of Abiel. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "My father is the Lord." Abiell and Abyell were not among 2015's Top names.

Form of Achilles. Origin fr. Greek word. From Achilleus .. Acill and Ahill are creative forms. See also Axill.

Var. of Adriel. Based on Hebrew word. "Of God's flock." Rare, with the androgynous -ell suffix for Adriell, like Airyell. See also Ariell.

Aeriell, Airyell, Ariell, Aryell
Var. of Ariel. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Lion of God." Arvell is a moderately popular boys' name.

Ancell, Ansell
Forms of Ansel. Derivative of Old French. "Follower of a nobleman." Compare last names Anselm (upper 30%), Ansel (14%).

Var. of Angel. Origin fr. Greek word. "Messenger; messenger of God." Cross-gender use. Angell, like the similar Ansell, occurs more often as a surname.

Anwell, var. Anwill, Anwyll
Root fr. Welsh, Celtic elements. "Loved one." Outside Top 2000.

Possibly from Latin meaning eager, burning .. Cross-gender use. Ardell is an unusual given name, existing regularly (top 46%) as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ll names: Ardell, Arnell

Var. of Argyle. Source fr. Scottish language. .. Also given to the indigenous knitting .. Argyll is not in the Top 2000.

Var. of Arnold. Derivative of Old French, Old German. "Eagle ruler." Arnell is scantly used as a male name, occurring frequently (top 17%) as a last name. See also Ariell.

Arondell, Arundell
Forms of Arundel. Derived fr. Old English word. "Eagle valley." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Eskel. Root fr. Old Norse. "Divine cauldron." Askell is unique as a birth name. See also Asiel.

Form of Athol. Derived fr. Gaelic. "New Ireland." Atholl is an uncommonly used given name. See also Atwell.

Origin fr. Old English element. "At the well." Atwell is not in the Top 2000. See also Anwell.

Avenall, var. Aveneill, Avenell, Avenill
From Old French language. "Oat pasture." Outside Top 2000.

Averill, var. Averell, Averyll, Avrell, Avrill, Avryll, Haverill, Haverell
Based on Old English element. "Boar battle." Averell (upper 54%) and Averill (6%) appear commonly as last names.

Axell, Axill
Var. of Axel. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Father is peace." Unusual. Axell, like Adriell, Avrell, has the -ell ending.

Var. of Beal. Based on Old French language. "Handsome." Not Top 2000 name. See also Peall.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ll names for boys.

1. Abdall - Beall
Abdul [Abdull, ..], Abel [Abell], Abiel [Abyell, ..], Achilles [Achill], Adriel [Adriell], Ariel [Aryell, ..], Ansel [Ansell, ..], Angel [Angell], Anwell [Anwyll, ..], Ardell, Argyle [Argyll], Arnold [Arnell], Arundel [Arundell, ..], Eskel [Askell], Athol [Atholl], Atwell, Avenall [Avenill, ..], Averill [Haverill, ..], Axel [Axill, ..], Beal [Beall]

Bedell [Bedall], Bellamy [Bell], Bell, Berthold [Bertoll, ..], William [Will, ..], Bill [Byll], Birchall [Burchell, ..], Blackwell, Blaise [Blaisdell], Blondell, Boswell, Bramwell [Branwyll, ..], Brand [Brandell], Brickell, Bromwell, Buell, Burnell [Brunell], Burl [Burrell], Cable [Cabell], Cadell [Caddell]

Caldwell, Campbell, Chappel [Chappell, ..], Cardell, Carnell, Charles [Carroll], Carroll [Caryll, ..], Carswell [Caswell], Carter [Cartrell], Carvell, Chaparral [Chaparall], Chevy [Chevall], Chilton [Chill], Churchill, Claude [Claudell], Clyde [Clydell], Cockrell [Cockrill, ..], Cody [Codell], Coll, Colville [Colvill]

Comhghall, Conall [Connell], Cordell [Kordell], Cornelius [Cornell, ..], Cornell [Cornall], Corydon [Coryell], Covell, Crandall [Crandell], Cresswell [Creswill, ..], Cromwell, Crowell, Curtis [Curtell], Kiril [Kyrill, ..], Cyril [Cyrill], Daniel [Dantrell, ..], Darcel [Darcell], Darrel [Deryll, ..], Darnell [Darnall], Darryl [Daryll, ..], Darvell

Dell, Denzel [Denzill, ..], De- [Devell], Deverell, Donnell [Donell], Donald [Donnell], Donte [Dontrell, ..], Dorran [Dorrell], Dougal [Dugall, ..], Driscoll, Dureau [Durrell, ..], Duvall, Elwell [Elwill], Earl [Erroll], Errol [Erroll], Ewald [Ewell, ..], Yule [Ewell, ..], Farnell [Farnall], Farrell [Ferrill, ..], Fergal [Fearghall, ..]

