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Mal ending baby names and what they mean, with 8 results. -mal names are used more often as masculine names.

Akmal - Kamal

Akmal, var. Aqmal
Root fr. Arabic element. "Perfect."

From Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic. "Labor, hard work; pure; hope."

Gamal, var. Jemal1, Jammal1, Jamal1, Gemal
From Arabic word. "Camel."

Hamal, var. Amal2
Based on Arabic word. "Lamb."

Ysmal, Ismal
Var. of Ismail. Derivative of Arabic element. "God listens."

Jamal2, var. Jomal, Jimal, Jammal2, Jahmal
Based on Arabic. "Handsome."

Stems fr. Arabic word. "Handsome."

Root fr. Arabic language. "Perfection, perfect."

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1. Akmal - Kamal
Akmal [Aqmal], Amal, Gamal [Jamal, Jemal, Gemal, Jammal], Hamal [Amal], Ismail [Ismal, Ysmal], Jamal [Jomal, Jimal, Jahmal, Jammal], Jemal, Kamal


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