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Mas ending baby names and what they mean, with 6 results. -mas names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity during the years 1940-1949 (USAGE OF 2.37%) and have become much less common since (USAGE 0.39%, DOWN 83.4%), with names such as Thomas becoming less trendy. Lomas (TOP 5%) and Damas (15%) are popular -mas last names.

-mas names

Artemas - Thomas

Artemas, var. Artimas
Based on Greek word. "Follower of the goddess Artemis." Uncommon. Compare Artemas, Artimas with common surnames Artigas (UPPER 38%), Athas (34%), which also end with -as.

Cross-gender use. Rather uncommon as a boys' name, Christmas occurs more often as a surname.

Var. of Demos. Origin fr. Greek word. "The people." Demas was not among 2015's Top names. See also Denis.

Demas2, var. Dimas
.. a companion who forsook Paul. Demas and Dimas were not among 2015's Top names.

Var. of Seamus. Based on Irish, Hebrew words. "He who supplants." Selmas and Sexmas are creative variations.

Thomas and variants

Thomas, var. Tomas, Tamas
Source fr. Aramaic. "Twin." Adoption of Tomas and forms was at a high 75 years ago and is now diminished, with Thomas becoming less fashionable.

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1. Artemas - Thomas
Artemas [Artimas], Christmas, Demos [Demas], Demas [Dimas], Seamus [Seumas], Thomas [Tamas, Tomas]

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