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Yn ending baby names and what they mean, with 162 results. -yn names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity in the year 2009 (usage of 0.17%) and are somewhat less common today (usage 0.12%, 32.2%), with names like Merlyn becoming somewhat outmoded. Kamryn (#853) and Landyn (#450) are two of the more chic baby names among these, while Faldyn (top 86%) and Patryn (98%) are popular -yn surnames. Here is the list of -yn names for girls.

-yn names

Aaryn - Berlyn | Berwyn - Dalyn | Darryn - Elvyn | Elvyn - Glyn | Godewyn - Jermyn | Jessamyn - Mardyn | .. - .. | Wayn - Wyn

Aaryn - Berlyn

Aaryn, Aeryn, Airyn
Forms of Aaron. From Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Aadyn is a moderately popular baby name.

Form of Aidan. From Gaelic. "Fire." Aldyn and Asdyn are creative forms. See also Adan.

Alvin and variantsAilwyn, Alvyn, Alwyn, Elwyn
Forms of Alvin. Root fr. Old English element. "Elf or magical being, friend." Unusual. Ailwyn, Alwyn, Elwyn (compare Aldwyn) ends with the unconventional androgynous-sounding -wyn.

Form of Albin. Derived fr. English. "White, pale-skinned." Outside Top 2000. See also Albany.

Aldwyn1, Eldwyn1
Var. of Aldwin. Stems fr. Old English. "Old friend." Rare, with the -wyn ending for Aldwyn, Eldwyn, like Ailwyn, Aswyn.

Aldwyn2, Eldwyn2
Forms of Alden. Based on Old English word. "Old friend." Not in popularity charts.

Alan and variantsAlleyn, Allyn1, Alyn
Forms of Alan. Stems fr. Old German. "Precious." Not Top 2000 names.

Var. of Allen. Root fr. Gaelic, Old German words. "Precious." Cross-gender use. Rare, with the -lyn ending for Allyn, like Alyn, Arlyn.

Form of Amin. Origin fr. Arabic language. "Honest, faithful, trustworthy." Not in Top 2000. See also Ammon.

Var. of Arlen. Stems fr. Gaelic word. "Pledge, oath." Unusual. Arlyn, similar to Allyn, has the androgynous -lyn ending. Gender-neutral name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -yn names: Aidyn, Allyn, Arlyn, Austyn, Elwyn

Arvyn, Arwyn
Var. of Arvin. Stems fr. English, Old German words. "People's friend." Outside Top 2000.

Var. of Ashley. Stems fr. Old English. "Ash meadow." Unique. Ashlyn, like Allyn, Arlyn, ends with the unconventional -lyn. Cross-gender use.

Form of Ashwin. Root fr. Hindi language. A calendar month. Uncommon. Ashywyn, like Aldwyn, Alwyn, ends with -wyn. See also Aswyn.

Form of Aswin. Root fr. Old English language. "Spear-friend." Rare, with the unusual -wyn suffix for Aswyn, like Ailwyn, Ashywyn. See also Alwyn.

Augustine and variantsAugustyn, Austyn1
Var. of Augustine. Stems fr. Latin word. "Great, magnificient." Ranked in Top 2000.

Austyn2, Ostyn
Var. of Austin. Derived fr. French, Latin. "Great, magnificient." Listed in Top 2000.

Form of Augustus. Derivative of Latin word. "Great, magnificient." Also used for girls. Ranked in Top 2000.

Var. of Baldwin. Origin fr. Old French, Old German words. "Bold, brave friend." Not Top 2000 name.

Stems fr. German. "Son of Berl." Unconventional. Compare Berlyn and popular last names Buteyn (top 55%), Buntyn (28%), with the -yn suffix. See also Berlin.

Form of Berlin. Origin fr. German element. "Borderline." Berlyn was not a Top birth name in 2015. See also Burlin.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -yn names for boys.

