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Rick ending baby names and what they mean, with 60 results. -rick names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the height of their popularity 5 decades ago (adoption of 1.2%) and have become significantly less conventional since (adoption 0.5%, 58%), with names such as Roderick becoming somewhat dated. Maverick (#184) and Kendrick (#366) are two of the more trendy names for newborns here, while Headrick (top 4%) and Bundrick (17%) are familiar -rick surnames.

-rick names

Adalrick - Dedrick | Delrick - Kendrick | Kerrick - Yorick

Adalrick - Dedrick

Adalrick, Adelrick
Var. of Adalric. Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble, regal ruler." Rare, but Adalrick, Adelrick are comparable to popular -rick surnames Arick (upper 42%), Arrick (29%).

Eric and variantsAerick, Aerrick, Arrick1, Erick, Errick1, Rick1
Forms of Eric. Derivative of Old Norse word. "Complete ruler." Usage of Erick and variants was widespread among parents during 1950-1959 and has become reduced.

Alarick, Alerick, Allarick, Allerick, Alrick1, Ulrick
Forms of Alaric. From Old German language. "Noble, regal ruler." Not in popularity charts.

Form of Aubrey. Root fr. Old German element. "Elf or magical being, power." Alberick is unusual as a boys' name. See also Alerick.

Var. of Aldrich. Derived fr. Old English element. "Old." Outside Top 2000. See also Aerick.

Form of Andrik. Origin fr. Slavic, Greek languages. "Man, warrior." Adrick is a marginally favored baby name. See also Andrian.

Aric and variantsArick, Arrick2, Errick2
Forms of Aric. From Old Norse. "Complete ruler." Arick, Arrick and Errick are barely found as masculine names.

Form of Baldric. Origin fr. Old German word. "Brave ruler." Rare, with the masculine-sounding -ck suffix for Baldrick, like Bendick.

Derived fr. Teutonic word. "Axe-ruler." Compare surnames Baldrick (top 79%), Barrick (4%).

Var. of Barric. Origin fr. English. "Grain farm." Barrick is an uncommonly used men's name, registering regularly (upper 4%) as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -rick names: Broderick, Brodrick, Cedrick, Chadrick, Darick

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -rick names: Darrick, Dedrick, Derick, Derrick, Erick

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -rick names: Errick, Rick, Sedrick

From English element. The name has been used as .. Birick and Bourck are creative forms. See also Frick.

Broderick and variantsBroderick, var. Brodrick, Rick2
.. Also possibly (Old German) "famous power". Rick has waned in favor as a boys' name circa 1950-1959.

Root fr. Irish. "Rock." Carrick, like the similar Barrick, occurs more often as a last name. See also Warrick.

Cedric and variantsCedrick, Rick3, Sedrick
Forms of Cedric. Root fr. Old English. "Kind and loved." Rick is in the Top 2000.

Form of Chad. Source fr. Old English word. .. Also a short form of various .. Chadrick is scantly used as a given name. See also Shadrick.

Var. of Corey. Stems fr. Old Norse word. From an English surname derived from .. Corrick is not frequently used as a boys' name. See also Carrick.

Derek and variantsDarrick1, Derick, Derrick
Var. of Derek. Source fr. English, Old German words. "People's ruler." Darrick, Derick and Derrick are more commonly used as baby names among the versions of Derek.

Darrick and variantsDarrick2, var. Darick
Origin fr. American language. Variant of spelling of Derrick, from .. Used somewhat frequently as children's names, Darrick and Darick are similar to the conventional Dereck.

Dedrick and variantsDedrick1, var. Diederick1, Diedrick
Source fr. Danish, Old German. "People's ruler." Dedrick (top 8%) and Diedrick (20%) appear regularly as surnames.

Dedrick2, Diederick2
Forms of Dietrich. Root fr. Old German language. "People's ruler." Dedrick and Diederick are sparsely used masculine names, and Dedrick exists regularly (top 8%) as a surname.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -rick names for boys.

1. Adalrick - Dedrick
Adalric [Adalrick, Adelrick], Eric [Rick, Erick, Aerick, Arrick, Errick, Aerrick], Alaric [Ulrick, Alrick, Alarick, Alerick, Allerick, Allarick], Aubrey [Alberick], Aldrich [Alrick], Andrik [Andrick], Aric [Arick, Arrick, Errick], Baldric [Baldrick], Bardrick, Barric [Barrick], Brick, Broderick [Rick, Brodrick], Carrick, Cedric [Rick, Cedrick, Sedrick], Chad [Chadrick], Corey [Corrick], Derek [Derick, Darrick, Derrick], Darrick [Darick], Dedrick [Diedrick, Diederick], Dietrich [Dedrick, Diederick]

Delroy [Delrick], Theodoric [Rick, Derrick, Thedrick], Dirk [Dierick], Edric [Edrick, Eddrick, Ederick], Eldridge [Eldrick], Fitzpatrick, Frederick [Rick, Erick, Fredrick, Fridrick, Friedrick], Frick, Garrick, Godric [Godrick, Goderick, Goodrick], Henry [Hendrick, Heinrick, Heindrick], Hendrick, Herrick, Harold [Herrick], Jedrek [Jedrick], Jerrick [Jerick], John [Johnpatrick], Kade [Kadrick], Kedrick [Keddrick], Kendrick [Kenrick]

Kerrick, Maverick [Mavrick], Meldrick [Melderick], Merrick [Myrick, Meyrick], Orrick, Osric [Osrick], Patrick, Ulric [Rick, Ulrick], Rick, Richard [Rick], Roderick [Rorick, Rodrick, Brodrick, Roddrick, Rodderick, Rhoderick, ..], Sean [Seanpatrick], Shadrach [Shadrick], Tariq [Tarick], Ted [Tedrick], Varick [Warick, Varrick, Warrick], Warwick [Warick, Warrick], York [Yorick, Yorrick], Yorick, George [Yorick]

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