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Nt ending baby names and what they mean, with 55 results. -nt names are used more often as masculine names.

Beaumont - Dumont

Root fr. Old French. "The beautiful mountain."

Belmont, var. Bellmont
Derived fr. Old French word. "Beautiful mountain."

Bent, Bennt
Var. of Benedict. Derived fr. Latin language. "Blessed."

Form of Bernard. Stems fr. Old French, Old German words. "Strong, brave bear."

Var. of Brand. Origin fr. Old Norse, Old English. "Sword; fiery torch, beacon."

Brant2, var. Brannt
Source fr. Old English element. .. The English surname Brant is an ..

Brent, var. Brennt
Root fr. Old English, Celtic languages. "Hill, mount."

Bryent1, Bryent2, Bryant1, Briant1
Forms of Brian. Origin fr. Celtic, Irish, Gaelic elements. "High, noble."

Bryant2, var. Briant2
Derivative of English language. Variant of Brian ..

Cleavant, var. Cleevont, Cleevant
Derived fr. Old English. "Cliff."

Top 2000 baby names ranking of -nt names: Brant, Brent, Bryant, Clement, Clint, Constant

Clement, var. Kliment, Klement
Derived fr. Latin. "Merciful."

Klint, Clint
Var. of Clinton. Source fr. Old English language. "Fenced settlement."

Form of Conan. Based on English, Irish, Gaelic. "Hound, wolf; high."

Source fr. Latin element. "Steadfast."

Var. of Constantine. Derivative of Latin word. "Constant, steadfast."

Var. of Crisanto. From Spanish, Greek languages. "Gold flower."

Form of Da-. Root fr. American. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second ..

Var. of Delmon. Origin fr. English. "Of the mountain."

Form of Derwin. Derived fr. Old English language. "Gifted friend; dear friend."

Root fr. French element. "Of the mountain."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for -nt names for boys.

1. Beaumont - Dumont
Beaumont, Belmont [Bellmont], Benedict [Bent, Bennt], Bernard [Bernt], Brand [Brant], Brant [Brannt], Brent [Brennt], Brian [Bryent, Bryant, Briant], Bryant [Briant], Cleavant [Cleevont, Cleevant], Clement [Kliment, Klement], Clinton [Klint, Clint], Conan [Conant], Constant, Constantine [Constant], Crisanto [Crizant], Da- [Damont], Delmon [Delmont], Derwin [Derwent], Dumont

Durand [Durant, Durrant], Egmont, Ferrand [Ferrant, Farrant], Flint [Flynt], Florent, Fremont, Geraint [Gerant, Jerant, Jeraint], Grant, Guerrant, Hunt, Hunter [Hunt], Huntington [Hunt], Innocenzio [Innocent], Kent [Kennt], Klemens [Kliment, Klement], Konstantin [Konstant], La- [Lamont], Lamont, Lawrence [Lorant, Laurent], Levant

Lorenzo [Lorent], Mochan [Machent], Osman [Osmont, Osment], Quentin [Quint, Quent], Raymond [Rayment], Saint, Sargent [Sergent, Serjeant, Sergeant], Tarrant [Tarrent], Tennant [Tenant, Tennent], Toussaint, Tremont, Trent, Vermont, Vincent [Vinicent], Sigmund [Zygmunt]