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Ine ending baby names and what they mean, with 61 results. -ine names are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of -ine names for girls.

Agustine - Daine

Augustine1, Agustine
Forms of August. Root fr. Latin word. "Great, magnificient."

Derived fr. Old German word. "Work ruler."

Mcalpine, Alpine
Forms of Alpin. Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Fair."

Var. of Alden. Origin fr. Old English language. "Old friend."

Antonine, Antoine1
Var. of Anthony. Stems fr. Latin word. English form of the old Roman ..

Antoine2, var. Antwoine, Antwaine, Antuwaine
Origin fr. French. Variant of Anthony ..

Derived fr. Latin. "Great, magnificient."

Var. of Beau. Derivative of French language. "Handsome; admirer; sweetheart."

Based on Italian element. "The one with the beautiful armor."

Var. of Blain. Root fr. Gaelic. "Yellow."

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ine names: Antoine, Augustine, Blaine, Caine, Carmine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -ine names: Constantine, Kaine

Form of Boden. Derived fr. Scandinavian, Old French elements. "Shelter; one who brings news."

Var. of Boyne. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic. "White cow."

Kaine1, Caine1
Var. of Kane. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Battle."

From Old English language. .. See also Cain and Kane.

Kaine2, Caine3
Forms of Cain. Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Acquired; spear."

Source fr. Latin element. "Song."

Selestine, Celestine
Forms of Celesto. From Latin language. "Heavenly."

From Latin. "Constant, steadfast."

Var. of Crane. Derived fr. Old English language. "Crane."

Form of Dane. Stems fr. English. "From Denmark."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -ine names for boys.

1. Agustine - Daine
August [Agustine, Augustine], Almarine, Alpin [Alpine, Mcalpine], Alden [Alwine], Anthony [Antoine, Antonine], Antoine [Antwoine, Antwaine, Antuwaine], Augustine, Beau [Beaudine], Bellarmine, Blain [Blaine], Boden [Bodine], Boyne [Boine], Kane [Caine, Kaine], Caine, Cain [Caine, Kaine], Carmine, Celesto [Celestine, Selestine], Constantine, Crane [Craine], Dane [Daine]

Delaney [Delaine], Devine, Duane [Dwaine, Duwaine], Dwayne [Dwaine], Edmund [Edmondine], Elgin [Elgine], Ernest [Ernestine], Erskine [Ervine], Erving [Ervine], Faine, Fontaine, Frayne [Fraine], Gaynor [Gaine], Gavin [Gawaine], Germain [Germaine, Jermaine], Heinrich [Heine], Irving [Irvine], Ja- [Jamaine], Jardine, Jermaine [Germaine]

Jessamine, Jordan [Jourdaine], Klein [Kline], Lane [Laine], Mar- [Markaine], Montaine, Paine, Peregrine, Raines [Raine], Rankin [Rankine], Roman [Romaine], Shane [Shaine], Swaine, Tamerlane [Tamurlaine, Tamberlaine, Tamburlaine], Thane [Thaine], Tremain [Tramaine, Tremaine], Truman [Trumaine], Twain [Twaine], Urban [Urbaine], Valentine

Zane [Zaine]