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Tt ending baby names and what they mean, with 82 results. -tt names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity during 1960-1969 (adoption of 1.67%) and have remained as common to this day (adoption 1.5%, down 10.2%), but with names such as Dewitt falling out of fashion. The most trendy birth names among these are Wyatt (#34), Everett (#135), Emmett (#139), Bennett (#153) and Beckett (#218), while Luckett (top 3%) and Puckett (1%) are familiar -tt surnames.

-tt names

Abbott - Burdett | Burtt - Garett | Garnett - Matt | Merritt - Wilmott | Wolcott - Wyatt

Abbott - Burdett

Abbott and variantsAbbott, var. Abott
From Old English element. "Father, priest." Popular as last names, and Abbott (upper 1%), Abott (67%) are comparable to popular last names Acott (upper 97%), Arnott (8%), with the -ott suffix.

Alcott, var. Allcott, Alkott
Derivative of Old English element. "The old cottage." Alcott, Allcott and Alkott are seldom found as male names.

Arnett and variantsArnett, var. Arnott
Stems fr. Old French, English languages. "Little eagle." Less widespread today. Arnett was the variation last appearing (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Ascott, Escott
Forms of Ascot. Derived fr. Old English element. "Eastern cottage." Not Top 2000 names.

Averett, var. Averitt
Source fr. Old German, Old English languages. "Brave, strong boar." Avirett (upper 68%), Avrett (48%) are familiar surnames.

Barnett and variantsBarnett, var. Baronett
Derived fr. Old English word. "Burned clearing." Less used today. Barnett was the variation last found (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Barrett and variantsBarrett, var. Barratt
Possibly Middle English "dispute, argument", Old .. Barratt is unconventional as a boys' name among the variations of Barrett.

Bartlet and variantsBartlett1, Bartlitt
Var. of Bartlet. Stems fr. Aramaic word. "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." Bartlett and Bartlitt are uncommonly used as men's names, and Bartlett appears regularly (top 1%) as a surname.

Bartlett2, Bartt1
Forms of Bartholomew. Stems fr. Aramaic language. "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." Used somewhat widely as boys' names, Bartlett and Bartt are similar to the popular Barrett.

Form of Bart. .. Football player Bart Starr. Barett is a moderately popular boys' name. See also Bardo.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -tt names: Abbott, Arnett, Barnett, Barrett, Bartlett

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -tt names: Beckett, Bennett, Brett, Britt, Burnett

Origin fr. Old English. "Little person." Not Top 2000 name.

Based on Old English element. "Beehive or bee cottage." Gender-neutral name. Usage of Beckett as a children's name in 2015 was up a lot compared to 10 years ago.

Bennett and variantsBennett1, var. Benett
Stems fr. French, Latin words. .. Nowdays, used mostly as a transferred .. Used frequently as children's names, Bennett and Benett are similar to the common Benito.

Var. of Benedict. Derivative of Latin language. "Blessed." Bennett became more trendy in 2015, gaining +13 rankings as a children's name to reach #153. See also Sennett.

Burnet and variantsBernett, Burnett
Forms of Burnet. From Old French element. "Brown." Burnett is prevalent as a birth name among the forms of Burnet.

Birkett, var. Birkitt, Burkett, Burkitt
Source fr. Middle English. "Birch coastland." Burkitt and variants are rarely found as male names.

Form of Brant. Derived fr. Old English element. .. The English surname Brant is an .. Brantt is uncommon as a children's name. See also Branton.

Form of Brent. Stems fr. Old English, Celtic. "Hill, mount." Bryntt and Burntt are creative forms. See also Brantt.

Brett and variantsBrett, var. Britt
Root fr. Latin element. "From Britany or Britain." Brett and Britt are more commonly used as baby names among these variations.

Root fr. Middle English word. "Bird." Burdett is unusual as a boys' name. See also Burkett.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -tt names for boys.

1. Abbott - Burdett
Abbott [Abott], Alcott [Alkott, Allcott], Arnett [Arnott], Ascot [Ascott, Escott], Averett [Averitt], Barnett [Baronett], Barrett [Barratt], Bartlet [Bartlett, Bartlitt], Bartholomew [Bartt, Bartlett], Bart [Bartt], Bassett, Beckett, Bennett [Benett], Benedict [Bennett], Burnet [Bernett, Burnett], Birkett [Burkett, Burkitt, ..], Brant [Brantt], Brent [Brentt], Brett [Britt], Burdett

Burton [Burtt], Clinton [Clintt], Cobb [Cobbett], Corbett, Corbin [Corbett, Corbitt], Crockett [Croquett], Dag [Daggett], Dermot [Dermott], Jeremiah [Dermott], Dewitt [Witt], De- [Dewitt], Elliot [Elyott, Elliott, ..], Elijah [Elyott], Emmet [Emmitt, Emmott, ..], Endicott [Endecott], Escott, Everard [Everett], Everett [Averitt, Everitt, ..], Gannet [Gannett], Garret [Jarrett, Jarrott, ..]

Garnet [Garnett], Gerard [Garrett, Jerrott, ..], Gerritt [Garrett], Gillett [Gelett], Hackett [Hackitt], Hamlet [Hammett, Hamnett], Haslett [Hazlett, Hazlitt, ..], Hewett [Hewlett, Hewlitt, ..], Hurlbert [Hurlbutt], Hyatt [Hiatt, Hayatt], Jarrett [Jerrett, Jerrott, ..], Gerald [Jarrett], Jordan [Jarrott, Jerrott], Jet [Jett], Kenneth [Kennett], Kent [Kentt], Christopher [Kitt], Kit [Kitt], Leggett [Leggitt, Liggett], Matthew [Matt]

Merritt [Meritt, Merrett], Nesbit [Nesbitt, Nisbett, ..], Page [Pagett, Padgett], Pitt, Platt, Pratt, Prescott [Prestcott], Prewitt [Pruitt, Prewett], Rhett, Scott, Sennett, Tate [Taitt], Talbet [Talbott, Tallbott], Tempest [Tempestt], Traugott, Walcott [Wolcott, Wallcott], Watt, Westcott [Wescott], Willet [Willett], William [Wilmott]

Wolcott, Wyatt [Wiatt]

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