Fingal [Fionghall, ..], Fonso [Fonzell], Gale [Gaill, ..], Gall, Gardner [Gardell], Gerald [Gerrell], Gilbert [Gill], Gill, Giovanni [Giovell], Glenville [Glenvill, ..], Gorrell, Granville [Granvill], Greville [Grevill], Hall, Halliwell [Helliwell, ..], Hamilton [Hamill], Hamill [Hammill, ..], Harel [Harrell], Harold [Harrell], Harrell

Hartwell [Harwill, ..], Haskel [Haskell], Heimdall, Hershel [Herschell], Hill, Hilary [Hill], Howell, Hywel [Howell], Jamal [Jomall, ..], Jarl [Jarell], Jarell [Jerrell, ..], Jarrell [Jarrall], Jarvis [Jarvell], Je- [Jerell], Jerrell [Jerroll, ..], Jeriel [Jerrell], Joel [Joell], Jonte [Jontell], Jordan [Jordell], Jorell [Jorrell, ..]

Kell, Kendall [Kendyll, ..], Kent [Kentrell], Kimball [Kimbell], Kingswell, Kinnell, Kirkwell, Knoll, Kordell, Kornel [Kornell], Kyle [Kyrell], Ladell, La- [Lavell, ..], Larnell, Lenny [Lennell], Le- [Levell], Lindell [Lyndell, ..], Lionel [Lyonnell, ..], Lonnie [Lonnell, ..], Lonzo [Lonzell]

Lorne [Lornell], Lowell [Lovell], Loyal [Loyall], Lyle [Lyell, ..], Lisle [Lyell, ..], Lyall [Lyell], Lydell [Ledell], Lyndon [Lyndell, ..], Macardle [Mccardell, ..], Macdougal [Mcdowell, ..], Macniel [Mcneill, ..], Mandel [Mandell], Mansel [Mansell], Manville [Manvill], Marcel [Marcell], Markell, Mark [Markell], Marshall [Marshell, ..], Mar- [Marzell, ..], Martel [Martell]

Martin [Martell], Marvell, Maurice [Morrill, ..], Maxwell, Mendel [Mendell], Merrill [Merrell, ..], Migdal [Migdoll], Michael [Mykell, ..], Mitchell [Mitchill], Monte [Montrell], Morell [Morrell], Neil [Niall, ..], Neal [Neall], Neville [Nevill], Newell [Newhall, ..], Niall, Nicholas [Nicoll, ..], Oliver [Noll], Norville [Norvill, ..], Norwell

Noel [Nowell], Odell [Odall, ..], O- [Odell], Orville [Orvell], Oswald [Oswell], Parnell [Parrnell], Peale [Peall], Pell [Pall], Percival [Purcell, ..], Pernell, Peverell [Peverall], Paul [Poll], Pollard [Poll], Powell, Quennell, Quinn [Quinnell], Quintrell [Quentrell, ..], Reginald [Raonull, ..], Rance [Rancell], Randall [Rendell, ..]

Randolph [Randell, ..], Raynor [Raynell, ..], Ray [Raynell], Rocky [Rockwell], Rockwell, Rodel [Rodell], Ronald [Ronell], Ronel [Ronnell, ..], Ross [Rossell], Rothwell, Rousseau [Roussell], Rowell, Royal [Royall], Russell [Roussell], Ryder [Rydell], Sacheverell, Sachiel [Sachiell], Samuel [Samwell], Satchel [Satchell], Saville [Savill]

Sewell [Sewall], Shakil [Shakill], Shaquille [Shaqeell], Shawn [Shawnell], Sherill [Sherrill], Sill, Sorrell, Southwell, Stockwell, Terrell [Tyrrell, ..], Thorald [Tyrell, ..], Torquil [Torkill, ..], Till, Trail [Traill], Trumble [Trumbull, ..], Tynan [Tynell], Tyrell [Tyrrell, ..], Udell [Yudell, ..], Ull, Vachel [Vachell]

Vail [Vaill], Verdell [Vernell], Verrill [Verroll, ..], Von [Vontell, ..], Wade [Waydell, ..], Wardell, Wendell [Wendall], Wetherell [Wethrill, ..], Willis [Will], Wilfred [Will], Willie [Will], Wynn [Wyndell], Xavier [Xaviell]

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