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Rs ending baby names and what they mean, with 36 results. -rs names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in 2016 (ADOPTION OF 0.02%), except for names like Rogers which have become somewhat dated. Anders (#818) is the most chic name for newborns here, while Albers (TOP 2%) and Mayers (4%) are popular -rs last names.

-rs names

Anders - Piers | Rivers - Winters

Anders - Piers


Based on Scandinavian, Greek. "Man, warrior." Anders (cf. Alders, Acors) is a common -rs suffix last name. See also Andras.

Var. of Andrew. Origin fr. Greek language. "Man, warrior." Usage of Anders as a boys' name in 2016 was 61.5% more than a decade ago. See also Ander.

Based on English. "Heir to a fortune." Outside Top 2000.

Chalmers and variants

Chalmers, var. Chambers1
From Old French language. "Servant of the chambers." Less widespread today. Chalmers was the variation last found (the 1940s) in the Top 2000.

Form of Chamberlain. Source fr. Middle English. "Chief officer of the household." Chambers is atypical as a masculine name, existing often (UPPER 1%) as a surname.

Var. of Crowther. Derivative of Old English language. "Fiddler." Crothers was not a Top birth name in 2016.

Form of Farrar. From Middle English language. "Blacksmith." Not in Top 2000.

Originally a surname for someone from .. Outside Top 2000.

Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic. "Servant of St Andrew." Gillanders is not often adopted as a children's name.

Form of Gregory. Root fr. Latin, Greek words. "Watchful, vigilant." Grege and Greles are creative variations.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -rs names: Anders, Chalmers, Lars

Form of Gunnar. Source fr. Old Norse language. "Battler, warrior." Gunners is not a Top 2000 name.

Form of Jefferson. Derivative of Old English word. "Son of Jeffrey." Compare last names Jefferis (TOP 15%), Jeffer (60%). See also Jephers.

Form of Geoffrey. Derived fr. Old German. "Peace." Jephers was not a Top birth name in 2016.

Var. of Lander. Root fr. Middle English language. .. possibly "laundryman" or "landowner". Outside Top 2000. See also Sanders.


Stems fr. Scandinavian. Variant of Lawrence .. A conventional birth name (#1529 LAST YEAR), Lars is also found frequently as a surname. See also Lary.

Var. of Lawrence. Derived fr. Latin word. "From Laurentum." A familiar baby name (#1529 IN 2016), Lars is also found frequently as a last name. See also Lary.

.. the classical god of war. Mars was not among 2016's Top names. See also Marzo.

Piers1, Pears1
Var. of Pierce. From English, Greek languages. "Rock." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Pierre. Source fr. French element. Variant of Peter .. Scarce as a birth name, but Piers is comparable to the more conventional Pierce. See also Piero.

Piers3, var. Pears2
Source fr. Greek. "Rock." Not in popularity charts.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -rs names for boys.

1. Anders - Piers
Anders, Andrew [Anders], Ayers, Chalmers [Chambers], Chamberlain [Chambers], Crowther [Crothers], Farrar [Ferrars], Flinders, Gillanders, Gregory [Gregers], Gunnar [Gunners], Jefferson [Jeffers], Geoffrey [Jephers], Lander [Landers], Lars, Lawrence [Lars], Mars, Pierce [Piers, Pears], Pierre [Piers], Piers [Pears]

River [Rivers], Robert [Robers], Roger [Rogers], Sanders [Saunders], Alexander [Saunders], Sayer [Sayers], Sellers [Sellars], George [Siors], Somers [Sommers], Spear [Spiers, Speers, Spears], Squire [Squiers], Struthers, Tower [Towers], Travis [Travers], Villiers, Winter [Winters]

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