1. Aaryn - Berlyn
Aaron [Airyn, ..], Aidan [Aidyn], Alvin [Elwyn, ..], Albin [Albyn], Aldwin [Eldwyn, ..], Alden [Eldwyn, ..], Alan [Alyn, ..], Allen [Allyn], Amin [Amyn], Arlen [Arlyn], Arvin [Arwyn, ..], Ashley [Ashlyn], Ashwin [Ashywyn], Aswin [Aswyn], Augustine [Austyn, ..], Austin [Ostyn, ..], Augustus [Austyn], Baldwin [Baldwyn], Berlyn, Berlin [Berlyn]

Berwyn, Boyne [Boyn], Brandon [Brandyn], Brendan [Brendyn], Brenton [Brenttyn], Brent [Brentyn], Brennan [Brenyn], Bryn, Caden [Kadyn, ..], Caerwyn, Carwyn [Caerwyn], Chetwin [Chetwyn], Colwyn, Colin [Colyn], Conlan [Connlyn], Corbin [Korbyn, ..], Corwin [Corwyn], Crane [Crayn], Delvin [Delwyn, ..], Daylon [Dalyn]

Darin [Daryn, ..], Darren [Darryn], Derwin [Derwyn, ..], Darwin [Darwyn], Davyn, Davon [Davyn], David [Davyn], Durwin [Durwyn, ..], Devlin [Devlyn], Devin [Devyn], Devon [Devyn], Dean [Deyn], Dustin [Dustyn], Edwin [Edwyn], Eden [Edyn], Ephraim [Efryn], Eilwyn, Eirwyn, Elden [Eldwyn], Elwin [Elvyn]

Elvin [Elwyn, ..], Elwyn, Emlyn, Emil [Emlyn], Erskine [Erwyn, ..], Irwin [Irwyn, ..], Ethelwin [Ethelwyn], Evelyn, Evan [Evyn], Flynn [Flyn], Franklin [Franklyn, ..], Frayne [Frayn], Galen [Galyn], Garland [Garlyn], Garvin [Garwyn, ..], Gavin [Gwayn, ..], Germain [Jernayn, ..], Gladwin [Gladwyn], Glen [Glyn, ..], Glyndwr [Glyn]

Godwin [Goodwyn, ..], Goldwin [Goldwyn, ..], Goodwin [Goodwyn], Griffin [Gutyn, ..], Griffith [Gutyn], Guillaume [Gwillyn], Gwyn [Wyn], Hadwin [Hadwyn], Hamlin [Hamlyn], Hardwin [Hardwyn], Harlan [Harlyn], Heddwyn [Hedwyn], Heilyn, Hussein [Husayn], Hywel [Hywyn], Irving [Irvyn], Jaron [Jaryn], Jenkin [Jenkyn], Jermaine [Jermyn], Jeremiah [Jermyn]

Jessamine [Jessamyn], Jevon [Jevvyn], Jordan [Jordyn], Justin [Justyn], Kalvin [Kalvyn], Kameron [Kamryn], Kelvin [Kelwyn, ..], Kerwin [Kerwyn, ..], Kevin [Kevyn], Kirk [Kirklyn], Korbin [Korbyn], Landon [Landyn], Llewellyn [Llewelyn, ..], Loren [Loryn], Lyndon [Lyn], Linn [Lyn], Madison [Madisyn], Melvin [Melwyn, ..], Malvin [Malvyn], Marden [Mardyn]

Martin [Martyn], Marvin [Merwyn, ..], Medwin [Medwyn], Merlin [Merlyn], Mervin [Murvyn, ..], Merton [Merwyn], Morven [Morvyn, ..], Mostyn, Nolan [Nolyn], Norvin [Norwyn, ..], Olin [Olyn], Osten [Ostyn], Oswin [Oswyn], Peregrine [Peregryn], Perkin [Perkyn], Quinton [Quintyn], Robin [Robyn, ..], Robert [Robyn], Roslin [Rosslyn, ..], Rusty [Rustyn]

Selwyn, Severin [Seweryn], Shane [Shayn], Sherwin [Sherwyn], Sterling [Sterlyn], Stetson [Stetcyn], Steven [Stevyn], Swaine [Swayn], Talfryn [Tallfryn], Tamerlane [Tamurlayn, ..], Terron [Teryn, ..], Tevin [Tevyn], Tobias [Tobyn], Trevin [Trevyn], Tristan [Tristyn], Twain [Twayn], Unwin [Unwyn], Valentine [Valentyn], Verlyn, Walwyn [Welwyn]

Wayne [Wayn], Wyn

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