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Win ending baby names and what they mean, with 54 results. -win names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names reached the top of their popularity 105 years ago (adoption of 0.47%) and have become significantly less popular since (adoption 0.08%, 84% less), with names such as Erwin becoming less fashionable. Bodwin (top 65%) and Gowin (11%) are common -win surnames.

-win names

Aldwin - Elwin | Elwin - Medwin | Melwin - Win

Aldwin - Elwin

Aldwin1, var. Eldwin1
Derived fr. Old English element. "Old friend." Unusual. Compare Aldwin, Eldwin with common -win last names Angwin (top 49%), Aylwin (97%).

Aldwin2, Eldwin2
Var. of Alden. Source fr. Old English language. "Old friend." Scarce as boys' names, but Aldwin and Eldwin are comparable to the more popular Edwin.

Alvin and variantsAlwin, Aylwin, Elwin1
Var. of Alvin. Derivative of Old English language. "Elf or magical being, friend." Somewhat popular as boys' names, Elwin, Alwin, etc. are similar to the popular Elon.

Form of Arvin. Stems fr. English, Old German. "People's friend." Arkin is a slightly favored boys' name. See also Arlin.

Root fr. Hindi element. A calendar month. Ashwin became more trendy in 2015, gaining +13 rankings as a boys' name to reach #1988. See also Ashlin.

Stems fr. Old English. "Spear-friend." Compare surnames Astin (top 16%), Aslin (25%). See also Oswin.

Baldwin and variantsBaldwin, var. Baldewin, Balldwin
Derived fr. Old French, Old German. "Bold, brave friend." Baldewin and Balldwin are more unconventional as birth names among the versions of Baldwin.

Form of Berwyn. From Old English. "Bear friend; bright friend." Outside Top 2000. See also Merwin.

Form of Bowen. Based on Welsh word. "Son of Owen." Bowin, like the similar Bain, exists more usually as a surname.

Derived fr. Old English language. "Little house on the twisted path." Uncommon. Chetwin is not found in the US Demographics.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -win names: Alwin, Ashwin, Baldwin, Corwin, Darwin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -win names: Delwin, Derwin, Durwin, Edwin, Elwin

Var. of Colwyn. Derived fr. Welsh element. Place name for a river in .. Calwin and Conwin are creative forms. See also Colin.

Based on Gaelic, Old English elements. "From beyond the hill." Corwin is a unique male name, appearing commonly (top 3%) as a last name. See also Carwyn.

Delvin and variantsDalvwin, Dellwin, Delwin
Var. of Delvin. Stems fr. Old English, Irish words. "Godly friend; proud friend; bright friend." Less used today. Delwin was the form last listed (the 1960s) in the Top 2000.

Darwin and variantsDarwin1, var. Derwin1
Source fr. Old English word. "Dear friend." Darwin and Derwin became more trendy in 2015, gaining on average +15 positions as baby names with Darwin leading the rise.

Derwin and variantsDerwin2, var. Darwin2, Durwin1
Root fr. Old English word. "Gifted friend; dear friend." Somewhat popular as boys' names, Derwin, Darwin, etc. are similar to the conventional Daron.

Durwin and variantsDurwin2, var. Derwin3
Derived fr. Old English language. "Dear friend." Less used today. Derwin was the version last listed (2010) in the Top 2000.

Based on Old English element. "Wealthy friend." Edwin became less trendy last year, dropping -14 positions as a baby name to reach #311. See also Eldwin.

Form of Elden. Derivative of Old English element. "Old friend." Unusual. Eldwin, similar to Eljin, uses the androgynous -in ending. See also Eldwynn.

Var. of Elwyn. Based on Gaelic, Welsh. "White, fair, blessed, holy." Less popular today. Elwin was last recorded in 1960-1969 in the Top 2000. See also Eldwin.

Elwin3, var. Win
Source fr. Old English. "Elf or magical being, friend." Elwin is widely used as a birth name among these versions.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -win names for boys.

1. Aldwin - Elwin
Aldwin [Eldwin], Alden [Aldwin, Eldwin], Alvin [Elwin, Alwin, Aylwin], Arvin [Arwin], Ashwin, Aswin, Baldwin [Baldewin, Balldwin], Berwyn [Berwin], Bowen [Bowin], Chetwin, Colwyn [Colwin], Corwin, Delvin [Delwin, Dalvwin, Dellwin], Darwin [Derwin], Derwin [Darwin, Durwin], Durwin [Derwin], Edwin, Elden [Eldwin], Elwyn [Elwin], Elwin [Win]

Elvin [Elwin], Erwin [Irwin], Erskine [Erwin], Ethelwin, Ewing [Ewin], Frewin, Garvin [Garwin], Gladwin, Godwin [Goodwin], Goldwin [Goldewin], Goodwin, Gwyn [Gwin], Hadwin [Hedwin], Hardwin, Heddwyn [Hedwin], Irwin [Erwin], Kelvin [Kelwin], Kerwin, Marvin [Marwin, Merwin], Medwin

Melvin [Melwin], Mervin [Merwin], Norvin [Norwin], Orvin [Orwin], Oswald [Oswin], Oswin, Owen [Owin], Selwyn [Selwin], Sherwin, Slavin [Slawin], Unwin, Walwyn [Walwin], Wynn [Win], Winston [Win]

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